Thursday, May 26, 2011

Wednesday Deals

I know it's been a while since I have written about my savings.  Just been busy and I have been relying mostly on my stock pile and not buy so much.  Most of my shopping has beenfresh fruits and vegetables that have been on sale.  I have made a nice dent in the chest freezer.  It was getting so full that I didn't know what was on the bottom and no way to get to it.  Well I now can get to the bottom and I'm hoping that I can empty it out and unplug it for the summer.  When I take something out of my up right I take something from the chest to fill in the empty spot.  I prefer the up right because it's easier to find stuff, however bread and buns don't get freezer burned in the chest as they do in the up right.

So on to my deals for the week.

Walmart has Jergens firming cream for $7.87 bonus size.  I used $2 coupon that came in last Sundays paper.  Corn on the cob 10 cents each!! 

Walgreens have store brand 22oz decaf coffee $5.49.  Cheapest I have seen decaf in months. Leave in conditioner $.99 after register rewards, no coupon.  Off clip on starter $7.99 after ad coupon and I used $2 that came in the Sunday paper.   Off clip on refill $4.99 after ad coupon and used $1 coupon.  Hawaii Punch and Wylers sugar free to go packs $.59 on sale!  Scrunchies free after rebate.  Lindt candy bars $1 after in store coupon.   Walgreens Aloe Gel was buy one get one half off, this stuff is the greatest stuff for sun burn!!  $24 saved and spent $34 but got $8 back in register rewards!

Pick n Save store brand buns were $.88, Iams 15# of dog food $10.04 and used $1/1 coupon from the Sunday paper that were doubled.  New York croutons $1.25 and used $.50/1 coupon from the Sunday inserts doubled.  Dark Chocolate batons on sale for $.64.  ( they are really good, I went back today and bought the rest)  Almond Joy Pieces on clearance for $1.50 and used $2/2 coupons from the Sunday inserts.  Oscar Mayer turkey dogs $1.50 and used $1/2 coupon from the Sunday inserts doubled.  Nexxus shampoo $7.99 no coupon.  Deans Dip $1.25 and used $.75 Catalina coupon doubled.  Spent $40 saved $39!

Thats all for this week!

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Vintage Tractor Parade

The tractor parade goes past our house every year! This year it stopped so I got pictures. 

Looks like a lot fun.  The weather was warm.  However now there are tornado watches just north of her.

Friday Rummage Sale finds

6 stuffed animals-sell
basket that the animals are in-keep
pink build a bear -keep
blow mold star-sell
xmas stampers-sell
Magic Tree House books-sell
coffee mug-keep
xbox controller-keep
Mr Potato Head-sell
2 puzzles-sell
stampin up stamps-sell
Vera Bradley pocket book-keep
scrabble tiles-sell
2 pyrex handles-sell
gameboy advance game-sell
gameboy game-sell
PS2 Guitar Hero II and guitar-keep
2 Bop Its -sell
bag full of barn pieces and animals-sell
wine corks-sell
Charles Wysocki puzzle-sell
Magic Tree House books-sell
Dog Whisperer dvd-keep
Packer towels-sell
Pampered Chef chopper holder-sell
2 dog leashes-keep
Pampered Chef knife with sharpener-keep

2 stuffed animals-sell
cheese head candle-sell
electric candles-sell
cookie cutters-sell
sun and moon decor-keep

Thursdays Rummage Sale Finds

Box of Domino Rally parts-sell
Melted plastic popcorn Noel -sell
small blow mold pooh-sell
Build a Bear with clothes-sell
Tupperware Tupper Toy Ball Sorter-sell
print your own business cards-keep
ziploc of legos-sell
2 coffee cups-for work
2 mr potato heads-sell
8 dvds -sell
Wii game-sell
Pampered Chef Apple Corer accessory-sell
paint brushes-keep
2 Charles Wysock puzzles-sell
Mr Potato Head-sell
stainless steel garbage can-keep
2 pair of smiley sleep pants
6 community cookbooks-sell
7 brass electric candles-sell
new Wisconsin sweatpants-keep
1 new dvd-sell
book on tape-sell
Victoria Secret sleep wear-keep
6 Hollister tops-keep

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Royal Copy Cat Wedding

Aren't these Fergie's Girls?
(Or is the one in the blue Monica Lewinsky?)

Saturday Rummage Sale Finds

6 stuffed animals-sell
ziploc bag of Build a Bear clothes-sell
woven box with cover-keep
2 candles-keep
Pampered Chef chopper-sell
2 sets Wilton Silly Feet silicone cupcake holders-sell
2 dvd's-keep
purple tank top-keep
6 Junie B Jones books-sell
2 watering spheres-keep
gameboy advanced -sell
ink for cricut cutter-keep
gameboy color-sell
stampin up stampers-sell
3 rolls of scrapbooking ribbon-keep
3 close to my heart stampers -sell
Martha Steward food magazine-sell
4 Pampered Chef cookbooks-sell
2 Build a Bear animals-sell
Pampered Chef pizza stone-sell
4 American Girl books-sell
Wilton Blue Clues cake pan-sell
Wilton Thomas the tank cake pan-sell
glitter hairspray-keep
Build a Bear backpack-sell
stuffed candy cane-sell
Scholastic Red Riding Hood DVD new-sell
Pampered Chef cookbook-sell
7 cookie cutters-sell
Pampered Chef small bar pan-sell
2 Build a Bear tabby cats-sell
5 stuffed animals-sell
Build a Bear clothes-sell
Leapad with books-sell
3 rolls of tape-keep
New Lia Sophia Blue Coast Necklace-sell
cast iron decor-keep

Friday, May 13, 2011

Thursdays Rummage Sale Finds

Musical Ceramic xmas tree-keep
wreath basket-keep
5 Leapfrog books-sell
travel Spirograph-sell
Easter Mr Potato Head-sell
bag of cookie cutter-sell
PS2 game-sell
Biggest Loser DVD-keep
Baby Einstein DVD-sell
2 DVD's -keep
3 Brown Bag molds-sell
BBB soap-keep
graduation confetti-keep
Wilton Pan-sell
lite brite-sell
Betty Crocker recipe box-sell
blue bird feeder-keep
12 days of xmas cookie cutters-sell
stuffed Pooh-sell
Bristle Blocks-sell
2 melted plastic xmas decor-sell
Pampered Chef steamer-sell
bag of tiny clothes pins-keep
2 Packer towels and scarf-sell
large roll of ribbon-keep
community cookbook-sell
scrapbook stuff-keep
2 magnet hooks-keep
vintage ornaments-sell

Thats all for today!

Nicci Lettered in Pride!

My daughter lettered in Pride!! I'm excited!

Last Weeks Rummage Sale Finds

I'm so far behind on my posts I will catch up..

3 build a bears-sell
1 stuffed horse-sell
Pampered Chef stone bowl-sell
big bowl of lite brite pegs -sell
2 PS2 games-sell
Jello egg mold-sell
Cranberry Nonstick Vision Wear-sell
American Girl Book-sell
embroidered table cloth and napkins-sell
community cookbook-sell
Pampered Chef cookbook-sell
2 Pampered Chef measuring spoons-sell
2 Charles Wysocki Puzzles-work and then sell
Build a Bear monkey-sell
Blow Mold deer-sell
green binder-keep
2 Garfields-sell
Build a Bear dogg-sell
Build a Bear Hello Kitty-sell
Leap frog book-sell
small container-keep
Glow Worm-sell?..  can't seem to get it to work... grr
2 candles-keep
2 xmas ornaments-keep
3 baskets-keep
Little Black purse-keep
tote of Mr Potato Heads-sell
2 big candles-keep
2 rolls of weed prevention-keep
2 workout equipment-keep

I got all these puzzles from one person!!  26 puzzles and most of them I haven't done yet!

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Thursdays Rummage Sale Finds

6 stuffed animals-sell
Pampered Chef apple corer-sell
Tupperware shape sorter-sell
Pampered Chef cookie mold-sell
Barney dVd-sell
3 books-sell
Community cookbook-sell
black rug-keep
Lite Brite pegs-sell
Build a Bear-sell
4 new boxes of Ziploc bags-keep
Pampered Chef bread tube-sell
1 stuffed animal-sell
Build a Bear-sell
Magic Tree House books-sell
Body stickers new-keep
Jello egg mold-sell
New foaming hand soap-keep
7 cookie cutters-sell
Wilton how to book-sell
Baby Einstein book-sell
2 community cookbooks-sell
bag of bag clips-keep
Green Bay Packer towels-sell
Jello alphabet cutters-sell
Simon Keychain-sell
some earrings-keep
2 stuffed animals-sell
Build a Bear-sell
Vintage Playskool toy-sell
8 childrens books on tapes-sell
3 leap frog books-sell
Packer oven mitt-sell
new conditioner samples-keep
scratch n sniff stickers-keep
3 DVDs-sell
Build a Bear clothes, back pack, shoes-sell
pair of earrings-keep
new halloween tie-sell

2 stuffed animal clothes new-sell
Fisher Price vintage toy-sell
Tupperware shape sorter (second one) - sell
fake Build a Bear outfit-sell
graduation smiley face balls-keep

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Saturday Rummage Sale Finds

2 stuffed animals-sell
2 build a bear with clothes-sell
Lincoln Logs-sell
bag of cookie cutters-sell
Little Tikes Waffles blocks-sell
4 new sets of 20 ct xmas lights-keep
Pampered Chef measuring cup-sell
Lite Bright bulbs-sell
New DVD-sell
Packers towel-sell
Packers scarf-sell
Almost complete set of Magic Tree House books missing book 20- sell

4 stuffed animal-sell
business card stock-keep
elephant vase-keep.. perfect for my mom for Mothers Day filled with flowers