Sunday, May 22, 2011

Friday Rummage Sale finds

6 stuffed animals-sell
basket that the animals are in-keep
pink build a bear -keep
blow mold star-sell
xmas stampers-sell
Magic Tree House books-sell
coffee mug-keep
xbox controller-keep
Mr Potato Head-sell
2 puzzles-sell
stampin up stamps-sell
Vera Bradley pocket book-keep
scrabble tiles-sell
2 pyrex handles-sell
gameboy advance game-sell
gameboy game-sell
PS2 Guitar Hero II and guitar-keep
2 Bop Its -sell
bag full of barn pieces and animals-sell
wine corks-sell
Charles Wysocki puzzle-sell
Magic Tree House books-sell
Dog Whisperer dvd-keep
Packer towels-sell
Pampered Chef chopper holder-sell
2 dog leashes-keep
Pampered Chef knife with sharpener-keep

2 stuffed animals-sell
cheese head candle-sell
electric candles-sell
cookie cutters-sell
sun and moon decor-keep

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