Saturday, May 1, 2010

Thursdays Rummage Sale Finds

Train Case (sell, it's already on ebay)
Large Clear Vase (MINE, all mine!!)
Marble pedestal bowl (keep)
1 yard of Vinyl (keep, I love it so)
Oval picture frame (keep)
candle (keep)
mini mug (add to collection, which I will sell some day)
black frame (keep)
3 Kaukauna Community Cookbooks (sell)
Close up of the vase!!!

Plastic container for Deviled Eggs (keep)
Free Valentines garland (keep)
Marshmallow forks (keep)
Bop It Original (sell)
Red Bug cover (keep, but I have to paint it black!)
Pampered Chef Carafe (sell)
Fisher Price Zoo Animals (sell)
Green Rotary Telephone (sell)
plastic knife (keep)
Weird little Pampered Chef gadget (sell when I figure out what it does)
Pampered Chef Bakers Roller (keep)
Pampered Chef Ice Scoop (sell)
Tie (sell)
Pampered Chef Stone (sell, already on ebay)

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