Monday, May 17, 2010 &

These are the coupons that I printed from  Oscar Mayer Wieners $1/2, Pedigree Dog Food and Oscar Mayer Lunch Meat, you can print 2 of each from each computer that you have access to.  Then go to  scroll to the bottom of the home page, then click on coupons.  You will find bunch of great new coupons.  Many B?G?F!!  Most of these food coupons are geared toward Super Targets.  Super Targets have grocery stores, which my Target doesn't have.  However I can use many of the other coupons for pet foods, candy, soda and snacks.  You can use a manufacturers coupon with a Target coupon.  Print all the coupons you might use and match them up.  This can really fun and save you a ton of money.  Check all coupon printing sites often because these coupons change fast.  Don't wait to print, because they can disappear very quickly. Go get them!

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