Thursday, July 28, 2011

Thursdays Rummage Sale Finds

6 small blowmold Easter eggs-sell
bunch of wood hangers-sell
aero bag-keep
Easter, foodball, Power Rangers and alphabet jello jigglers
mouse traps-keep
5 new Baby Einstein DVD-sell
new flip flops-keep
5 felt xmas ornaments-sell
necklace (in the bag)-keep
bunch of patterns-sell
vintage cookbook-sell
Pampered Chef cookbook-sell
business cards-keep
I'm with the band t-shirt-keep
fish scaler-sell
handle for corning ware-sell
2 clocks-keep... I love them so!
Harley can holder-sell
scrabble game-sell
blender jar-sell
leave in conditioner-keep
3 black bowls-keep
large blow mold egg-sell
3 Wilton yearbooks-sell
4 halloween jello jiggler molds-sell
green fire king mug-sell
2 frozen mugs-keep
Jello egg jiggler mold-sell
dog collar-keep
small jar of wrinkle cream-keep
2 Barbie patterns-sell
pair of new socks-keep

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