Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Summer Rental by Mary Kay Andrews Review

I can't believe it's July 13th.  I have been so crazy busy.  I also can't believe a week ago tonight we had our first night at Iola.  It was cool Thursday but Friday and Saturday it was crazy hot.  We came home Saturday night as most of the vendors left early.  On Sunday I cleaned the camper to get it ready for this weekend as my husband has a fishing tournament this coming weekend.  I did many loads of wash.  Sunday night we met with the auctioneer.  My mom got her money and finally the auction is over.  I've been working on Ebay because things are selling very very well in my store and things are starting to move again on ebay.  
I then started reading Summer Rental on Tuesday because it's due back on Thursday.  Its a long book to have finished in 2 days.  But it is a very good book.  It's about 3 long time girl friends that rent a beach house on the Outer Banks.  They are 3 women at are ready for a change in life and in direction.  They meet a new friend who join them for the month in the beach house.  Two find new love and a third commits to a long time love.  And finally another escapes a dangerous relationship which endangers the other women.  The book is good, however how different is it from other chick books written lately...  not much.

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