Friday, July 30, 2010

Last Fridays Rummage Sale Finds

I'm a late with this post, actually I didn't even realize that I hadn't posted what I found last Friday until now.  So I will post last Fridays deals and then yesterdays (Thursday) finds.  There won't be any for today because there weren't any new sales listed for today.  I truly think the rain and heat is causing people to wait on having their sales.  But here is last weeks..
blow mold pumpkin (sell)
pink build a bear money (keep)
pink christmas tree (sell)
blow mold turkey (sell)
blue bear (sell)
black and gold pillow (keep)
Wii game (keep)
pampered chef scrappers (sell)
business cards (Keep)
DVD's (keep)
halloween paper plates (keep)
jello egg mold (sell)
stack of pampered chef cookbooks (sell)
styrofoam balls (keep)
8 tracks (FREE sell)
tinker toys (sell)
halloween build a bear (sell)
bunch of scrapbooking stuff (keep)
candles (home & garden, candle lite and citronella all $.25 each unburned!!)  (keep)
Stamp It Up books (sell)
bottle brush unusual (keep)
Corella plates (keep)
retractable dog leash (keep)
black handled scrappers (keep)
rare records (one is a saw blade and the other is Bon Jovi Slippery When Wet it has their images on the record!!) (sell)
Disney books on tape (sell)
stuffed animals including a brown build a bear money (sell)
Recipes in a jar set of cookbooks (sell)
scrabble (sell)
ceramic tea set of dishes (sell)

Pooh blow mold (sell)

Isn't it odd that the day before I barely found anything and the next day I found a ton of stuff!!  The sales the day before were all first day sales and all the sales that this stuff was found at were also first day sales!!  No completes I'm happy with it all!!

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