Saturday, July 17, 2010

Thursdays Rummage Sale Finds

3 Stuffed Animals for Nicci's animal business.  (side note Nicci sold out of all her stuffed animals at Iola on Saturday after noon.  She came home with $67!!  Amazing!!  So it's time to stock up again for Jefferson Carshow)
Wicker kids bicycle basket (keep)
Charles Wysocki puzzle (sell)
Brand new Kiss the Cook frying pan (keep in the camper)
Milk glass salt and pepper shakers..  man they were so dirty, after I washed them it showed that one was broken and glued!!  (sell with disclosure of the break and repair)
2 wreaths (keep)
glass bottle (keep)
Pampered Chef bread crimper (sell)
Carly Simon GH CD (keep)
wall clock (keep, already painted and in the camper)
Levi denim shirt (sell doesn't fit it was only a quarter)
denim jeans (keep)
Ford long sleeve shirt (sell)
bird house (keep)
2 grass baskets (keep)
fiber optic pumpkin (keep or sell??)
2 black metal drawer baskets (keep)
grass bird house (keep)
key chain (keep)
white ceramic ball (keep)
fan magazine holder (keep)

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