Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Walgreens Deals & Thrift Shop

Walgreens Deals that I scored today.  Twizzler 16oz bags are on sale for $3/2 and I received a $2 register reward which makes them $.50 a bag!!  Great deal we always take these to carshows so the timing is perfect.  Dentene gum $.99/3 after coupon in their coupon book that will you find in the front of the door with the weekly ad.  3 more reach toothbrushes, I used the in ad coupon along with $1/1 coupon that was in the Sunday inserts a few months ago...  FREE!  Suavitel fabric softener is B1G1F with in ad coupon and then I had a $2/1 coupon from the Sunday inserts a few weeks ago.  So final price was $.99.  I used $4.50 register reward coupon from last week so my out of pocket was $.85!!!

I then stopped at St Vins  I bought these:
2 Charles Wysocki puzzles (sell)
black wire basket (keep)
Elephant Coffee Cup (keep, it will be my moms cup in our trailer..  She has a huge elephant collection..  some day will be write about that..
Hand crafted gravy boat (keep it's absolutely gorgeous!)

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Flea Market

There is a new flea market in town!!  There are farmers markets slash flea markets popping up all over the place.  However there is a flea market that I went to check out today.  It's monthly.  Last month my mom stopped and she said there were quite a few vendors.  So today I stopped in to see for myself because I was thinking about selling there.  Well the threat of rain really put a damper on things and there was only about 10 vendors set up.  However I think I'm going to give it a try for next month.  Mom is going to share a spot with me.  My aunt and uncle are also thinking about taking a spot and selling too.  Hope they do to make it even more fun!!  But here is the three things I bought today...  
2 Charles Wysocki puzzles and a ball of twine.

Gotta run, still have to work!! 

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Thursdays Rummage Sale Finds

Penguin Shuffle Game (sell)
2 cookbooks (sell)
Build a Bear cleaning spray (keep)
22 regular hangers and 7 pants hangers (keep)
4 black photo boxes (keep)
Graduation Cap (sell)
Necklace (keep)
3 books (keep)
Pampered Chef bamboo tongs (sell)
Pampered Chef Cherry pitter (keep)
Bunch of scrapbooking supplies (keep)
vintage hot dog forks for the camp fire (keep)
whole box of used towels (keep for washing cars)  Best part the whole box was free!!!!!
Little Tikes Piggy Bank (sell)
Build a Bear kennel (sell)
2 Neopets (sell)
Build a Bear back pack (sell)
black ceramic ball (keep)
Build a Bear t-shirt (sell)
Pampered Chef cookbook (sell)
cookbook (sell)
black dog rope (keep)
green brick for removing pet hair from furniture.. works great!!  (keep)

Vintage hummingbird feeder (keep)
DVD binder (keep)
styro form (keep)
Bailey's cup (sell)
Candle (keep)
2 Charles Wysocki puzzles (put together and then sell)
4 cookbooks (sell)
black faux leather dog jacket.. (KEEP)
vintage table cloth (sell)
oval glass mirror (keep)
Side table (keep, might sell after I paint it)
Blow mold penguins (sell)
Blow Mold Dracula (sell)
Box of old magazines (sell)
Yup  Henry in his new jacket and his Harley hat!!!!  So adorable!!!  Next week he goes in for a hair cut.  We leave for Iola carshow on the 7th so he has to be cut for that.  There are ticks up there and I want to know if  ticks are on him...  with all that hair we would never find them.  So yeah, it's to hot for the jacket so we took it off him.  I don't think he was sad about that!!!

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Wednesday Deals

Pick N Save: Mt Dew $1.98 no coupons, still a great deal.  Creamette Pasta $.49 with in store coupon.  BC Brownies $.79 with in store coupon.  Kraft Ranch dressing $1.66 used $1/1 coupon from last Sundays inserts, doubled so free with overage.  Ortega Taco Sauce $3/2 used $.75/2 coupon from Sunday inserts a few weeks go and it was doubled.  Classico pasta sauce $1.25 with in store coupon.   Smuckers ice cream topping $2 used $1/2 coupon from store display, that coupons was doubled.  Wacky Mac pasta on sale for $1/1 used $.50 from Sunday inserts from weeks ago and it was doubled, so those were free.  Roundy's frozen peas were $.79 with in store coupon.  Gortons Fish $3.98 with instore coupon and used $.60/1 coupon from store display, and that was doubled.  Nivea Body wash was on sale for $2.79 and used $3/1 coupon from a few weeks ago.  I got the overage on these coupons.  Banana's 39 cents a pound, Cantaloupe $1.50 each.  Reddi Whip $1.92 used a $1/1 coupon from All You Magazine. Used $2 register reward from last week.  Spent $22 saved $46 plus received a $1 register reward from next time!!

Target Deals: Glade Fabric and Air $2.49 and used a $1/1 from Sunday inserts from a few weeks ago and $2/1 printed from www.target.com  Kraft Salad Dressing !.92 used $1.50/2 coupons, from last Sundays inserts. Crest Pro $2.19 used Target Coupon $.75 from the Sunday inserts from a s few weeks ago and $.50/1 also from the paper.  Tresemme mouse and hair spray bundled together $1.19 no coupons, still a great price.  Body Pillow $7.99 on sale.  General Mills Coffee $1.44 used $.75/1 from All You Magazine.  Saved $11!!

Walgreens: Fusion razor $4.89 after register rewards and $4/1 coupon, Herbal Essences hair spray $.99 after register rewards and used $1/1 coupon, Lysol Toilet Bowl cleaner B1G1F and used $1/2 coupon and Reach Toothbrush $.99 used $1/1 coupon.  Used a $2 register rewards spent $10 and received $9 in rewards.   Next stop got more of the Lysol, Old Spice body wash and Dove Mist used $1.50 and a $5 reward.  Spent $1.91 and received $5.50 in rewards.  I had scored another razor earlier this week. 

Walmart price matched Festival Foods ad for $1.79 Doritos!! 

Garden Boot

I painted the Garden Boot..  Take a look, I love it!

Oh and here is a shot of my Mr Lincoln Rose..  Totally love this rose bush

Now Available at Different Things

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Monday, June 21, 2010

What is Your Favorite Quote??

I would love to hear your favorite quote??  Have more then one, that's ok too!  Post them here!

Here is one of my favorites!!

"The only normal people are the ones you don't know very well."
- Joe Ancis

Friday's Rummage Sale Treasures

I know I'm late getting this posted...  Better late then never.. right??

Playstation 1 with 13 games!!!  (keep for the summer Nicci is taking with her when she babysits this summer, then sell it)
4 Pier One Pillows (keep for the trailer)
Lavender wreath (keep)
Food Saver container (sell)
Box of cookie cutters, (keep some sell the rest)
Jute Pumpkin (keep)
Pampered Chef Cookie Mold (Sell)
Bop It Extremely (sell)
Cool whip Decorator (sell)
word search (keep)
Costume Pattern (sell)
metal recipe box (sell)

Thats all!! 

Happy Fathers Day

I know I'm a day late!!  I just didn't have time to post!!  This is what we won yesterday
With this car...

With our gold 1973 Mustang!

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Thursdays Rummage Sale Finds

Starting in the back
3 melted plastic decorations (sell)
roll of wrapping paper (keep)
2 canisters (keep)
2 rolls of ribbon (keep)
vintage metal flash light (always buy these and keep)
2 books Sewing with Nancy (sell)
bundle of wheat (keep)
beaded fringe (keep)
black lace (keep)
bag of wood balls (keep)
2 books (keep & sell)
dresser scarf (keep)
vintage Canada dresser scarf (sell)

3 Build A Bears (sell)
storage case (keep)
metal flash light (keeP
non skid for under rugs (keep)
3 cookbooks (sell)
jello egg mold (sell)
cookie cutters (sell)
jello Nascar mold (sell)
3 new hooks (keep)
Large tote of legos (sell)
Cute cabinet, it has a few bumps for perfect for the basement. (keep)
wreath (keep)
shoe planter (keep)
3 tin stars (keep)
Vintage cooler (sell I think)
Pokemon sheet set (sell)
Starbucks travel mug (keep)
Green Bay Packers Coffee cup (keep)
Brown Blanket for trailer (keep)
2 cookbooks (sell)

Wedding Anniversary Today

Today is our 22nd wedding anniversary.  It's so exciting to have remembered my anniversary.  2 years ago everyone including me had forgotten our anniversary, not just an hour or 2... 2 days!!!!!  It was the year dad was diagnosed with cancer.  My father had already had the surgery to remove the cancer in his arm and he wanted to go to a carshow called Back To the 50's in Minnesota.  So we packed everything up and went.  We had never been there, but my parents went annually for years.  They would meet up with Chuck and Luann, who are wonderful people by the way.  We had met them before  but never spent any time with them until that carshow.  It was a great time even though dad didn't feel good and the day after returning home he had scheduled surgery to remove his cancerous kidney.  Anyway we left for the show on June 17 which was a Tuesday, being so side tracked no one thought of the date.  Well 2 days later we were sitting in the shade of a hotel that was hosting a carshow, which was part of the show.   We were all talking about anniversaries and how many years.  Thats when it dawned on me that we had missed our anniversary.  I was very upset, it was our 20th and we completely missed it.  How sad is that??  I started crying everyone felt horrible as there was really nothing anyone could do.  Last year I almost forgot again, it was noon before it dawned on me that it was our anniversary.  Last year with dad's passing only 2 weeks before I was side tracked with other things.  Now this year, my mom reminded me 2 days ago of our anniversary.  So I didn't forget this morning, but I hadn't thought about it until mom said something... would I have forgotten again?????  Man!!!  My mom brought me these!! 
Purdy ain't it??????
So you ask what are we doing to celebrate?  I can't be sure we didn't talk about it this morning so I have to wait until hubby gets home.  I know one thing I have to do is go to a wake.. a friend of mine and coworker's stepfather committed suicide.  It was very very sad.  I didn't know him real well.  But my friend thought of this man as her father.  He was always so very nice to me.  I feel for her.  I know her loss.  I can't relate to how he passed...  I hope she has the strength to deal with this.  She and her family are in my prayers.  So I have to at least stop in tonight at the wake.  Hopefully hubby will come with me, we could take the convertible and stop for a burger some place.  I would be happy with that!!! 

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Wednesday Deals

Target's Deals: Glade Fabric and Air Freshener $2.49 I used a $1/1 from the Sunday inserts and $2/1 printed from Target Coupons  final price $.49 each.  Tide release liquid $3.99 I used $1/1 from the Sunday inserts and $1.50/1 printed from Target Coupons final price was $1.49.  I also bought Lindor Truffles Peanut Butter on sale $2.99 and there was a $1/1 on the bag.  Spent $9.28 and saved $12.26.

Walgreen's Deals: Walgreen brand nuts on clearance $1.99.  Nivea Body wash $5.99 used $3/1 from the Sunday inserts and received a $6 register reward.  Butterfinger candy bar on sale $.39 as a filler.  I used a $5 register reward from yesterday's Gillette Razor   My total $.69.

Pick N Save Deals: Creamette noodles $.88, Hamburger Helper $1/1 used a $.75/3 doubled this coupon was printed from smartsource.com  Jello pudding used B1G1F coupon, I'm not sure where this is from Sunday inserts??  Oscar Mayer lunch meat on sale for $2.50 (this is usually $4.89 each) and then I used a $1/2 coupon that was doubled.  That coupon was from the Sunday inserts.  Cherries on sale $1.99 a pound.  Milk $2.49 each.  Final $21.49 and $2 register reward to spend next time.  I saved $28.32.

Festival Foods Deals: General Mills cereals on sale for $6/4 and used two $1/2, so that's a dollar a box.  2 liter bottles of Coke $.68.  Good n Garlic pizza's $2.22 each (Luuuvvvv these!!)  Pizza sauce $.88.  Brown n Serve $.77.  Shredded cheese $.99.  Final was $19.74 saved $26.20 and I also got a rain check for more of the garlic pizza's.

Thats all for today, but I 'm going back some time this week to Walgreen's for more of the razors.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Wood Fish Makeover



We had home made pizza tonight
Before it was baked
After it was baked
  Doesn't it look yummy??
The crust is store brand biscuits 2 and half tubes.  I flatten the biscuits and make sure the edges are touching.  The sauce is Walmart brand in a glass jar, sausage, pepperoni, onions, green peppers, canned mushrooms black olives and cheese.
Biscuits were $.99 for 3
Sauce $.88
Sausage is $2.19 for the roll (Pappas.. the best.. bought at Festival Foods)
Pepperoni free
onions & peppers from the garden
mushrooms $.25
Black olives partial can $.25
Cheese $.99 
Total cost $5.50 and it was sooo good, which you could have a piece!!

Walgreen's Register Rewards are Hot This Week

Nivea Bodywash is on sale for $5.99 and you receive a $6 Register Reward, however I used a $3/1 coupon, so I have a $3 profit on this.  I have lots of coupons, however will I continue to find the bodywash in the stores??  We'll see.  Also got 2 more of the Reach Toothbrushes free, they are on sale for $.99 each and I have a $1/1 coupon.  Gillette has a new Fusion Razor, it's called the Proglide on sale for $9.89.  I have a $4/1 coupon and I will receive a $5 Register Rewards.  So I only pay $.89 for this razor.  All the coupons I used were from the Sunday inserts.  I also buy a box of envelopes on clearance for $.50 because I had a Register Reward from a few weeks ago I had to use before it expired.  Remember you must have at least the same amount of items has you have coupons or the register will beep and they won't let you use your rewards from previous purchases. 

New Items at Different Things

Please keep stop back there will more great items listed soon!!

Monday, June 14, 2010

More Cookbooks Listed at Different Things... Free Shipping!!!

Free Shipping on all cookbooks!!!

More items added soon!!

Now Available at Different Things

There is much more to come..

What Would You Pay?

What would I pay???
  1. What would I typically want pay for a soft cover book? I only buy used and $.50 max
  2. What would I typically want pay for a CD? I only buy new CD's during the first week of release and it has to be from a band I love.  So $9.99 new and used free (from swap a CD site or swaptree site or borrow from the library) or a $1 or less at a rummage sale.
  3. What would I typically want pay for a hand towel? New $3 max.  Last week I bought 3 really nice ones at a rummage sale for $.25 for all 3.
  4. What would I typically want pay for a bath towel? New $5 max
  5. What would I typically want pay for a skein of wool yarn? $1 at a rummage sale, I have never bought yarn new at a store.
  6. What would I typically want pay for a pack of vintage greeting cards? $1
  7. What would I typically want pay for a small pine bookshelf? $1
  8. What would I typically want pay for a KitchenAid Mixer? Bought mine new at Amazon for less than $100
  9. What would I typically want pay for a jar of vintage buttons? $1
  10. What would I typically want pay for a blouse originally from Macy's? $1

Friday, June 11, 2010

Friday's Rummage Sale Treasures

big gold Christmas balls (keep)
in the very back is a long tray/plate (keep)
Bop it (sell)
Ceramic Tree (keep)
Charles Wysocki puzzle (sell)
Westclox wall clock (sell)
Travel case (sell)
Vintage tin star Christmas tree topper (sell)
wreath (keep)
cheap frying pan (keep)
3 carrot peelers and nylon whisk (keep)
coffee mug (keep for hubby)
Build a bear outfit (sell)
little orange creature.. (daughters random things)
Not Pictured.. lots of teen clothes (Nicci is now going with me so she is buying clothes for next school year) and large picture frame.

Most of the sales in our area started yesterday and there was no way I could get to all them yesterday and I didn't get to all of them today either.  There was 100's in 3 different communities. 

Thursdays Rummage Sale Finds

2 homemade half aprons and 2 store bought half aprons, all are vintage (sell)
Big gold plastic serving tray (for taco dip... keep)
Rubber skeleton (Keep) free
3 vintage round cake pans (keep)
2 rubber bats (keep) free
Jessica Simpson CD (keep)
Extremely heavy lined sweater in the very back hanging on the chair (keep)
lined round basket (keep)
jarred candle unused (keep)
2 halloween jello molds (sello)
3 kitchen towels (keep)
2 blue and white placemats (keep) see..
I put placemats under my wash baskets so the baskets don't scratch the washer and dryer.
Taz Blowmold (sell)
Build a Bear Hello Kitty (sell)
2 Christmas Jello molds (sell)
DVD (keep)
2 packages of vintage tree decorations, they are little lanterns (sell)
2 different sized lined baskets (keep)
Pampered Chef Bread tube new (sell)
toy horse stable (sell) free
Wilton Ghost pan (sell)
Knives (keep)
Food bug cover (keep)
Pampered Chef large bar stone (sell)
Pampered Chef cake tester (sell)
3 Pampered Chef bamboo spoons (sell)
4 scrapbooking punches (keep 2 sell 2)
big unicorn cookie cutter (keep)
bag of Mr Potato Head and other vegetables (sell)
Wilton Turkey Pan (sell)
6 cookbooks (sell)
vintage A&W small mug (add to my collection sell later)
big ghost cookie cutter (keep) our school mascot is Galloping Ghost)
9 Jello jiggler molds (sell)
Grey sweatshirt on the chair in the back (keep)
2 rolls of ribbon (orange and black school colors) (keep)
2 beautiful crocheted half aprons (sell)
oval frame (keep)
deer hand towel (keep)
2 new bbq brushes (keep)
full year of Paula Deen Magazine (sell already on ebay Paula Deen)
2 huge kitchen towels (keep)
The big bowl is a garden hose keeper (keep)
2 wood statues (keep)
Trellis tower (keep)
terracotta planter (keep)
24 kids books on tape (sell)