Friday, May 11, 2012

Fridays Finds

Today wasn't as good as yesterday for goodies, but this is what I found:
Risk game-sell
5 stuffed animals-sell
6 pk of paper-keep
2 partial rims of paper-keep
4 rolls of packing tape-keep
Build a Bear shoes-sell
Build a Bear accessories-sell
new hair clips-keep
Ugly Christmas sweater-sell
4 stuffed animals-sell
2 Ugly Christmas sweaters-sell
2 Electric Christmas Candles-sell

My Treasures From Yesterday

Seven stuffed animals-sell
Build a Bear outfit and dog accessories-sell
Weave It-sell
5 candle stick Christmas lights-sell
Pampered Chef cookbooks-sell
Home Companion magazine-sell
Packers towel-sell
Fisher Price and Little Tikes people-sell
Big Bird Hook Rug Kit-sell
Big box of Electric Christmas candle sticks-sell
Elmo 10th anniversary factory sealed-sell
c7 light bulbs-use
Prancer movie factory sealed-sell
2 Pyrex casserole dishes-sell
Tupperware pickle finder-sell
Pyrex clear casserole dish-sell
Pryrex clear dish with cover-keep
More Christmas Electric  Candle sticks-sell
Dyson Animal attachments-KEEP
Pampered Chef pizza stone-sell
Electric Christmas Tree turner-sell
5 stuffed animals-sell
Pool Balls-sell
Electric Light UP Christmas church-sell????
4 Scholastic Books on tape-sell
Bag of Electric Christmas Candle sticks-sell
lot of Jello Jiggler molds-sell
7 Stuffed animals-sell
Blow Mold Santa- sell
Build a Bear pet carrier-sell
lot of Lite Brite stuff-sell
Pampered Chef cookbook-sell
Pampered Chef mandolin-sell
Pampered Chef rectangle baking stone-sell
apple peeler with stand-sell

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

My Daughters Project

So very proud of her work!

Goody From Last Weekend

3 sets of new Christmas lights-keep
Build a Bear-sell
Rowe batter bowl-sell 
Pampered Chef Cookie Press-sell
Wilton cookie cutters-sell
Jello Jiggler alphabet molds-sell
bead tree-keep
facial moisturizer-keep
2 elfs-sell
HP paper-keep
Pampered Chef jello roll paper-sell
Yankee Candles-sell
26 inch Scooby-sell
Turkey- keep
3 plushies-sell 
2 Build a Bear beds-sell
bag of hand made Christmas ornaments-sell
2 Valentine hearts-sell
3 Weave It Booklets-sell
Billy Bass-sell
2 tops-keep
New felt Christmas ornament kit-sell
Vintage Lite Brite, pegs and sheets-sell
Pampered Chef Cookie Press-sell
Pampered Chef kit-sell
purple dog-sell
Set of accessories (not corning)-sell
Garfield mugs-sell
Corelle bowls-sell
Buzz & Woody Kohls Cares for Kids-sell
Home Interiors Candle-sell
Corelle dishes-sell
2 Pampered Chef measuring spoons-sell
Caboodles case-sell
5 stuff animals-sell
Pampered Chef measuring cups-sell
Little Tikes Elphant-sell
Complete set of Pooh Books-sell
PVC Carebears-sell
bag of toys-sell
magnetic dolls-sell
Lite Brite-sell
Build a Bear cow-sell
Pyrex measuring cup-sell
Miller Lite Packer glass-sell
insulated mug-keep
4 stuffed animals-sell
Pampered Chef Ice Cream sandwich maker-sell
Scrapbook accessories-keep
Pampered Chef bottle opener-keep
view finder disc-sell
Pyrex bake pan-sell
5 stuffed animals-sell
wood box-sell
ceramic tree-keep
Tupperware shakers-sell
2 tops-keep
Ugly Christmas sweater-sell
Ketchup bottle-keep
carrot peeler-keep
Turtles flat sheet-sell
Yankee Candles-sell

Had a really good time!