Friday, July 30, 2010

Thursdays Rummage Sale Finds

Graduation vinyl table cloth (keep)
Cusinart 4 cup 12 volt coffee machine (this plugs into your cigarette lighter in your car) (keep)
water sphere (keep)
wet floral foam (keep)
dual sided cassette storage case (keep)
mr potato head (sell)
thermos coffee mug (keep)
jello egg molds (sell)
game boy color (?? not sure I need one to check games, so I might keep it)
magnet hooks (keep)
Home Companion magazine (sell)
drawer (keep)
mini fan (keep)
stuffed animals (sell)
Pampered Chef apron (sell)
Great America mugs (sell)
Mackinac Island mug (sell)
general mills recipe box (sell)
2 pampered chef cookbooks (sell)
neat sheet (sell)
wilton 4 leaf clover pan (sell)
pampered chef corn cob nobs (sell)
stretch rubber string (keep)
3 costume patterns uncut (sell)
pampered chef corn butterer (sell)
jello football mold (sell)
vintage mill apron (sell)
tupperware sorter ball key chain (sell)
2 cookbooks (sell)
3 pampered chef cookie molds (sell)
domino rally (sell)
3 Charles Wysocki puzzles (sell)
foley chopper (sell)
cup holder (keep, use for storing plastic grocery bags)
tin recipe box (sell)
7 childrens books on tape (sell)

ceramic christmas tree (keep)
dog bed (keep for Ford when he rides in my van)

Thats all from yesterday!!  It was a great day.  There is a local church sale which is huge, it's the entire school including hall ways and gym packed with stuff!!  It is very well organized.  The workers are calm and smile!!  It's great!!  Last year it rained and the stress was still low.  The prices are very close to being right on.  Some prices might be a tad high, but still within rummage sale prices.  The sale is 4 days long, the first 2 days are normal and then the third day it's a $4 bag sale and furniture is half price and then the last day is free.  I would say half of the things that I bought yesterday came from the church sale.  There were plenty of sales on the streets surrounding the church.

Last Fridays Rummage Sale Finds

I'm a late with this post, actually I didn't even realize that I hadn't posted what I found last Friday until now.  So I will post last Fridays deals and then yesterdays (Thursday) finds.  There won't be any for today because there weren't any new sales listed for today.  I truly think the rain and heat is causing people to wait on having their sales.  But here is last weeks..
blow mold pumpkin (sell)
pink build a bear money (keep)
pink christmas tree (sell)
blow mold turkey (sell)
blue bear (sell)
black and gold pillow (keep)
Wii game (keep)
pampered chef scrappers (sell)
business cards (Keep)
DVD's (keep)
halloween paper plates (keep)
jello egg mold (sell)
stack of pampered chef cookbooks (sell)
styrofoam balls (keep)
8 tracks (FREE sell)
tinker toys (sell)
halloween build a bear (sell)
bunch of scrapbooking stuff (keep)
candles (home & garden, candle lite and citronella all $.25 each unburned!!)  (keep)
Stamp It Up books (sell)
bottle brush unusual (keep)
Corella plates (keep)
retractable dog leash (keep)
black handled scrappers (keep)
rare records (one is a saw blade and the other is Bon Jovi Slippery When Wet it has their images on the record!!) (sell)
Disney books on tape (sell)
stuffed animals including a brown build a bear money (sell)
Recipes in a jar set of cookbooks (sell)
scrabble (sell)
ceramic tea set of dishes (sell)

Pooh blow mold (sell)

Isn't it odd that the day before I barely found anything and the next day I found a ton of stuff!!  The sales the day before were all first day sales and all the sales that this stuff was found at were also first day sales!!  No completes I'm happy with it all!!

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Wednesdays Deals

Walgreens have the Twizzlers on sale for $3/2 and they are giving $2 register reward for buying 2.  So $.50 each!! They still have the Gillette Power razors $9.89 which is giving $5 register reward plus I used $4 coupon that expires this Saturday so if you have any more use them this week.  I used my free coupon for Always pad that I got a month ago for buying the new Kotex.  It was to expire today!!  So check yours if you have any of these great Catalina coupons left.  They also have 2 pack of the Sharpie markers on sale for $.69 this is a steal!!
I saved over $18 today and cost me $5 out of pocket.

Walmart lettuce is only $.78 each!!  Great price.  Price matched Festival ad for Dorito and Cheetos $1.98 and milk was $1.49 a gallon price matched.  Cantaloupewas $1.48 each with the Aldi's ad.  Walmart's regular price for their 10 pack suet is $7.97 that is a good price.

Target deals on there are new Bic coupons to print.  They are $1/1 any and their regular price on Bic pens are $.99 so free.  Better then last weeks Bic deal.  Oh in the deal spot they have the Glow bracklets 18 pack for $1!!!  And they have lots of storage containers for $1 or $2.50.

Pick N Save:  Roundy's canned vegetables $.99/3 nice deal and no limit!!!!  2# Creamette spaghetti $1.29 with coupon.  Kleenex $3.99 3 box bundle used $.75 which was doubled.  Capt n Crunch $2 buy 5 and get a free milk coupon.  I used $.50/1 coupons from the Sunday inserts a few weeks ago and they were doubled.  Roundy's cheese $4.98/3 and eggs for $.77.  Saved $29.82 and spent $19.12.   

Thats all for right now.

Monte Minding the Store Puzzle by Charles Wysocki

How many times have you seen a Charles Wysocki puzzle in my rummage sale finds..  Well I started working them...  I have my first one done.  I love working puzzles. My favorites are 1000 piece.  Once I start a puzzle I don't want to quit and nothing else gets done around the house.  However I'm going to be better now... only work on them when I have spare time...  it's a promise to my self.  Lets see if I keep it!!

Multiple Blessings by Jon & Kate Gosselin

I just finished reading Multiple Bles8ings by Jon and Kate Gosselin it was published in 2008 so it's not new and really there was nothing in there that was news to me.  Except for did you know that NBC had a makeover home show of it's own called Home Delivery??   Jon and Kate were the first home they made over.  Here is a link to some before and after photos Jon & Kates first home  I didn't know any of this.  The rest wasn't news to me.  However Kate has a new book released a few months ago.  I have it on my request list at the library.  So I wanted to read the first book before I read the second.  The new book is called I Just Want You To Know Letters To My Kids on Love Faith & Family.  It ranked high the Best Sellers list when it was released but dropped fast...  hope it's good.  I will let you know..

Back to Multiple Bles8ings.  It was a fast read and not a long book.  I really told details about Kates pregnancy and life before the twins and before the sextuplets.  She seemed very open and honest about herself.  This book ends where the TV show picked up.  I have only watched the show up until I believe the end of season 3, the library doesn't have the rest of the seasons.. boo hoo!

Monday, July 26, 2010

Now Available at Different Things

Free Shipping!!!
Free Shipping!!

Flea Market

Man I forgot to take pictures!!  

The flea market yesterday was good.  There weren't as many vendors as I would have liked, there was about 20.  There were many shoppers though.  My aunt and uncle did way better then mom and I money wise, but we were happy with our first time.  I think we will do it again.  But when I'm not sure.  I sold lots of my extra health and beauty aids and things that have been in my store a long time.  We decided on a time for our rummage sale, which will be the middle of September.  I will have a lot of stuff again, I can't wait!!  

I learned a few things, first and most important there are more men at Flea Markets then rummage sales, so I have to bring more things that men would be interested in.  And another important thing I would do next time is have a table that corrals all the dollar items and make a large sign that says $1 dollar table.  My aunt and uncle did that and that just drew people to that table and they stayed around to browse.  However our $1 stuff they just passed over because they were mixed in with other goodies... 

I'm sure there are other things to learn but that will be for next time!!

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Target Deals

I went back to Target today armed with 2 more Bic coupons, printed from the website. I got 4 more of the Bic 10 packs for $.10 each after coupon. I also had Fusion and Schick $4 coupons.  On clearance they had box sets of Fusion Power Proglide razor, shave gel, scrub and lotion.  Regular price $9.99 on clearance for $4.99 used the $4/1 coupon from the Sunday inserts few weeks back.  They only had one of these sets.  Then they had Schick Quattro Value Pack which has the razor, lotion and scream cream, regular price $8.99 on clearance for $4.48 and I had $4/1 coupon from Sunday inserts.  They had many of these sets but I only had one coupon!!  Figures!!  Not bad prices at all..  Saved $11 and spent $2.40!! 

Thursdays Rummage Sale Finds

There wasn't very many rummage sales today and they weren't very good.  Slim pickings.  But this is what I got.
2 Tuppertoys Shape Sorter (sell)
black and gold runner (keep)
3 sets of Halloween lights (eyeballs, bats and spiders) Keep
Tupperware cash box (keep)
3 scrapbook templets (keep)
2 plastic boxes (keep)
There aren't many sales again tomorrow.. hope the quality is better.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Flea Market in Crivitz Wi

Tomorrow I'm suppose to go to a Flea Market in Crivitz WI, I have never been there before.  We are just going to go as shoppers.  Crivitz is a hour and half away.  The weatherman say we might have another big storm.  Storms lately have been a normal.  We usually have 3 inches of rain all of July well we have had 16 inches so far.  We have broken the record days ago.  Anyway since we are suppose to have a storm tomorrow we are postponing the trip until next week Thursday.  So I planned to go rummage saling as I normally do on Thursday.  So I sat down to make my plan and there a barely any sales.  My guess the daily storms and the heat are stopping people from having sales.  Oh yeah we have had lots of humidity along with high 80 degree days.  I love the heat but the humidity is trying.  The ground is so wet the cucumbers are rotting on the vine.  When I pull the beets the hole where the beets came out of fills with water.  I don't know if we will have any carrots if this keeps up because they will rot in the ground before they get eating size.  I'm wondering if this keeps up we will have pumpkins in fall....   This Sunday is the Flea Market in Appleton which Mom, my aunt, uncle and I will be vendors.  I have just about every thing packed.  Mom is still working on hers.  I'm getting more exciting by the day.  I sure hope that we don't get any storms that day.

Wednesdays Deals

Walgreen's Dentyne Gum on sale for $.79 and $.40 used $.99 off coupon from there in store coupon book and I used 3 $1/1 coupons.  I made money on these.  I might go back and get more I have a few more coupons from the Sunday inserts.  Pilot pens are on clearance for $.99 I used this coupon print 2.  After you sign up you will get a email with the printable link.  Walgreens also have high lighters for $.09 great fillers.  Cologate Total is free after register rewards and I used a $1/1 form the Sunday inserts.  Bought a few more of the Gillette razors $.89 after coupons and register rewards.  Saved $39, spent $12 and received some register rewards.

Walmart Finish with Jet Dry tabs 40 count are on clearance for $3.50 and I used $2.50 found in the Sunday inserrts a few weeks back.  So I paid $1 per 40 count bags.  I bought 6 bags.  I am set for a long time!  Act II popcorn is $.96 I used coupons I printed at and  Watermelons are $1.98 and Cantaloupes are $.99.  We can NOT get enough of this around here.  We easily go through one melon a day.  Armed chairs in a bag are $5 each.    Krylon Rubbed Bronze is on sale for $2.67 each.  Price matched Sunchips $1.88 and Tuna $.44 both from the Festival ad.  Hot Pockets are $1.67 at Piggly Wiggly I price matched and used $1/3 coupons.  El Paso shells are $.99 at Walgreens (they were out) so I price matched at Walmart.  On their packages of shells there was a coupon for buy 2 and get a seasoning packet free.  So I'm glad I bought them at Walmart. 

Pick N Save:  Starbucks 4 packs of Frappachino on sale $4.99 and used $1/1 coupon from the Sunday inserts doubled.  Fisher Nut Topping $2.19 this is regular price but I needed some..  used $1/1 printed from  Nawsoms mini's on clearance for $2.12 and used $1/1 printed from either  or  doubled!!  Only $.12 each!!!  Nice.  Kemps Ice Sandwiches on sale for $1.49 limit one so I couldn't use my!!  I dislike that!!  Necklace glow sticks on clearance for $.75  still cheaper then the dollar store.  Redi Serve chicken patties $1/1 no coupon my son just loves these.  I only buy them when they are on sale.  Right Guard Mens solid on sale for $1.50 used a $1.50/1 coupon from I think the All You magazine..  not sure though. Purina ONE 6 pound bag on clearance for $5.69 (regular price $11.39)  Phil cream cheese $.88 on sale limit one.  Kraft slice cheese 2/$4 bought 5 and used a in store coupon $1/3 not doubled but since I bought the 4 slic cheeses and the cream cheese I got a Catalina coupon for $5 good on my next visit.  Saved $35 and spent $21.

Target Bic pens are on sale for $.60 each, print Bic coupons from  Thats 10 cents for 10 pens nice.    Reminder with the Target coupons...  follow the link above, scroll to the bottom of the page and click on coupons.  Look for Bic under school supplies.  You will be able to print 2 from each computer.  However the cashier might limit you to only 2 at a time. 

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Now Available at Different Things

free shipping on the magazines

Post It Notes Coupons

Book mark this link and print a few of these.   I think you might be able to score some free Post It Notes or at least some very cheap ones.  Back to school sales are approaching, I'm sure Post It Notes will be on sale!!

Quizno's Meal Deal Coupon

Quizno has a great coupon deal out...  Quizno's $2.99 Meal Deal Coupon  Print what you need now, because this link might disappear quickly.

Monday, July 19, 2010

Now Available at Different Things


My Samsung Washer and Dryer review after 3 years

I have a pair of Samsung Silver Care front loaders.  They are 3 years old and I haven't had a problem with either of them (knocking on wood)  I bought the 3 year extending warranty and didn't use it.  I don't have the pedestals, however I get them if I could go back in time.  I have thought about having hubby putting cabinets or building something for underneath.  The reason.. they are deep, I bought the biggest they had and I have to really swat to reach in and make sure that nothing is stuck to the top of the washer drum.  Not getting any younger here!!  I haven't had any trouble with odor, however I leave the door ajar on the washer after every load.  My clothes are clean and not wrinkled.  I use strictly HD soap.  I live in the country so saving money on water isn't an issue dollar wise.  I didn't see a difference with my electric bill after I bought this pair.  However it takes longer to wash a load, 15 minutes longer.  But drying time is shorter because the clothes come out of the washer with less water.  I would pair this pair again.

Whats New?

 Whats new?? I'm now a power seller on Ebay.  Late last night I checked my ebay and I found the power seller logo next to my feedback score!!  I had no idea that was coming.  Nice surprise.  

This is a click about link to my ebay   Things Listed on Ebay 

 My eBay

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Friday's Rummage Sale Treasures

8 stuffed animals (sell)
Simon Game (sell)
bag of cookie cutters (sell)
new wall hooks (keep)
Build a Bear shoes and clothes (sell)
2 wall plaques (keep)
Mr Potato Head (sell)
Charles Wysocki Puzzle (sell)
Light Brite (sell)
old magazines (sell)
Domino magazine (sell)
Country Home magazine (sell)
scrapbooking supplies (keep)
Cool Side Nesco $3!!!!  (keep)

Thursdays Rummage Sale Finds

3 Stuffed Animals for Nicci's animal business.  (side note Nicci sold out of all her stuffed animals at Iola on Saturday after noon.  She came home with $67!!  Amazing!!  So it's time to stock up again for Jefferson Carshow)
Wicker kids bicycle basket (keep)
Charles Wysocki puzzle (sell)
Brand new Kiss the Cook frying pan (keep in the camper)
Milk glass salt and pepper shakers..  man they were so dirty, after I washed them it showed that one was broken and glued!!  (sell with disclosure of the break and repair)
2 wreaths (keep)
glass bottle (keep)
Pampered Chef bread crimper (sell)
Carly Simon GH CD (keep)
wall clock (keep, already painted and in the camper)
Levi denim shirt (sell doesn't fit it was only a quarter)
denim jeans (keep)
Ford long sleeve shirt (sell)
bird house (keep)
2 grass baskets (keep)
fiber optic pumpkin (keep or sell??)
2 black metal drawer baskets (keep)
grass bird house (keep)
key chain (keep)
white ceramic ball (keep)
fan magazine holder (keep)

Wednesday Deals

Stopped at 3 different Walgreens to score these: Oreos and Chips Ahoy in mini bags $.50 each used as fillers. Purina One dog food 4# $4. Ritz Bits in the mini bags $.50 used $1/2 coupon from Sunday inserts a few weeks ago.. those were free. Combos $.99 each used $1/2 coupon that I don't remember where this coupon is came from..  Gillette Fusion razor $9.89 used $4 off coupon from Sunday inserts and I received $5 register reward.  $.09 pencils also as fillers.

Walmart deals: 2 pack black Sharpies $1 each.  Cantaloupe $.99 each, these were huge!!!

Pick N Save: Store brand buns $.88, Glade Candles $1.69 used $1/1 printed from either  or  I also printed coupons for Glade Scented Candle Refills that were also on clearance $1.69.  Plus I used $1/1 from last Sundays inserts for Glade Odor Spray which was $1.94 all were doubled so all the Glade were free.  Red Baron Slice on sale for $3.33 each used $1/1 that I printed, those were doubled.  Also printed $2/1 for the Red Baron Pan Pizzas priced $3.33, these were not doubled.  Fresh Cherries were $1.69 a pound.  I bought bulk peanuts in the shell for hubby's fishing tournament, they weren't on sale $1.79.  Eggs were on sale for $.68.  Kraft Deli Select Cheese on sale for $2 and used $1/1 coupon that I had printed.  Spent $23 saved $42!!  I still had some coupons I wanted to double, so I thought I would stop at the new Copps Store on West Calumet St.

The new Copps store is beautiful.  Great big wide aisles!!  No kidding 3 carts can pass by each other!!  Loving it!!  The parking lot aisles are also wide.  No problems backing out.  Prices are the same as the old store and Pick N Save.  They have the first grocery store self checkouts around..  A side from Walmart of course.  I also noticed many Mexican type foods and many items labeled with only Spanish writing.  One only draw back of visiting this store was they had their Grand Opening ad going on.  Which I did NOT get in the mail or with the newspaper.  I didn't know the deals until I walked in the store.  First thing I noticed was their bulk peanuts were on sale for $.99 a pound!!  Man!!   Away these are the deals I got.  Ruffles chips $2 no coupon.  Cottonelle 12 pk $4.99 used $1/1 coupon doubled, I don't know where I got this coupon.  Scott Napkins on sale for $1.99 used $1/1 coupon that was doubled.. Free.  I got these coupons from the cat machine from other visits to Pick N Save and Copps.  Hot Pockets Family pack $9.99 used $3/1 coupon not doubled.  Red Baron Slice $1/1 that I had printed and it was doubled.  Jacks Pizzas $2 each.  Gum Toothbrushes $1.89 used $1/1 coupon from past Sunday inserts, they were doubled so free.  Pillsbury Biscuits $1 each and I used $.50/2 coupons from past Sunday inserts.  Spent $33 and saved $44.  Not as good as Pick N Save however I did buy the chips and Jacks pizza's without coupons.

Thats all the deals for this week.

Monday, July 12, 2010

Random Things Sold at Iola

Yup they are puffer fish lights!!  Just what everyone is looking for and they are only $50 each!!
Talk about a "hot dog", this is how hot it was on set up day!!!  Yeah I know it's pink and Ford is a boy...  I'm telling ya it was hot!!!

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Longest Semi at Iola

Yup you are seeing that right there is a huge TV screen on the side of this semi.  It showed movies on it at night during it's stay at Iola.  It felt like the drive in movies!!    We watched National Treasure with Nicholas Cage!
Notice how many parking stalls it takes up!!! 

It's main use is for hauling around race cars and the screen is used for advertising which helps pay for the semi cost and up keep. 

1953 GM Futurliner Parade of Progress #10

This is a really cool bus.  I have seen it before at Iola, however none of the pictures had turned out.  So this time I made sure they turned out.  This was restored a few years ago.  There was only 12 ever made.  Back 2 or 3 years ago one of these sold at Scottsdale AZ auction for 4 million dollars.  I had toured it before, but this time I took Cassie ( a friend of Nicci's who came along with us)  and Nicci.  Cassie sat in the seat and then I told her she was sitting in a 4 million dollar seat, she freaked out a bit!!!  We talked to the caretaker of this a few times.  I just think it's so cool.  The bus is normally kept in Indiana in a museum, however Iola paid for the bus to trucked from Indiana to the Badger port on the Michigan side and then paid for it's trip over on the Badger and then trucked from there to Iola and then back home.  
More about   GM Futurliners

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Iola 2010

We arrived on Wednesday morning about 10:30.  The morning started out very muggy and only got worse through the day.  The ground here was so soft from several days of rain, so the area that usually holds the trucks, trailers and campers that are waiting to get into the vendor areas was to soft.  So they started to hold everyone in the camping area until the threat of bad weather came about at noon.  So they started to let everyone in at noon.   This is a strict rule no one allowed on the grounds until 3:00.  Everyone was over joyed to be able to get in early and get an early start.  We were all set up when the rain started.  The rain was welcomed because of the humidity.  We did get some relief then.  Another shower came later but nothing to get excited about, however the grounds were hard on a lot of campers, trailers and motorhomes getting stuck in the mud.  We didn't have any troubles.  Thursday was hot and humid again.  Friday was just hot.  This morning we got up to hot and humid again.  2:00 a storm came through and chased many of the buyers back to their cars.  The storm had high winds but we came through it well.  Now I'm sitting in our trailer with the air on, however it did cool off and the humidity is lower.    We will be leaving tomorrow morning.  It's always so sad for Iola to end.  I've got pictures of the worlds longest semi (Red Giant) and the the 1950's GM Parade of Progress.  I will blog about the details and post the pictures when I get home.  We haven't bought anything to really get into details about... at least not yet!!  Well I better get back to enjoying the show.  I will be catching you up on everything..... take care.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Goodwill and other Deals

Yesterday my daughter and I went to Goodwill to pick up a few shorts for her and jeans for hubby.  OMG did we find the deals.  We bought 24 clothing items for just less then $100.  My daughter got 3 jeans and 3 jean shorts all name brand.  Hubby got 2 jeans, one was Lee brand the other was Carhartt jeans. Both were like new.  Seriously felt like new.  I got a brand new nighty with Kohls tags still on it.  Also got a brand new Victoria Secrets sleepwear top with tags on it.  I got 2 denim Levi shorts.  Numerous summer tops some with new tags on them.  We came home with 3 plastic shopping bags stuffed full.  I wish I would have thought of taking a photo.  No such luck.  I had seen a few things my son would have liked  but I wasn't sure.  So I didn't buy anything for him.  After he saw all the great things we picked up he went over there with his grandma.  He brought home one bag full of clothes.  Only one pair of jeans.  But he got 2 plaid shorts and many t-shirts!!  Name brand.  he spent $30!!!   I'm so proud of him and his choices!!  Not bad for a 19 year old. 

I shopped yesterday because I will be in Iola for the carshow on Wednesday.   Here are the deals I picked up.

Walgreens: Colgate Max paste $.99 after register rewards and I used a $1.00 coupon.  I don't know where the coupon was from.  Colgate Max toothbrush $.99 after register rewards, I used $.75 coupon from All You Magazine. Also picked up many of the mechanical pencils for $.19 for a package of 5.  Some of Walgreens summer items are 50% off this is what I bought for $7.50

I just think it's so cool!

Target had 30% dollar spot.  I bought my daughter a pair of flip flops, Rayovac batteries, a dog collar and bungee cords for $.70 each.  Mainly stopped to get my prescriptions filled.

Walmart: I have been pricing Piggly Wiggly's ad for $.99 for a whole watermelon!!!  Walmart also have 3# boxes of Johnsonville brats for $4.88 and I used $1.50/1 sunday insert coupons!!  Those are cheap brats!!!  I think those are 1980's prices!!  Lovin it!

Nothing special at Pick N Save: spent $11.44 and saved $6.95.  Thats not 50%!!  Man!  See what happens when I can't double coupon.

Festival Foods: Store brand mac and cheese $.39 each.  Cans of oranges $.44/1.  Bags of store brand frozen vegies $.69 with in ad coupon.  Eggs and Coke 2 liter bottle free with flyer coupon.  Store brand 12 package batteries $2.50.  Spent $9.05 saved $11.92.  

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Presto Digital Pro Fry Deep Fryer Review

Oh I like it!!  I bought it a Kohls.  Regular price $90, on sale for $35 and I used a 15% off coupon.  I have been looking at these for a while.  But my cool touch fryer was still working, however it was very caked with oil.  I sssoooo wanted to throw it away, but it wouldn't die!!  The basket is huge and it can fry a lot of food at one time.  It was easy to clean, however I think over time it will become more difficult to clean the element, everything else will be easy.   I just think it so weird to dump the oil on top of the exposed heating element.  If I do a lot of frying of breaded items the breading that falls off will land on and around the element.  Is that good??  I will be emptying it after every use, but it just seems wrong and maybe a little dangerous.

Being digital it gives you a warning beep with the oil is hot enough etc..  I like that, so it can't be forgotten.  There is also a timer for cooking length.  I don't think it's quicker in heating the oil nor the frying time.  The fryer is long and tall.  It just barely fits in my cabinets, so keep that in mind.

Sorry about the blurriness with the last photo.  But you get the idea.

Target also had this model regular price $59.  Over all I'm very happy with it, however I do believe as time goes on it will be very difficult to keep clean. 

3 days until Iola Carshow!!!! 

Wednesday Deals

Target: 17 pound bag of Alpo dog food on clearance $2.74.  Didn't have a coupon for that.  Then they had Kibbles and Bits 7.5 pound bags for $2.12 and I had $1/1 coupons from the Sunday inserts a few weeks ago. My total for almost 40 pounds of dog food $6.10, I can live with that!!

Pick n Save: Nexcare bandaids $1.88 used $1/1 coupons from the Sunday inserts and they were doubled, so free with overage.  Lots of misc store brand stuff really cheap and didn't use coupons.  Spent $37 saved $49.

Festival Food: Miracle Whip $.99 Limit 1 so I couldn't use the coupon from the Sunday inserts.  Grr..  Hunts ketchup $.49 used $.20/1 Sunday coupon.  Store brand bread free.  Oscar Mayer dogs $.99 used $1/2 Sunday coupon.  Cher Make hot dogs $3.98, no coupon.  Klemens Brat patties $2.99 used $1/2.  Free bananas with store coupon.  Good n Garlic pizza's $2.22 used my rain check.  Cool Whip $.61 with store coupon and used $.20/2 Sunday coupon.  Kraft Singles $.99 no coupon.  Kraft shredded cheese $.99 no coupon.  Spent $29 and saved $29. 

That's all for now!!

Getting to Know Me

 1. What is your occupation right now? Server
 2. What color are your socks right now?  Not wearing socks
 3. What are you listening to right now?   Good Morning America
  4. What was the last thing you ate? Scrambled Eggs

 5. Can you drive a stick shift?  No
 6. Last person you spoke to on the phone.  Mom

 7. Do you have a pet? Yes 2 Dogs

 8. How old are you today?  43

 9. What is your favorite sport to watch on TV?  none

 10. What is your favorite drink?   coffee with favored creamer

 11. Have you ever dyed your hair?  No

 12. Favorite food?  Scallops 

 13. What is the last movie you watched?  Twister

14. Favorite day of the year?  Christmas

 15. How do you vent anger?  have a melt down  

 16. What was your favorite toy as a child?   plastic farm animals

 17. What is your favorite season?  Summer

 18. Cherries or Blueberries?  Cherries 

 19. Prefer cash or credit cards?  cards
 20. Do you carry coins?  Yes

 21. Favorite type of shoes?  My Reeboks they are like heaven

 22. Living situation?  own home

 23. When was the last time you cried?   ??

 24. What is on the floor of your closet right now?   Shoes and boxes
25. Your Camera, love it or hate it?  Minolta Dimage G400  Love it, but need a new one.

 26. What did you do last night?  worked

 27. What are you most afraid of?

 28. Plain, cheese, or spicy hamburgers?   Cheese

 29. Favorite dog breed?  havanese.... thats Henry

 30. Favorite day of the week?  Monday

 31. How many states have you lived in?  1 

 32. Diamonds or pearls?   Diamonds 

 33. What is your favorite flower?   Rose long stemmed roses!!!