Thursday, July 28, 2011

Thursdays Rummage Sale Finds

6 small blowmold Easter eggs-sell
bunch of wood hangers-sell
aero bag-keep
Easter, foodball, Power Rangers and alphabet jello jigglers
mouse traps-keep
5 new Baby Einstein DVD-sell
new flip flops-keep
5 felt xmas ornaments-sell
necklace (in the bag)-keep
bunch of patterns-sell
vintage cookbook-sell
Pampered Chef cookbook-sell
business cards-keep
I'm with the band t-shirt-keep
fish scaler-sell
handle for corning ware-sell
2 clocks-keep... I love them so!
Harley can holder-sell
scrabble game-sell
blender jar-sell
leave in conditioner-keep
3 black bowls-keep
large blow mold egg-sell
3 Wilton yearbooks-sell
4 halloween jello jiggler molds-sell
green fire king mug-sell
2 frozen mugs-keep
Jello egg jiggler mold-sell
dog collar-keep
small jar of wrinkle cream-keep
2 Barbie patterns-sell
pair of new socks-keep

Monday, July 25, 2011

Bristol Palin Not Afraid of Life

Bristol Palins Not Afraid of Life My Journey so Far was a fast read.  The first two thirds of the book was nothing new..  the content has been well documented before.  However the last hundred pages has new information and shows evidence that she has grown into a woman.  Everyone has some out spoken opinion of Bristol and we never really heard her side of things.  Well this book covers everything that people has said about her and her response.  She talks a bit about her mom, but as her mom not her politics.  I liked that.  I hope that her future gives her peace and all her dreams come true.  
Over all it was a good book.  Still with all the content I don't know if she has lived her love enough to have a book.  But it was a great way for her side to come out

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Thursdays Rummage Sale Finds

Build a Bear Dog with clothes-sell
stuffed animal-sell
Build a Bear shoes-sell
wool poncho-sell
7 kids movies-sell
hair straightner-keep
n64 game-sell
3 wii games-keep

Poppery II-sell
3 candles-keep/sell
black netting-keep
body cream-keep
glass dish-keep
3 cookbooks-sell

Again the heat is affecting the sales.  There was about 10 sales for the day and only one for tomorrow.  So again I probably won't be going.  The temp is about mid 90's.  I got a call late this morning that I have to work tonight.  Man the heat of the kitchen and the dining room air conditioning isn't working properly it's going to be a long night.  But with the heat we should be busy because people don't want to cook...  So thats good.

Look What I Bought

I bought a Blackberry Storm, it's used but it works great.  I have a lot to learn, but it's cool.  There was nothing wrong with my Blackberry Curve but The Storm is way more fun!!!

Wednesday Deals

Walmart I priced matched Targets (still boycotting them) ad for the Bic pens $.50 and used the $1/2 pens I priced last week.  8 free.  Lettuce was $.75 a head and store brand Corn Flakes big box $1.75.

Walgreens Sally Hansen nail polish on sale $2 and I used $1/1 coupon I printed a few weeks ago  on  Old El Paso taco shells $.99 and Paper Mate Pencils on sale for $.19 each.  Care Free panty liners $.99 used ad coupon and Sunday insert coupons for $.50 off. 

Festival Food Mt Dew 2 lt bottles 5/$4 Cheetos $1.98 case of water $2.88, Dr Pepper $10/4, Tuna Steaks  $7.99 a pound, watermelon $1.98 and Cantaloupe $.98 Spent $33 and saved $32.

I also shopped at Aldis Strawberries $.99 a pound.  I didn't shop at Pig or Pick N Save.

Monday, July 18, 2011

Now Available at Different Things

free shipping

Dog Days of Summer

This is the only thing anyone around here wants to do.  The temperature here is the in the 90's and the humidity is very high.  The "feel like temperature is over 100 degrees.  Thank god we have central air.  I'm glad the heat waited until Sunday so I didn't have to work in this.  The air at work isn't working like it should.  It won't cool below 74 degrees in the dinning room.  Granted that temperature feels really cold when the kitchen is 100 or better.   I hope this heat leaves us before Friday when I have to work again.  Believe me I'm not complaining... I will deal with this for a couple of days... 

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Hot Bic Coupon

Make sure that you print the Bic $1/2 coupon.  This will score you free pens or very cheap Bic products.  Next week Target will have Bic pens on sale for $1/2 so that's free pens with this coupon.  I will not be buying them at Target because I am still boycotting them.  However I will be taking the Target ad to Walmart and price matching! 

Friday, July 15, 2011

Thursdays Rummage Sale Finds

Magnetic Alphabet and misc toys- sell
DVD discs-keep
Build a Bear bed-sell
3 movies-keep/sell
bag of misc toys-sell
3d Wilton Christmas tree pan-sell
tree wrap-keep
2 folding rulers-sell
bag of Yankee Candle tarts-sell
2 crop jeans-keep
Build a Bear shoes-sell
4 tops-keep
Camel Green Build a Bear-sell
3 Shrek Baby Build a Bears-sell
body spray-keep
Wilton cookie heart pan-sell
Yankee Candle-sell
bag of shape rubber bracelets-keep
bag of Wilton cookie cutters-sell
2 baggies of earrings-keep
2 fake loaves of bread-keep

Thats all.  Yesterday there was only 6 sales listed in the paper and Craigslist.  However I found at least 10 more that weren't listed.  But for today there was only 2 sales listed, so I didn't go.  It wasn't worth the gas nor the time.  I have never seen so few sales during July.  Last week was hot, but not this week.  Next week it suppose to be hot again so if the heat has anything to do with it, there won't be many sales!  I hope not.

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Wednesday Deals

Walmart..  wow prices are going up.  Over $3 for a gallon of skim milk.   Great Value 4 pack of yogurt was $1.50 then about a month ago it went up to $1.68 and now it's $1.88.  Dozen of eggs $1,64.  12 pk of beer I bought last week was $8.49 is now $9.49.  4 packs of Monsters are over $6 each.  Most of these I items I don't buy there but noticed the price changes.  I did buy milk but I price matched Piggly Wiggly is ad $1.69 and eggs were $.68 with the Festival Foods ad. 

Walgreens Noxzema 4 pk razors $5.99 each and they are on sale buy one get one free.  I used 2 - $2 coupons that I had from other packages I bought months ago.  I opened the new packages hoping for more coupons, but no luck.  Walgreens brand razors are free after register rewards and GUM floss is free after register rewards. 

Pick N Save
Sunkist Almonds (they are so good but very expensive) $3 and I had a $1/1 coupon from the Sunday inserts, doubled.  Kleenex 3 pk uprights $2.99 and I had a $.60 coupon that I printed off the net, can't remember where.  But that was doubled.  Clear Value brand leaf bags on clearance $.89.  Nabisco crackers $5/2 and I used $1/2 coupon from the Sunday inserts that was doubled.  Roundy's ice cream bars $2 each.  Hot Pockets Snack bites $3.35 and I had $1/1 coupon from the Sunday inserts that was doubled.  Palermos pizza free with a coupon from the Monopoly game.  Grilling rack for fish which was 50%, summer stuff. Cherries $2.29 a pound.  Cucumber $.50 each.  Tomatoes $.99 a pound.  My 12 pack of beer $8.99 and a cheap bottle of wine $2.99.  Sargento shredded cheese $2.50 and I had a $.55/1 coupon from All You magazine.  Spent $40 and saved $29.

I haven't had a lot of time for couponing.  Our Sunday inserts are terrible.  They are so thin.  I don't think we get half the coupons other areas do.  I haven't been watching or printing alot of coupons from  Now with the auction and Iola over with I will hopefully have more time for coupons and sales.

How? Why??

I couldn't believe what I was hearing while watching GMA this morning, about an 8 year old boy in New York City that had gone missing.  In a blink of an eye his life changed and his parents are feeling unimaginable pain.  I'm glad they found out quickly what happened to their adorable little boy.  My prayers go out to them.  I hope having his abduction was caught on tape which helped find the animal that kidnapped and killed this young boy will deter others from doing the same thing.  You never know when big brother is watching!!!   Just seeing this video over again is making feel sick.  How can someone do this to a child?  I want to cry for him and his parents.  I will hug my own children today... and everyday.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Summer Rental by Mary Kay Andrews Review

I can't believe it's July 13th.  I have been so crazy busy.  I also can't believe a week ago tonight we had our first night at Iola.  It was cool Thursday but Friday and Saturday it was crazy hot.  We came home Saturday night as most of the vendors left early.  On Sunday I cleaned the camper to get it ready for this weekend as my husband has a fishing tournament this coming weekend.  I did many loads of wash.  Sunday night we met with the auctioneer.  My mom got her money and finally the auction is over.  I've been working on Ebay because things are selling very very well in my store and things are starting to move again on ebay.  
I then started reading Summer Rental on Tuesday because it's due back on Thursday.  Its a long book to have finished in 2 days.  But it is a very good book.  It's about 3 long time girl friends that rent a beach house on the Outer Banks.  They are 3 women at are ready for a change in life and in direction.  They meet a new friend who join them for the month in the beach house.  Two find new love and a third commits to a long time love.  And finally another escapes a dangerous relationship which endangers the other women.  The book is good, however how different is it from other chick books written lately...  not much.