Friday, May 14, 2010

Thursdays Rummage Sale Finds

Easter plastic melted popcorn decorations (sell)
Vintage Cookbooks(sell)
Pampered Chef Seasons Best Cookbooks (sell-already on ebay)
Martha Steward Christmas Book (sell)
Cast Welcome sign for in the garden (keep)
Vintage looking ball (keep)
Mod Podge (keep)
New printer cartridge (keep, turn into Office Max recycing)
New roll of netting ribbon (keep)
4 Christmas jiggler molds (sell)
New bag of moss (keep)
1999 Quick Cooking Cookbook (sell)
Wii wheel (keep)
Tennis ball (keep for Shelby)
Mr. Potato Head (sell)
2 New Xmas decorations (keep for gifts)
Wilton 1990 Yearbook (sell)
Pampered Chef Steamer (sell)
Wreath (keep)
2 white shelves (keep... betcha they won't be white long!!!)
Build a Bear Bridal Gown (keep)
Ralph Lauren fitted sheet (keep)
Charlotte's Web box set new (sell)
New mounting tape (keep)
That bag full of stuff, it's a garland.. very cool!!!  The whole bag was $.25 (keep.. wonder if I can paint it??)
2 Jello Beans mold (sell)
Pampered Chef cookie mold (sell)
Wood box with dividers (keep, it already has my paint brushes etc... in it)

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