Sunday, May 22, 2011

Thursdays Rummage Sale Finds

Box of Domino Rally parts-sell
Melted plastic popcorn Noel -sell
small blow mold pooh-sell
Build a Bear with clothes-sell
Tupperware Tupper Toy Ball Sorter-sell
print your own business cards-keep
ziploc of legos-sell
2 coffee cups-for work
2 mr potato heads-sell
8 dvds -sell
Wii game-sell
Pampered Chef Apple Corer accessory-sell
paint brushes-keep
2 Charles Wysock puzzles-sell
Mr Potato Head-sell
stainless steel garbage can-keep
2 pair of smiley sleep pants
6 community cookbooks-sell
7 brass electric candles-sell
new Wisconsin sweatpants-keep
1 new dvd-sell
book on tape-sell
Victoria Secret sleep wear-keep
6 Hollister tops-keep

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