Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Real Girl Next Door by Denise Richards

Real Girl Next Door By Denise Richards.  It started with her childhood and followed through to 2011.  She does talk about her headlines with Richie Sambora and Charlie Sheen, however you won't hear the dirt.  She did not get into details.  We know the story with Charlie Sheen so there really is no reason for her to hash it.  It would have been interesting to hear what she thought but she didn't say anything.  She did mention that addiction was Charlies down fall.  She denied breaking up Richie Sambora and Heather Locklear's marriage..  so there again no dirt.  
It was interesting to read about her start in public life.  I say public life because I think she is more famous for being famous then for her film or model career. Most people "forget" she was The Bond girl in Enough is Enough.  I still can't picture her in it.  I guess I must sit down and rewatch that movie!  For me her most memorable roll was cousin to Monica and Ross from Friends.  And that she never mentioned in the book..  

Anyway this is a fast read and it kept my attention.