Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Wednesdays Deals

Walgreens have the Twizzlers on sale for $3/2 and they are giving $2 register reward for buying 2.  So $.50 each!! They still have the Gillette Power razors $9.89 which is giving $5 register reward plus I used $4 coupon that expires this Saturday so if you have any more use them this week.  I used my free coupon for Always pad that I got a month ago for buying the new Kotex.  It was to expire today!!  So check yours if you have any of these great Catalina coupons left.  They also have 2 pack of the Sharpie markers on sale for $.69 this is a steal!!
I saved over $18 today and cost me $5 out of pocket.

Walmart lettuce is only $.78 each!!  Great price.  Price matched Festival ad for Dorito and Cheetos $1.98 and milk was $1.49 a gallon price matched.  Cantaloupewas $1.48 each with the Aldi's ad.  Walmart's regular price for their 10 pack suet is $7.97 that is a good price.

Target deals on there are new Bic coupons to print.  They are $1/1 any and their regular price on Bic pens are $.99 so free.  Better then last weeks Bic deal.  Oh in the deal spot they have the Glow bracklets 18 pack for $1!!!  And they have lots of storage containers for $1 or $2.50.

Pick N Save:  Roundy's canned vegetables $.99/3 nice deal and no limit!!!!  2# Creamette spaghetti $1.29 with coupon.  Kleenex $3.99 3 box bundle used $.75 which was doubled.  Capt n Crunch $2 buy 5 and get a free milk coupon.  I used $.50/1 coupons from the Sunday inserts a few weeks ago and they were doubled.  Roundy's cheese $4.98/3 and eggs for $.77.  Saved $29.82 and spent $19.12.   

Thats all for right now.

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