Friday, May 14, 2010

Friday's Rummage Sale Treasures

Roll Pillow (keep)
Poppery (sell)
Lincoln Logs (sell)
3 cans of spray paint full (keep, $.25 each!!)
Tupperware Pickle Deli (sell)
CareBear (sell Nicci's animals business)
white Pillar candle (keep)
6 new rolls of ribbon (keep)
Build a Bear Boots (keep)
3 Community Cookbooks (sell)
Beaded Candy Canes (keep)
Baby Planter (sell)
Soap dispenser (keep)
Shirt Boxes (keep)
Tuppertoys sorter ball (sell)
4 bags of cookie cutters (sell)
New giant deer potholder (KEEP)
BC Cooky Book (sell)
metal picture frame (keep)
spool of metallic thread (keep)
gold necklace and bracelet (keep)
spiral curlers (keep)
One Stroke Painting book (sell)
Occasions to Savor book (sell)
2 bags of black xmas balls (keep)

Rainbow Brite twin size flat, fitted, pillow case, comforter, curtain and tie backs.  Plus of course Rainbow Brite.  Very cute.  There is some stains, I will try to wash them out!
Mr Potato Head (sell)
Pampered Chef Stoneware Cookbook (sell)
Better Homes New Cook Book 1976 (sell)
5 Community cookbooks (sell)
Beautiful fabric (keep)
Specially printer paper (keep)
3 boxes on the left are Singer Sewing machine specialty Zig Zag attachments (sell)
4 pillar candles (keep)
Glass Lemon (keep)
2 original bop its (sell)
  foam paper (keep)
2 rolls of ribbon (keep)
scrap book stickers on the bottom left (keep)

huge packages of printer paper (keep $.50 each!! amazing!!)
vintage tennis racket (sell)
glass far (keep)
black vase (KEEP)
small coffee filters (keep)
Pyrex pink bowl (sell)
2 Nascar Jello Molds (sell)
 5 Jello Egg Jiggler Molds (sell)
2 Halloween Jiggler Molds (sell)
2 Christmas Jiggler molds (sell)
Cookie cutter (sell)
Roll of Jute (keep)
Big Glue Gun (keep...  can wait to get rid of my little one!!)


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