Wednesday, March 28, 2012

150 Carat Diamond worth 70 Million Dollars

Where would I wear this?
$70 Million All-Diamond Ring
Shawish Jewelry of Switzerland has introduced a 150-carat ring it says was cut completely from a single diamond. The jeweler calls the dazzler the "world's first all-diamond ring." It is valued at about $70 million. (Shawish Jewelry)
Sorry you won't find this in my store or on my finger.  If hubby wins the lottery maybe...LOL

Friday, March 23, 2012

Ahh Thats Better

I stopped at 2 Rummage Sales and a new Resale store in our town. 

The first sale I bought the 
Lite Brite with the extra papers and pegs
Build a Bear shoes
2 Build a Bear outfits
and the next sale I didn't buy anything.  They wanted $2 for a run of the mill Mr. Potatohead.  I offered a $1 and they would take it...  So I left empty handed.
Then I went to the new resale shop
5 Weight Watcher books
2 community cookbooks
Jello Jiggler Egg Mold
Pampered Chef cookbook
2 Pampered Chef cheese cutters
Tongs (for me)
And the Hook Rug Yarn is from St Vinnies.. I stopped there too.  They had a Oster Ice cream/yogurt maker which I want so I can make sugar free ~ fat free frozen yogurt.  The maker was unmarked so I took it up to the check out to see what they wanted for it.  They checked to see if it worked and then said $5!!  I was shocked because none of their small appliances are over $3 but since I wanted it they said $5.  You should have seen this..  it was filthy, it needed a lot of deep cleaned.  Ummm  no they can keep it.  I politely said no.  They seemed happy to keep it...  I wonder if that was his reason...  he wanted it?

Anyway I was very happy with my small haul.  The new resale shop has a ton of clothes and cheap.  I'm stopping back tomorrow with my daughter.  $4 for name brand jeans...  she will be in heaven.

Thursday, March 22, 2012

First Rummage Sale Day of the Year

I went to my first rummage sales of the year.  Well I came home with nothing.  I mean nothing.  The first sale was a lot of nothing.  The second and third sales decided not to open because of rain..  The next sale was a few pieces of furniture.  The next one was a few boxes turned over with a few tools laying on top.  And the last last one was a rummage sale that goes all summer long.  I started a list of address's of sales like that...  that run a summer long. 

I used the gps on my phone today.  It works great.  I like it. 

I really like my phone however the battery has a very short life.  I usually unplug it from the charger about 6 in the morning and my 4:30 in the afternoon it needs to be charged again.  And thats usually when I'm on the go I need the phone charged.  So I'm going to have to remember to charge it when I'm in the house in the early after noon.  This is really going to be a problem when we are camping at carshows.  We don't have electricity.  We have a generator and even tho it's a "quiet" one it' still makes a lot of noise, so having it running for an hour to charge phones isn't much fun.  But the kids will be happy to have the generator on so they can watch TV and have the air conditioner on. 

There are a few sales again tomorrow.  I don't know if I want to waste the time and the gas.  Gas is $3.89 to $3.93 a gallon here.  My brother lives in Milwaukee he said its $4.25 a gallon there.  Man!!

Ahh Spring

Happy Spring!

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Happy St Patricks Day

Happy St Patrick's Day
It's 80 degrees...  that is unheard of in Wisconsin.  Many years we had wicked snow storms on this day!
HeHe!!  Not this year...  so lovin' it!!!!
No daffodils yet, but soon!

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Another Reason to Have a Best Buy Credit Card

I love my Best Buy Credit Card.  I've had it for years.  Well since I the kids grow out of toys and I stopped shopping a Toy R Us. It was getting to the point I was having a hard time using my reward gift cards, so I wondered where else do I shop and could get a credit card.  Best Buy came to mind and we applied.  We have now Silver Card holders because we make enough purchases in the store.  Anywho...  I just found a new benefit of having the card.  Wednesdays are 20% off all ink, well if you use your card you get another 10% off.  Nice.  Yesterday I bought HP color cartridge for my printer, the price started out $20.99 and after the % off and a $5 reward it came to $11.  I think that was great.  If your looking for a credit card this is one with great benefits.

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Ice Shoves on Lake Winnebago

Sunday we went to Lake Winnebago (Wisconsin's largest inland lake) to see the ice shoves.  I don't know if you all know what ice shoves are.  This happens in spring when the ice starts to weaken from warm weather and the winds pick up.  Most years the melt happens slowly without high winds and the ice just sinks.  However when the weather warms fast and the winds are fast the ice moves towards shore and piles up.  These piles can be 20 feet high and there is no stopping them.  These shoves take out boat houses, garages, houses and even business's that sit along the lake shore.  These are shoves that were at a boat landing on the east side of the lake near Brother Town.  South of Brother Town there are no shoves and no ice left because it blew north.  The northern tip of the lake the ice is normal except for the shore is melted. 

These photos were taken with my Motorola Electrify..  I think it takes very nice photos.  So far I love my phone.  It still feels new and I'm still searching for "what I'm looking" as in apps and where everything is.  But it gets better everyday.

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Now Available at Different Things

Traffic Master Allure

The makeovers in the bedrooms and bathroom are just about done.  I'm waiting for the Traffic Master Allure to be installed.  The boxes have been sitting in the living room.  My husband has been working a long 2 week shut down at the paper mill he is working at, so he doesn't have the time to pull up the wood trim and toilet.  So I have to wait patiently until he has the time then the installers will come and do their thing and hubby will reinstall the toilet and wood trim!  It's all planned for the 19th!  I'm so excited to try vinyl wood flooring.  I wanted Armstrong Alterna tile in there as I have in the kitchen but in a different color.  But that isn't going to happen.  The bathroom is black and white and the only tile Alterna has are 12 inch tiles...  Well I brought the sample home and it just won't work in there.  The room is way to narrow to even lay 2 tiles next to each other without trimming.  I just don't think it would look good.  So after thinking a week, I tried hard to give up on the Alterna tile and have an open mind.  Ceramic and glass tile is out.  I didn't want a cold floor.  That room only has one heat register and the rooms on either side of the bathroom don't have heat.  I hung my head and looked at regular vinyl..  What else was there.  I don't a wood floor in there, we have enough wood trim and I would really start to lose the black and white colors in there.  So I was wondering around and looked up and what did I see with the vinyl wood floor???  Black.... oh I couldn't find a customer assistant fast enough.  We talked and it is easy to clean, vinyl so it won't be cold and it will be tough enough for Henry's nails.  That was it.  It took 3 weeks for it come in and I couldn't make the install appointment until the product was in the house. Which leads me to my long wait for hubby's shut down to be over.  I know I will like it and I have confidence it will be durable.  A big up side it's only a third the price of the Alterna..  even though Alterna is worth every penny!
The orange stripe is part of the box
Yup that is the floor now, doesn't it scream 90's..  house was built 1993.  I was right on the mark with style back then!

Now Available at Different Things

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Now Available at Different Things

free shipping!
free shipping

First Robin this Spring

On Thursday I saw my first pair of Robins.  It was almost 60 degrees.  It's suppose to get close to that again today and reach over 60 tomorrow.  I can't believe the mild winter we had and how early Spring is coming this year.  No complaints from me!  I absolutely love Spring, which tells me Summer is right around the corner.  Loving it!

Thursday, March 8, 2012

I want to talk about Pink Slime

Wow I just can't wrap my head around what the beef industry is doing.  Ok in the last 2 -3 years ground beef prices have doubled if not tripled.  So why are they doing this..  adding pink slime to ground beef?

First off I don't buy ground beef in the grocery store.  we buy half cows from my husbands family and it is processed at a local butcher shop (Haen Meats).  They are a top notch business and I don't believe they would do something like this.  But I have eaten hamburgers and had meals made with ground beef (Sloppy Joes)  at family parties and picnics etc...  So I know that I probably have consumed some of this yuck!!  However I have not had a hamburger in a year..  But I've had turkey burgers at fast food places..  do they have the pink slime additive?

What is pink slime?  I want to cry as I explain it as I know it.  These beef processing places are taking parts of the cow that is deemed not suitable for human consumption.  These parts were used for dog food in the past.  Things parts are now treated with ammonia which kills e coli and other germs that are deadly to humans.  Then this pink slime is added to ground beef.  I have read that any time the ground beef is labeled hamburger it will have the pink slime.  However there is no clear way to tell if it's in the ground beef you buy at the grocery store.  McDonalds, Taco Bell and Burger King have stopped using it.  They are saying the only sure fire way to know if it's in there is to watch your butcher grind your meat.  Man!   I'm sitting here thinking about this and how did they ever come up with this?  Then we all sit here and think how can cancer be so out of control..  Well this is one of those things when we say cancer is caused by environment.      We are eating meat that used to be used only for dog food and consuming heated ammonia.  We all know where e coli lives naturally in cows?

The saddest thing about this, now schools are beginning to use it in school lunches.  I know corn prices have skyrocketed  since E-85 production began.  Which caused the meat prices to go high of course the economy is bad which doesn't help.  However the prices have gone up a lot why isn't that enough?

WHY??? Is it greed?

What else are food producers adding to our food?

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Motorola Electrify Cell Phone

Last Saturday I got a new phone.  Our cellphone service was Verizon's Alltel.  A few years ago Verizon bought Alltel.  I cried when that happened.  My parents had Verizon and their coverage was horrible and the service was expensive.  But since I had a contract with Alltel, Verizon had to keep my costs the same which was much cheaper.  With that however we had to buy used Alltel phones when we needed new phones.  When I bought my Blackberry Storm however I did upgrade to Verizon service but I did not have to sign a contract and the price stayed the same except for the price of the data service $30.  Well around Christmas time I started to not get all my phone calls.  I would be sitting next to the phone and it wouldn't ring.  I was told by the callers that it wouldn't ring it would go straight to voice mail.  That was the only way I would know I got a call was to look at the phone and see the voice mail message.  I went to the store and they said kept saying to update the towers.  So I would update the phone and it didn't help.  Then about a month ago my kids started to complain about the same thing.  Well then 2 weeks ago I was waiting for my daughter to call so I could pick her up from work.  I called her twice and she called me once and none of those calls went through.  She ended up calling her brother to pick her up while I was still waiting.  This set me off. So I called Verizon.  I told my story twice that first day and then for the next 3 days to 3 more people and the problem didn't get solved.  I was mad just because I had to retell the story and get mad all over again and it did nothing.  So Saturday I took the kids and we went to US Cellular.  I got the Motorola Electrify.....

I love it.  It's fun and it does everything.  I have been taking time to look at the tutorials and truly learning everything about this phone.  It's so much easier then the Blackberry Storm plus there are Android Apps for everything!  Blackberry has nothing for apps free or paid!!!  It's so much faster too.  I hated waiting for the internet on The Storm.  On The Electrify it's quick.  Not lightning, but mighty fast.  It's only 3G but it's good enough for me...  compared to what I had... man I'm getting whiplash!  Plus I can use the house Wifi and its setup automatically so every time I walk in the house it goes to our house WiFi which saves the 5g of internet I get through the phone.   The kids also have internet on their phones.  My son though has the Motorola Quantico which is a water proof phone not a smartphone.  He is really rough on phones so a Smartphone won't last for him.  My daughter got the Huawei smartphone.  She really likes it..  of course she would she and her brother upgraded from old Motorola Razrs. 

I'm very satisfied with my US Cellular plan.  It's 3 phones with unlimited text, 1500 minutes and 5g of data.  Nights start at 7:00pm. All in coming calls are free. The plan has battery exchange up to 4 times a month.  Plus there is a reward program.  It's all for about the same as what I was paying before. 

I can't say a bad thing about the Motorola Electrify..  I will try to do another review in a few months..  will I feel the same?