Friday, May 28, 2010

Few Friday Deals

Piggly Wiggly has some really great sales right now until June 2.  You must see their ad.  My Larry's Piggly Wiggly    For me though I took that and the Walgreen's ad to Walmart and price matched.  From the Pig ad I bought $.99 Miracle Whip, $.99 Kraft dressing and $1.99 12 packs of Coke.  I used a $.55/1 coupons on the dressing.  Paid $.45 each that's a great price.  I bought Dorito's with the Walgreen's ad, they are $1.99.  

Tonight will be my first night back to work in 7 weeks!!  I'm feeling ready.  I will be working the entire weekend, so ready or not I better be ready.  

Today is 7 weeks since my last cigarette!!

Happy Memorial Day Weekend!!  Be Safe!!

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Wednesday Deals

Walgreen's deals:Goody barrette are $2.99 and get $3 register rewards, then I went back and bought the Colgate Total which was $2.99 and get a $2 register rewards.  I didn't have any manufacture coupons to pair with these.  

Kohl's I received a $10 off 10.00 purchase coupon in the mail last week.  So I stopped by to see what I could get.  I bought jewelry cleaner, pair of earrings and a costume ring.  My total after the coupon was $3.  I saved $38 with the coupon and everything was on clearance except for the jewelry cleaner. 

Walmart price matched Old Wisconsin Weiners 24oz $3.98 (Festival ad) and I had $1 coupon that I printed from a few weeks ago.

Stopped at Aldi's this week they have whole watermelon $2.99 each.  Also bought dozens of eggs for $.69 each.

Target: I printed 2  $1/2 Mountain Dew coupons from Target.  Pepsi products are on sale 5 12pks for $15 and they you get a $5 Gift Card.  I ended up paying $8 for 5 12 packs.  Nice deal.

Pick n Save and Copps: Roundy's bread $.50 each.  Buns are $.58 with in ad coupon.  Cheer $4.99 and used a $1/1 coupon from the Sunday inserts a few weeks ago, doubled.  Hidden Valley Ranch mix on sale for $5/4 packs, but they have a coupon in ad if you purchase $15 worth of Hidden Valley Ranch you get $5 off.  So I bought 12 packs for $15 and used the $5 coupon.  Less then a dollar each.  Capri Sun on sale $2 used a $1/1 coupon from a home mailer and it was doubled... making it free.  GE reveal bulbs on sale $2 and used a $1/1 coupon from the Sunday inserts a few weeks ago, the coupon was doubled making it free.  Oscar Mayer weiners on sale for $3/2 and used $1/2 coupons I printed from and from the Sunday inserts a few weeks ago.  OreIda potatoes on sale for $5/2 and used a in store coupon for $2/2.   Betty Crockers brownie mix on sale for $1 and used a $1/2 coupon from a in store display coupon.  New York Croutons on sale for $1.09 and used a $.50 from the Sunday inserts a few weeks ago and it was doubled, $.09 each.  Lays chips were B1G1F.  I spent $38.85 and saved $57.09.

View From the Woods

This is the sunset from the woods behind our house
photo by Nicci

The 4 baby robins which hatched in the woods

Photo by Nicci
Aren't they adorable!!!

Friday, May 21, 2010

Friday's Rummage Sale Treasures

Big Lot of Build a Bear clothes: cute bunny slippers, dress, 2 t-shirts, 2 sweaters, 2 hats, Christmas pant, 2 pants, blue PJ's and ski's
Lots of cookbooks (sell)
 corning measuring cup (sell)
pampered chef bread tube (sell)
mr potato head (sell)
planter (keep)
 pampered chef crimper (sell)
Candle (keep)
flower frog (keep)
Basket (keep)
Scrabble (sell)
Manilla envelopes (keep)
Lite Brite (sell)
Lite up Pumpkin (keep)
Halloween ice cubes (keep)
Barney (sell) Nicci's animal business
BC Cookbook (sell)
5 Kaukauna Yearbooks (keep then sell)
wreath (keep)
Rubber scrapper (keep)

2 Halloween blowmolds (keep... sell)
old dresser no drawers (keep)
2 styro wreaths (keep)
soft ball (keep)
pampered chef knife (sell)
Nylon whisk( keep)  I bought one of these a few months ago because my wire whisks all rusted in the dishwasher.  Well now that I've used this nylon whisk I love it!!!  So now I have two!!

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Thursdays Rummage Sale Finds

2 Jello Egg Molds (sell)
3 Build a Bears (sell dogs, keep Big Bird)
Blow Mold Pumpkin (keep for now)
Cookbooks  (sell)
Mario Brothers Game Boy Game (sell)
Straw wreath (keep)
2 Bop Its (sell)
picture frame (keep)
2 Pampered Chef cutting forks (sell)

Hooked Rug Kit (sell)
Wilton Cake (sell)
Pampered Chef Measuring Cup (sell)
Cookbooks (sell)
scrapbooking die cuts (keep)
Pampered Chef Cookie Mold (sell)
Build a Bear clothes (sell)
Mr Potato Head (sell)
Little People (sell)
fake grapes (keep)
Small Build a Bear (sell)
Def Leppard DVD New (sell)
New CD (sell)
Basket (keep)
Metal basket with metal fruit (keep)
crocheted table cloth (OMG $.50 and no stains, no pulls and no holes!!! KEEP)
2 balls (keep)
2 Candles (keep)
beads (keep)
necklace (keep)
waffle maker (keep) already used it, works great.... after I went to You Tube to see hows it's done. LOL!!  I never made homemade waffles before.  After 3 tries and watching a video I can do it and do it well!!!

Look What I Bought For Myself

I have been watching Craiglslist for a used Smartphone, I got one
Blackberry Curve 8330

I like it.  It works great.  I didn't have data on my Krzr before.  I wanted data so I could jump on ebay when I'm at Rummage Sales so I could see what prices things are going for.  Plus now I have access to all my lists when I'm away from home...  I love Google Documents.  Now do I really need this phone?  Nope I don't, however this is my treat for quit smoking.  I was spending nearly $70 on cigarettes a week, well the phone was cheap and the data service is only $30 a month.  Very good deal compared to smoking.  I really wanted a Blackberry Storm 2, but they are still very pricey.  I'm keep my eyes on Craigslist.  If see a Storm 2 going cheap I'm going to upgrade!!

Side note, you wouldn't believe the incredible weather we are having.  It's 80 beautiful degrees.  I have the ceiling fans going and the windows are open.   This is my weather... I'm in heaven!!!!

So Proud

The other night my daughter was awarded this

For her High Honors in school.  I'm so proud.  I hope she can carry over her high standards for herself to High School and then College. 

Wednesday Deals

Pick N Save: BC Fruit Snacks were on clearance for $1.34.  I found a Shrek display in the store, which I a booklet with BC coupons in it.  There was a $1/2 BC Fruit Snack coupon, I used that and it was doubled.  Coke 12 pk's were B4G1F, so it ended up being $10/5 a pk.  Jacks pizza's were $2 each and I used $1/3 coupon from the Sunday inserts a few weeks ago and those were doubled.  GE light bulbs $1.50 each and used $1/1 coupons from Sunday inserts a few weeks ago, those were doubled.  Got overage on those.  I spent $27.15 but saved on that trip $43.37!    Second trip in Pick N Save:  I got Pop Tarts $.98 from PnS coupon booklet that was in last Sunday's paper.  I used a $1.25/3 coupon from a few weeks ago Sunday insert.  California Flatbread on sale for $2 and there was a $1/1 blinkie coupon on display in the freezer case, which was doubled.. free.  (had that for lunch.. didn't really like it.  It was chicken and bacon, there was Dijon mustard on it.  I like dijon, but not on this.  Maybe too much mozzarella cheese too).  Johnsonville brats on sale for $3.99 and used a $.75/2 coupon from the Sunday inserts, doubled.  $.69 head of lettuce with coupon from their booklet.  International Delight pints $1 each I had $.55/1 from the Sunday inserts about 2 months ago.  Double so they were free and there was overage.  They had buy 4 12 pks of Mt Dew and get a bag of Doritos free with in store coupon.  So I paid $9.88 for 4- 12's and a bag of chips.  Spent $22.64 and saved $31.51.

Print 2 Bic Coupons here and use them at Walmart on the 10 pack of pens.  They will be free!!

That's it for now.  I had been busy trying to buy flowers for my pots and beds.  For some reason this area stores are not getting the plants in that they have in the past.  I bought my tomatoes and accent plants without trouble, but I'm having a terrible time with my bell pepper plants.  I can only buy bells in single pots and there want $2 each.  Well after I buy what I need 6 or so plants I have $12 tied up in plants, do you know how many bell peppers I can buy in the store for $12!!  A lot.  I won't pay that for plants the black birds might like for supper one day.  So I'm still looking.  Also this year I want to do my pots in red white and blue petunias.  I found my red and white, but I'm not finding the blue.  Even finding the other colors are next to impossible.  I don't get why the stores are not getting more plants in???  I have never had this hard of a time finding my plants.  Usually one stop and I'm done.  Now I have been to 6 different store and I don't have all my plants yet. 
I did find these on clearance at Lowes
$2 for a flat of Phlox!!  Good price and they look healthy.

Monday, May 17, 2010

Now Available

is now available at Different Things
Free shipping on this and ALL cookbooks in my store!!

Look what I have on Ebay

Took The Mustang For a Ride

Yesterday we took the Mustang for the first ride of the season.  Still a bit cool with the top down, but we didn't go far... where did we go?  We went to the Fireman's picnic and saw the tractors from the parade up close.  And of course we had a Brat and Baked Beans!!! 

Man!!!  I'm terrible at taking pictures... why is there a tree in the way??? &

These are the coupons that I printed from  Oscar Mayer Wieners $1/2, Pedigree Dog Food and Oscar Mayer Lunch Meat, you can print 2 of each from each computer that you have access to.  Then go to  scroll to the bottom of the home page, then click on coupons.  You will find bunch of great new coupons.  Many B?G?F!!  Most of these food coupons are geared toward Super Targets.  Super Targets have grocery stores, which my Target doesn't have.  However I can use many of the other coupons for pet foods, candy, soda and snacks.  You can use a manufacturers coupon with a Target coupon.  Print all the coupons you might use and match them up.  This can really fun and save you a ton of money.  Check all coupon printing sites often because these coupons change fast.  Don't wait to print, because they can disappear very quickly. Go get them!

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Tractor Parade

This is the Tractor Parade that goes by my house every year.
This is our neighbors waiting to jump into the parade!
There is about 25-30 vintage tractors and wagons that take part in the parade.
This parade is long, many miles before they make it past all the participants houses/farmers, then they are off to a near by town for brat and hamburger fry.  Which is held at the volunteer fire department.  This is their fundraiser. 

Huggies Coupoons

Right now has Huggies coupons to print.  Don't wait they disappear fast.  If you don't see it with your zip code try 90874.  I could only print one of each. 

Friday, May 14, 2010

Friday's Rummage Sale Treasures

Roll Pillow (keep)
Poppery (sell)
Lincoln Logs (sell)
3 cans of spray paint full (keep, $.25 each!!)
Tupperware Pickle Deli (sell)
CareBear (sell Nicci's animals business)
white Pillar candle (keep)
6 new rolls of ribbon (keep)
Build a Bear Boots (keep)
3 Community Cookbooks (sell)
Beaded Candy Canes (keep)
Baby Planter (sell)
Soap dispenser (keep)
Shirt Boxes (keep)
Tuppertoys sorter ball (sell)
4 bags of cookie cutters (sell)
New giant deer potholder (KEEP)
BC Cooky Book (sell)
metal picture frame (keep)
spool of metallic thread (keep)
gold necklace and bracelet (keep)
spiral curlers (keep)
One Stroke Painting book (sell)
Occasions to Savor book (sell)
2 bags of black xmas balls (keep)

Rainbow Brite twin size flat, fitted, pillow case, comforter, curtain and tie backs.  Plus of course Rainbow Brite.  Very cute.  There is some stains, I will try to wash them out!
Mr Potato Head (sell)
Pampered Chef Stoneware Cookbook (sell)
Better Homes New Cook Book 1976 (sell)
5 Community cookbooks (sell)
Beautiful fabric (keep)
Specially printer paper (keep)
3 boxes on the left are Singer Sewing machine specialty Zig Zag attachments (sell)
4 pillar candles (keep)
Glass Lemon (keep)
2 original bop its (sell)
  foam paper (keep)
2 rolls of ribbon (keep)
scrap book stickers on the bottom left (keep)

huge packages of printer paper (keep $.50 each!! amazing!!)
vintage tennis racket (sell)
glass far (keep)
black vase (KEEP)
small coffee filters (keep)
Pyrex pink bowl (sell)
2 Nascar Jello Molds (sell)
 5 Jello Egg Jiggler Molds (sell)
2 Halloween Jiggler Molds (sell)
2 Christmas Jiggler molds (sell)
Cookie cutter (sell)
Roll of Jute (keep)
Big Glue Gun (keep...  can wait to get rid of my little one!!)


Thursdays Rummage Sale Finds

Easter plastic melted popcorn decorations (sell)
Vintage Cookbooks(sell)
Pampered Chef Seasons Best Cookbooks (sell-already on ebay)
Martha Steward Christmas Book (sell)
Cast Welcome sign for in the garden (keep)
Vintage looking ball (keep)
Mod Podge (keep)
New printer cartridge (keep, turn into Office Max recycing)
New roll of netting ribbon (keep)
4 Christmas jiggler molds (sell)
New bag of moss (keep)
1999 Quick Cooking Cookbook (sell)
Wii wheel (keep)
Tennis ball (keep for Shelby)
Mr. Potato Head (sell)
2 New Xmas decorations (keep for gifts)
Wilton 1990 Yearbook (sell)
Pampered Chef Steamer (sell)
Wreath (keep)
2 white shelves (keep... betcha they won't be white long!!!)
Build a Bear Bridal Gown (keep)
Ralph Lauren fitted sheet (keep)
Charlotte's Web box set new (sell)
New mounting tape (keep)
That bag full of stuff, it's a garland.. very cool!!!  The whole bag was $.25 (keep.. wonder if I can paint it??)
2 Jello Beans mold (sell)
Pampered Chef cookie mold (sell)
Wood box with dividers (keep, it already has my paint brushes etc... in it)

Man!!!  I just heard about the Huggies $3 coupon at  I jumped right over and theat coupon has been pulled already at their limit!  I really wanted to score one of those coupons because later this month I have a baby shower..  I always give a bag of diapers and a gift card as a gift.  That would have been nice to use a $3 off coupon. 

And then yesterday there was buzz on the net that there was a $.60 coupon at  to print for Dr Pepper..  I didn't delay jumped right on and the coupons were already at their printing limit.  Man, I could of easily used that coupon too.

When I learn of these coupons I will post here, however is difficult to post links for.  First browsers matter, zip codes are different... oh yeah remember some times if you hear about a coupon but it doesn't come up for you, near the top there is a place that asks for your zip some times if you put in a random zip codes the coupons will change! So if you don't see the coupon try different zip codes, it might just come up for you.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Target Deals

I had to stop at Target to get a prescription filled, I used the $10 coupon that was in last Sundays paper.  The coupon as in the Target ad insert.  You will receive a $10 gift card for any new or transferred prescription.  While I was there I picked up another Fur Fighter refill $4.99 and I uesed a coupon for $4/1.  And I also had another coupon for Nivea $4/1 I used it on a bottle that cost $3.99.  So my total for the 2 items was $1.43.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Wednesday Deals

Today wasn't a big deal day.  My daughter had her braces put on so I only had a hour and half to shop.  

Pick N Save: I bought more of the Pepperoni which was still on sale for $,99 and I had more of the $1/2 coupons from the display that was doubled.  Lea and Perrins was on sale for $2.50 and I had a $2/1 that I printed from it is not available any longer.  Rayovac AA or AAA 6 pk batteries were $1.99 each and I had $1/2 off coupon from the Sunday inserts that was doubled.  Armor breakfast sausages were $.87 with store coupon.  Ken's dressing was $1.69 and I had $1/1 from the Sunday inserts doubled.  I spent $14.07 and saved $37.06

Walgreen's: EOS lady's shave cream $2.99 and receive $3 Register Reward. 

That's all for today.  I will try to stop at my other stores tomorrow after rummage saling!!

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Turkey Nest

In the wood behind our house we have a turkey nest with 15 egges
In the next couple of days I want my husband to put up the deer cam in hopes that we can see them hatch.  I would love to see baby wild turkeys!!! 

While we were in the woods checking on the turkey eggs we saw a robins nest.
I love spring and all the new babies!!!

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Saturday's Rummage Sale Loot

Today I had to run to the Post Office to drop off some items I sold on eBay and Pick N Save now has double coupons on Saturday too....  so of course I had to stop at some rummage sales!!  Boy I'm glad I did!! This is what I got in the above picture..
4 rolls of clear packing tape...  OMG!!!  $1 for all 4 (yeah... keep)
2 containers of Lincoln Logs (sell)
a fabulous wood fish..  oh can you see it black!!!  (yup... keeper)
2 roll of unopened stitch witchery (keep)
2 race car Jello Jiggler molds (sell)
2 football Jello Jiggler molds (sell)
2Christmas Jello Jiggler molds (sell)
4 Halloween Jello Jiggler molds (sell)
beautiful tile that I thought would fit in a table my son made but it's to big.  (still gonna keep)
Spongebob Christmas DVD unopned (sell)

Love my cactus????  Can you believe it.. it's fake!!!  It will go outside on the front porch.

Can you guess what is in this box???  Hint look at the top of the box there is a sticker..  do you know that little cricket head sticker??

Yup a brand new Cricut!!!!!!  I can't believe it... I have been thinking about one of these for a while now!!!  I was wondering how I could buy one of these really cheap!!!  Well I did it today.  It is brand new.... but it doesn't have any cartridges keypads or mat.  I know it works because the lady who sold it to me had a mat and cartridges of her own and showed me.  So now I have to find some cartridges at a rummage sale cheap.  I know there is a site online where you can download programs online for a one time price.  I bought the machine here for $40 I thought that was a very good price!!!  Now I just have to learn how to play with it!!  Happy Mothers Day to me!

Friday's Rummage Sale Treasures

Fridays Sales were plentiful, but quality just wasn't there.  I didn't buy much..
Blowmold Pumpkin (keep or sell??)
2 stuffed animals for Nicci's Animal Business (sell)
Glasbake DAD mug (sell)
Christmas Jello Jiggler mold (sell)
Easter Egg Jello Jiggler Mold (sell)
Lined basket(keep)
I also bought a black spoon rest and a bunch of jewelry, these are not pictured.  My daughter got most of the necklaces and I got the earrings!!
That's it and I went from 8 until 10:30 I gave up when I just wasn't buying much.  It was also cold and raining.. it was only 45 degrees... very sad for May!!

Thursdays Rummage Sale Finds

6 packages of 35 sheets of photo paper for $6!!!!! (KEEP) Awesome deal!!

Love this basket with the flowers, it is a wall hanging $1 (keep)
Vintage towel bar $2 (keep)
Neiman Marcus Gold Spoon ( already on eBay)
Elephant book end (keep)
Clover Build a Bear (Keep??)
Build a Bear Dog (sell)
Wood candle stick (keep) paint it black!!!
small treasure chest (keep)
vintage straw holder (keep)
Welcome home sign (keep)
orange streamers (keep) our school colors are orange & black
Richard Simmons Cassette and Food Mover (sell)
Stampin Up Alphabet stampers (keep)
necklace (keep)
Christmas jiggler mold (sell)
Shelf (keep)
close up of the Neiman Marcus Spoon (it has tarnish on it, but it's gorgeous and big!!)
Vintage Fisher Price Barn (sell)
Vintage Playskool Rescue Center (sell)
Vintage A Frame House (sell)
4 Easter Celebration Jello Jiggler molds (sell)
Little Tikes Van with family (sell, already on ebay)
2 finals (keep)
paper doily's (keep)
2 scrapbooking organizer (keep)
Black necklace (keep)
Vintage antique white planter (extremely gorgeous) It was in a free box!!!!!  (keep)

The vintage FP and Playskool stuff has a lot of the pieces... they will be listed on ebay tomorrow if everything goes as planned!! 
Thursdays sale were so much fun I didn't want to stop...  I started at 8:30 (Nicci had her darn pre braces appointment before that..) and finally gave up at 12:30 there were so many sales that I didn't get to, but I just can't get that tired...  I don't want any set backs after the surgery.