Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Thursdays Rummage Sale Finds

I know I know I'm behind on posting my Thursday Rummage Sale Finds. There was so very little last week, I actually forgot about blogging it.  Anyway better late then never!
4 jello jiggler egg molds (sell)
pampered chef measure all (sell)
Styrofoam balls (keep)
American Eagle shirt and sweatshirt (keep)
Free vintage book about organic gardening (sell)
Attitude is Everything stone (keep)
pampered chef cookie mold (sell)
weight watchers measuring cups and spoons (sell)
pampered chef corn cob nobs (sell)
pampered chef pie server guard only (sell)
making memories metal alphabet stamps (keep)

Thats it, the sales were lousy on Thursday.  Friday I didn't feel well so I stayed in bed.  This weekend being labor day I don't expect to much but we'll see.  My mom's rental house is just about done.  The flooring will be installed starting Thursday and it should be complete next Tuesday so then we wash the wood work etc...  Everything is coved with plaster dust.  Then it will be on the market again.  So I have finally found a little time to list some stuff on ebay and Different Things  Take a few minutes and checkout my stuff!!

Now Available at Different Things


Monday, August 30, 2010

Last Week

I picked up the 100 Grand Bars and Baby Ruth bagged candy for $1.88 each.  Doritos at $1.98 each.  They had Betty Crocker candles on sale for $1...  Oh they smell so good, I have not burned one yet.  Hope they have a long last scent...  One thing I noticed is there isn't much wax in the jar.  The best deal is the Papa George Pork rolled grounded sausage.  It's the only store around here that sells this brand it is the best tasting for homemade pizzas!  The regular price is $2.99 and the best sale price is $1.88 HOWEVER this week they had it for $.99 EACH!!!  OMG I bought 12 of them!!!   I even use it for breakfast pizzas.  I love it and enjoyed getting a good deal on it!!  Before putting it in the freezer I sealed it in Foodsaver bags to keep them fresh longer!

Last week I picked up our half of cow from the butcher shop.  My husbands brothers all own farms.  Between the 4 brothers they own 3 farms.  So we get fresh beef often.  We haven't gotten the bill for the cow from the brothers so I don't know what we owe them but usually it's less then $2 a pound.  The processing for our half was $201.  Weight of the cow was 354 pounds.  Having a half of cow in our freezer really helps keep the grocery bills down. I only buy pork when it's $.99 a pound.  Chicken breasts when 3# bags are $3.99 each.  We have fresh fish because my husband likes to fish.  He also like to hunt turkey and deer.  So many times we have that type of meat in the freezer too.  A half of cow last about a year so it's a good deal for us. 

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Chris Daughtry Santana Photograph

Def Leppards Photograph is now a remake!!! By Santana and Chris Daughtry. Its not so good. This is live I have not heard the original.. I'm hoping for better.. we'll see. However I will be buying the song for sure.

Rummage Sale Violence

Wow Rummage Sale Violence http://www.modbee.com/2010/08/27/1312554/sonora-yard-sale-dispute-turns.html   Interesting!!

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

I Just Want You To Know by Kate Gosselin Book Review

I Just Want You To Know: Letters to My Children on Love, Faith and Family by Kate Gosselin.  Really short read.  If your looking for dish that you didn't already know, this is not the book for you.  There are letter written by Kate for each one of her children.  The letters are sweet, however they feel like she is trying desperately to  convince everyone including the children that she knows her kids.  I don't know how she could when she is on the road being a celebrity, giving inspirational speaker, dancer and book writer.  I understand and give her credit for working hard to provide for her family.  However there are lots of jobs outside the spot light to make money, including her career of being a nurse.

There was no mention of her divorce or if she is dating etc... 

The book feels like she wants the public to think she knows her children better then I think she really does and clearly a way to make money. 

I had this book on my request list at the library and it came in 2 weeks ago, of course it was a short rental of 2 weeks.  Right now I'm extremely busy helping my mom with her rental house.  More on that later.  But I really didn't have the time for reading a book.  But I did it, glad it was a quick read!!

Sorry I forgot to take a picture of the book. 

Wednesday Deals

Walmart has a lot of roll backs.  4 pk of Kleenex $3 used $.50 off a multi pack.  Mens socks 6 pk $3.  12 pk of under wear $5 and used $1/2 from Fruit of the Loom.  Those coupons were from the Sunday inserts. White Cloud 4 pack $2 used $1/1 from August All You Magazine.  Fall Mum's small ones are $1.00. Banana's $.28 pound.  Imperial Margarine $.38 which was a price match with Picks N Saves coupon booklet.  Doritos $1.98 with price match from Festival Foods ad.  Just now I was looking at the receipt.  I realized was charged for 2 gallons of milk when I only bought one.  I price matched Piggly Wiggly milk ad, $1.69 but I only bought one.  I will get an adjustment tomorrow. 

Pick N Save
 First trip: Roundy's Bread $.78 with store coupon, Hamburger Helper $.88 with store coupon, Oxi Clean $7.25 and doubled $1/1 coupon from the Sunday inserts.  Printer paper $2.50.  Lever 2000 8 packs $4.50 each used $1/1 coupon doubled that I printed from I think www.smartsource.com  Grapes $.99 lb and baby carrots $.69 with in store coupon.  They also had all their $1 deal items $.88 so I got a scrub brush, hand sanitizer and a few other misc items.  Spent $26 and saved $30.

Second trip: Roundy's tin foil $1.  Cottenelle $1.88 4 pk double rolls, store coupon, limit one on all the store coupon deals.  Kleenex $.88 used $.50/3 doubled.  Roundy's pizza $1.48 with store coupon.  Hot Pockets $1.48 with store coupon.  Oscar Mayer lunch meat $2.50 and used $1/2 doubled coupons I printed from some where I can't remember where.  I don't think it was coupons.com  Just not sure. Redi Serve Chicken Patties $1.  Crest Toothpaste $.99 with store coupon and used $.50/1 from Sunday inserts doubled.  Imperial Margarine $.39 with store coupon.  Roundy's chunk cheese $1.  Pillsbury Grands $1 used $.30/2 from Sunday inserts, doubled.  Spent $22 and saved $28. 

Walgreens Hot Pockets $1.50 each...  to bad I don't have coupons!!  Dry eraser markers $.99 and Nicci a lip gloss $1.13 after coupons and register rewards.

I didn't get to Festival Food yet for more Doritos (but I noticed that Piggly Wiggly has them on sale for $2 also) and they have Old Wisconsin sausage bites on sale and I have coupons for those.  They also have bagged candy for $1.88 each.  Oh one more thing they have Welch jelly for $.98 and I have $1/2 coupons!!  So after Rummage Saling tomorrow I will stop at Walmart and get my refund and stop at Festival. 

Yesterday Nicci and I stopped at the Family Video.  We haven't rented a movie in a long time so they send us a coupon for a free rental and then we get half off for 2 weeks.  Hopefully we can get use out of that.

I also stopped at Best Buy today and picked up the 6th season of Lost on DVD which was released yesterday.  I came hope and I remembered last year there was a deal at Best Buy if you buy the new season you get $20 off one of the old seasons.  Well my BFF's birthday is this month and I know she is missing a season or 2 of Lost in her collection.  So I emailed my BFF asked her what season she is missing.  I will take back the DVD I bought today and I will order the new season and the old season that she is missing!!  I also get free shipping from www.bestbuy.com because I am a Premier Silver Card holder!!!  Plus I will order through www.mypoints.com  and I will get my points from my purchase.  And I used my BB credit card and I will get more points there!!  Win win!!

What Kind of Carrot is This??

Just take a look at this mutant carrot that I grew in my garden.
I was pulling weeds in the garden and in with the carrots was what looked like Queen Anne Lace.  Around here that is a weed that grows in the ditches.  Well I pulled it out and there was a carrot on the end.  I have never seen anything like it. 

How about you??

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Friday's Rummage Sale Treasures

Coke case for bottles (sell)
stuffed animals (sell)
3 sewing with Nancy vcr tapes (sell)
7 up pillow (keep)
can of spray paint (keep)
soap pump (keep)
Bunn stainless stain coffee pot (sell)
7 Fire King coffee mugs (sell)
2 light/cords for blow molds (sell)
2 yankee candles (sell)
4 Halloween Jello molds (sell)
tap light (keep replace the one from the camper we can't find)
Jello Jiggler beans mold (sell)
curtaintie backs (keep)
necklace (keep)
red easel (keep)
Michelob mug (sell)
stuffed animals (sell)
2 gold shelf hooks (keep)
VHS tapes new (sell)
2 cardboard eggs (keep)
3 movies (keep. watch and sell)
Chicago mug (keep)
new cassette tape (sell)
Simon game (sell)
gold ribbon (keep)
baggie of new gold tassels (keep)
Old Navy fleece for hubby (keep)
Pink thing is a scrapbook case (keep)
Budweiser thermos pitcher (sell)
beer thermos mugs (sell)
4 canvas totes (keep)
wood N (keep)
stuffed animal (sell)
3 scrapbook books (keep)
scrapbook supplies (keep)
photo sleeves (keep)
beanpod candle (keep)
scrapbook letter stampers (keep)
row along the front is all scrapbook supplies (keep)
Can you believe this chair!!  This was a prop for a photo studio, that was the only time it was used!!  It's nice!!  Only....... $5!!  Mom had asked me to buy her one if I saw one at a rummage sale!!!  Ha!!  Got it for really cheap!!!

That's it for Friday!!  Nicci wasn't baby sitting so she went along, we had to go farther out to get to enough sales to cover the morning!!  I really don't understand why there aren't more sales.  Is it the neighborhood or city wides hurting the entire summer?  Or is it so many thrifty shops opening that people are donating everything to those.  Or is it the heat of the summer.  But usually there is a burst of sales right before school and before Labor Day...  well that was this week.   So what gives?????

Thursdays Rummage Sale Finds

4 stuffed animals (sell)
Discovery Toy Marble Works (sell)
2 vintage Mr Potato Heads (sell)
Charles Wysocki Puzzle (sell)
Tupperware ball sorter (Sell)
bunch of kids books on tape (sell)
contact paper (keep)
cookbooks (sell)

Not a whole lot...  there just are that many sales right now!

Wednesday Deals

Pick N Save: Kraft Mac N Cheese Explosion $.66 each and used $.55/2 coupons that I picked up from a display somewhere.  Doubled.  Totino Party Pizzas $1.25 used $.50/3 doubled from Sunday inserts.  Hillshire Cocktail wienies $1.50!!!!!!!!  Couldn't believe the price.  I only had 2 of the $.55/2 coupon from the Sunday inserts but I didn't care I bought 12 packages!!!  It was a great deal!!  Spent $21 saved $42

.I can't find my Walmart receipt I did a bunch of price matching!!

That"s all the grocery store shopping I did this week.  Nicci was along and she wanted to do clothes and shoe shopping for school.  We went out to the mall...  I bought some fragrance at Aeropastle.  She bought some school supplies at Target.  But the best buy was her Homecoming dress at The Deb store.  It was a $49 regular price, but it was on clearance for $15!!!!  It's so gorgeous!!  She is so lucky because she is the prefect clearance rack size...  small!!!  Then she bought shoes at Payless, they cost more then the dress and I got a pair of flip flops because it was buy one buy one half off!!    Wednesday she wanted to go to Kohls and Gordmans because she had some gift cards from her birthday in April.  So she got so tops and flip flops at Kohls.  At Gordmans they had their flip flops all $1 so she got another pair and they have Sex and the City fragrances for $5.99 so she bought one of those.  It was another all about Nicci week!!  Wednesday was also school registration day.   She was not happy about that!! 

Monday, August 16, 2010

Thursdays Rummage Sale Finds

Mr Potato Head (sell)
Blow Mold Pumpkin candle stick (sell)
Build a Bear Kitty (sell)
Vintage xmas electric candle (sell)
xmas green wreath (make something and sell)
Greenies dog toy (sell)
Bop It (sell)
Cookie Sheet (sell)
Gurley candles (sell)
stuffed animal (sell)
Kissing Bells (sell)

Cookbook (sell)
black covered container (keep)
2 vintage coffee mugs (sell)
orange streamer (keep)
orange and black balloons (keep)
Salem deck of cards (sell)
Pampered Chef cheese knife (sell)
bag of cookie cutters (sell.. there were some that I don't have but Nicci reminded me that I need to get my collection under control...  so fine these will be sold!!)

Fish Fryer (like the Turkey Fryer but smaller kettle) keep for hubby
green tin (keep for kitchen scraps/compost) will be painted
paint (keep)
easel (keep)  will be painted
upholstery tacks (keep)
scroll decor (keep) will be painted
roll of metal fence stuff (keep)

Didn't go rummage saling on Friday because there wasn't many new sales.  The humidity and heat ended yesterday so I'm hoping this week will bring more sales.  This is the last chance before Labor Day and school starting. 

Root Beer Cake Review

I reading a blog early last week and I came across this recipe for root beer cake   We had friends coming in from Minnesota so I thought I would give this a try.  This is what it looked like
It was very moist, but it didn't taste anything like root beer.  It tasted like a chocolate cake.  So it was very edible but it did not taste like root beer.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Wednesdays Deals

Walmart has Super Sticky Post It Notes for $1 and here is the link to print $1 Post It Note coupons.  So they are free.  I price matched Fleet Farm ad for the $1/2 Bic pens and used the $.50 and then used $1/2 coupons from the Sunday inserts, so they were free too.  Cantaloupe are $.99 at Aldi's so I price matched those.  Walmart has $2.50 watermelons.

Walgreens have folders for $.09 each great fillers plus they have usual colors.  Kotex U for $7/2 and used $1/1 coupons from last Sunday's inserts and in store coupons $2/1.  Thats a really good deal. Eye Solution Bio $4.99, used $2/1 coupon printed from coupons.com and received $4  register rewards, so I made a $1.  Dial body wash is $3.99 and a $3 register reward and I used a $1/1 coupon printed from here so it's free.

Pick n Save was having their double 10 coupons day again.  Kraft Ranch small bottles on sale for $1.29 used $1/1 coupon from the Sunday inserts, they doubled there so I got the overage.  Folgers decaf $5.99 used $.25 coupon from the Sunday inserts.  Keebler Flatbread crackers (boy are the Italian Herb Gooodddd) $2.50 each and used $.75 coupon from the Sunday inserts doubled.  Vlasic pickle relish $1.49 not on sale, but I needed some.  Used $.55/1 coupon from All You magazine.  Tauqittos $1.99 used $1/1 coupon from the package.. free.  Palermos pizza's $2 each, no coupon.  Saved $26 spent $16.

Tuesday I went to the Piggly Wiggly for their last minute in store coupons that were in the Sunday paper.  Bakers Semi Sweet Chocolate $3.35 no coupons and not on sale!!!!  Man!!  Case of water $1.99, Hostess Cupcakes $1.49, Baby carrots $.49, Pringles $.69 each, cheap brand bay leaves $1/1 and fresh strawberries $.99.

Thats all the deals for this week.

Monday, August 9, 2010

Pumpkin Hollow by Charles Wysocki

  I just finished this puzzle by Charles Wysocki named Pumpkin Hollow.  

Friday's Rummage Sale Treasures

This is what I bought on Friday:
5 Build a Bear Plus 2 other stuffed animals (sell)
Build a Bear tent (sell)
2 spools of crochet yarn (sell)
2 Starbucks coffee mugs (sell)
Vintage Fisher Price Silo (sell)
Pampered Chef Bakers Roller (sell)
Over sized clothes pin (keep)
Wilton cake decorator (sell)
candle (keep)
3 cookie cutters (keep & sell)
Jello Jiggler Jelly Bean Mold (sell)
set of tart pans (sell)
New Usb Cord (keep)

Heart Hooks (keep)
Vintage Fisher Price Barn (the barn is really bad shape, I just wanted the animals and the silo pictured above) Sell
Santa throw blanket (keep, it's black and white)
Vintage orange hooks (keep)
2 sets of American Girl books factory sealed (sell)

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Thursdays Rummage Sale Finds

Wire Basket (keep)
Kool Aid Cups (sell)
White Fire King Mugs (sell)
TY Stuffed animal (sell)
Candles (Keep & Sell)
2 cookbooks (sell)
2 Build A Bear Outfits (sell)
Die cut Scrapbooking  deer (keep)
2 Vera Bradley bags (sell??)
3 Baskets (keep)
stuffed animal (sell)
2 cookbooks (sell)

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Few Sales on Wednesday

I actually stopped at 3 and this is what I bought
container full of Little Tikes, Fisher Price figures (sell)
2 hardcover cookbooks (sell)
Tupperware sorter ball (sell)
basket of yard (sell)
2 new boxes of floss (sell)
4 community cookbooks (sell)
2 sets of Stampin Up stampers (sell)
candle (keep)
Target bog (keep)
All for $7.35

Tuesday Thrift Store Finds

Stopped at the Thrift Store yesterday and this is what I found.
Charles Wysocki Puzzle (sell)
Pampered Chef Bread Tube New (sell)
2 Jello Football Molds (sell)
Ziplock baggie of cookie cutters (sell) 
Missing from the photo is the Build a Bear animal backpack..  gonna keep it since the daughter already has her BAB bunny in it!!
Not bad, all for under $4!!

Wednesday Deals

Pick N Save: Rachael Ray 6# dog food $4.49 no coupon, but still great deal.  Fisher Nut Topping $2.19 not on sale used $1/1 coupon doubled.  Red Baron Slice Pizza $3.33 used $.75 display coupon doubled.  Watermelon $2.99 Pillsbury Grands $.99 on sale used $.30/2 coupon printed from coupons.com  doubled. Roundy's milk one free from last weeks coupon (thanks to Capt Crunch) and another gallon of milk for $1.99 with in ad coupon.  Brakebush Chicken patties $2.69 and used $.50/1 coupon from the Sunday inserts doubled.  Spent $20 saved $24.  Not my best week, but the dog food was a good deal.

Target my total was $0.00  check this out
I bought 3 packages of Papermate pens, used $.50/1 coupons I printed last week from www.target.com  so glad I printed those last week.  I don't know if they are still available.

Walgreens Crayola Markers free after rebate.  Crayola crayons free after register rewards $1.00.  Complete Multi Solution free after register rewards $7.99.  No coupons from either of those.  But the Gillette Pro Glide razors are still giving the $5 register rewards and I used $4/1 coupon from last Sunday's inserts.  So final cost is $.89 again!! 

I can't find my receipt from Walmart, best deal is on there underwear and socks..  Big packs for $9.50. $7 and $5 these are a special buy they won't last long. 

Yesterday I stopped at Piggly Wiggly and pick up a few things from there coupons that were in the Sunday paper.  These coupons expired yesterday.  Chips Ahoy $1.49.  Eggo's $.99 used $1/2 coupon that I don't know where I got it from.  Food Club shredded cheese $.99.  Food Club eggs $.49 a dozen.  Piggly Wiggly bread $.78.  And Piggly Wiggly buns $.69 each.  Milk $1.49 gallon.  3# chicken breats $3.99.  Saved $7.33 and spent $12.  I was happy with that!!

Well thats it for now!!

Charles Wysocki's Rockland Breakwater Light

I just put together Charles Wycocki's Rockland Breakwater Light Puzzle.  It is beautiful. It was a higher level of difficulty, but it was worth it.  However this is why I work all my puzzles before selling them... it is sadly missing 2 pieces.  I have looked high and low it just isn't here!!  I did not take a photo of the finished puzzle... anger got the best of me!!  But here is a photo of the box, but it doesn't do it justice. 

Need a new Camera... HELP

I need a new digital camera.  First it has to take good photos in light and dark w/flash.  Next battery is a concern.  My current camera has it's own rechargeable battery, which I only charge 3 times a year.  And I take roughly 2 to 3  thousand pictures a year. I want that again.  I have seen my friends on vacation changing batteries 2 or 3 times a day.  I don't want that, I can't believe how some cameras eat batteries.  What is the best camera??  Review your camera for me!

Sunday, August 1, 2010