Saturday, May 8, 2010

Thursdays Rummage Sale Finds

6 packages of 35 sheets of photo paper for $6!!!!! (KEEP) Awesome deal!!

Love this basket with the flowers, it is a wall hanging $1 (keep)
Vintage towel bar $2 (keep)
Neiman Marcus Gold Spoon ( already on eBay)
Elephant book end (keep)
Clover Build a Bear (Keep??)
Build a Bear Dog (sell)
Wood candle stick (keep) paint it black!!!
small treasure chest (keep)
vintage straw holder (keep)
Welcome home sign (keep)
orange streamers (keep) our school colors are orange & black
Richard Simmons Cassette and Food Mover (sell)
Stampin Up Alphabet stampers (keep)
necklace (keep)
Christmas jiggler mold (sell)
Shelf (keep)
close up of the Neiman Marcus Spoon (it has tarnish on it, but it's gorgeous and big!!)
Vintage Fisher Price Barn (sell)
Vintage Playskool Rescue Center (sell)
Vintage A Frame House (sell)
4 Easter Celebration Jello Jiggler molds (sell)
Little Tikes Van with family (sell, already on ebay)
2 finals (keep)
paper doily's (keep)
2 scrapbooking organizer (keep)
Black necklace (keep)
Vintage antique white planter (extremely gorgeous) It was in a free box!!!!!  (keep)

The vintage FP and Playskool stuff has a lot of the pieces... they will be listed on ebay tomorrow if everything goes as planned!! 
Thursdays sale were so much fun I didn't want to stop...  I started at 8:30 (Nicci had her darn pre braces appointment before that..) and finally gave up at 12:30 there were so many sales that I didn't get to, but I just can't get that tired...  I don't want any set backs after the surgery.

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