Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Wednesday Deals

Walmart is store brand water has gone up in price, however I price matched Piggly Wiggly ad and I got a case for $1.99.  I also price matched Planters PB $.99 and I used $.75/1 from the Sunday inserts.  Claussens pickles $.99 limit 3.  I price matched chocolate milk from the Festival Foods ad $.99.  I price matched Pick N Save Mt Dew $2 12 packs limit 5. 

Pick N Save I bought more the Mt Dew.  Store brand hamburger buns $.69 with ad coupon.  Case of Water $2.99 - stocking up.  I bought 8 Keebler/Kelloggs products and I got them for $1.88 and I used 3 $1 coupons that were doubled.  Hungry Jack wheat pancake mix $1.78.  Palermos pizzas $1.99 and used 2 $.25 coupons from the Monopoly game.  GE light bulbs $2 and used $1/1 catalina coupon that printed a few weeks ago that I doubled.  So free.  Milk was $2.29 with ad coupon.  Saved $46 and spent $32

Walgreens has M&Ms 4/$5 after register rewards.  I used $1.50/2 coupon from the All You magazine and $1/2 from the Sunday inserts.  So 4 bags cost $2.50 total. 

Aldis has cabbage heads $1.29 each.  Lettuce $.69 each.  Spinach $1.89.  

Thats all for this week.

My Daughter is working

Nicci my daughter is now working with me as a dishwasher/buser!  I trained her last night and she did a great job.  Hopefully she will keep up the good work and then become a hostess there.  They make more money.  She is saving to buy a car and pay for her gas and insurance.  I'm so lucky to be able to work with her.

Friday Rummage Sale finds

Again this late, sales have been slim pickings.  There has been many sales but the quality items just hasn't been much.  Here is what I found

wood crate-keep using it for my bracelets
vintage electric popcorn popper-?  it works great..  but I don't know if I will really use it
stuffed animal-sell
bucket of Legos-sell
white pumpkin candle-keep
electric candle-keep
Mrs Potato Head-sell
Starbucks travel mug-sell
3 stuffed animals-sell
Corningware grab-sell
ceramic cork-keep
sandals-keep luv them
Pampered Chef spray bottle-keep
Pampered Chef BBQ brush-sell

Thursdays Rummage Sale Finds

I'm late posting but here it is any way..
 Vintage Lite Brite with extra pages-sell
Tonka truck-sell
Build a Bear roller skates-sell
Build a Bear bed-sell
Marge Simpson-sell
Build a Bear back pack-sell
Victoria Secret scent-keep
glitter body spray-keep
Avon lotion-keep
Wii game- sell
3 N64 games-keep
Build a Bear Santa hat, visor and shoes-sell
Love anklet-keep

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Wednesday Deals

Walmart baby carrots are $.65 each.  I price matched Walgreens ad for Hot Pockets $1.50 each and I used $1/3 coupon from last Sundays inserts.  I also price matched Festival Food where Sun Chips are $1.98 each. 

Walgreens I bought Nexxus B1G1 50% off and they had 2 full size products banded together.  So I got 4 full size products for the price of one and a half..  Haha!  Great deal!  Not all stores have the banded items.  I bought the new Colgate Sensitive is $4.99 and used $1/1 coupon from All You Magazine and then I got a $4 register reward... so free.  Walgreens almonds are $1.99 again.  And then I bought Hot Pockets great deal on these.  $2.99 regular price then use the ad coupon for the price of $1.50 and then use the in store booklet for another $.50 off each and use the $1/3 coupon from the Sunday inserts.  Yup...  can't find Hot Pockets at any of the stores any more.  So I price matched at least eh $1.50 price at Walmart and used the Sunday insert coupon.

Pick n Save Angel Soft $5.88 for 12 pk.  US Flag $2.50 summer stuff is 75 %.  Sara Lee Wheat used $.55 coupon from  the Sunday inserts doubled.  Dawn $1 and used $.50 from the Sunday inserts .  Gain dish soap $1 used $.50 form the Sunday inserts.  Skinimate on sale for $2 used $1/1 I printed from a few weeks ago.   This coupon was doubled so the item was free.   Degree Mens deodorant $1.68 with ad coupon and used $.75/1 coupon from the Sunday inserts doubled.  Cantaloupe $1.50.  I spent $18 and aved $31.  I can't remember any more and I don't know my savings totals. 

Menards has hand sanitizer free after rebate, Vaseline lotion free after rebate.  20 pks of Rayovac batteries $1.99 after rebate.  Soynuts $1 each.

Monday we went back to school shopping.  We bought a ton of clothes at Goodwill, Walmart, Gordmans and Target.  Yes we did stop at Target because my daughter had 2 gift cards she really really wanted to use from her birthday back in April.  So yeah we did stop there and she did spend it.  So we are done with Target.  I was shocked how their prices have gone up on clothes.  Swim suits were still regular price.  Wow!! 

Well thats all for now..

I can't find my Festival Foods receipt so I will try to get it right.  Coke 12pks are 4/$10.  Capri Sun $1.68.  Welches Jelly $.99 after store coupon, Sun Chips $1.98.  Banana's $.29 a pound.  Cauliflower $1.49 each, asparagus $2.49 a pound, (Walmart didn't have any), Kemps light yogurt 3/$99.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Sunday Flea Market

On Sunday Mom, my Aunt & Uncle and I sold at the Flea Market.  We did really well.  I met my $ goal I had in mind.  We are going to do it again in October after we have our Rummage Sale.  Here's some photos of our set up.

Friday Rummage Sale finds

blow mold eggs-sell
box of shipping boxes-keep
mt dew bottle-sell
2 scrabble games-sell
Fisher Price people-sell
vintage candle-sell
5 vintage Fireking coffee mugs-sell
knee hugger elf-sell
new spray bottle-keep
5 shirts-keep
cutting board-keep
homemade xmas ornament-sell
some jewelry-keep
key chain-keep
2 pampered chef Seasons Best cookbooks-sell
a bunch of dvds-sell
Hamilton Beach Drink Master-sold
Pampered Chef rice steamer-sell
6 clothes (winter jacket for $1!!!) -keep
vintage Packer glass-sell
small caboodle-sell
2 knife blocks-keep
butterfly barrette-keep
Pampered Chef Season's Best-sell
3 dvd's-sell
Paw Print tissue paper-keep
Pampered Chef muffin pan-sell

Thursdays Rummage Sale Finds

Martha Stewart book-sell
Vintage Better Homes and Garden cookbook-sell
Magic Tree House book set-sell
2 cans of paint-keep
grape vine wreath-keep
Jello Easter molds-sell
2 Starbucks coffee mugs-sell
paw print mug-keep
Lange coffee mug-sell
2 vintage Fireking mugs-sell
2 ceramic balls-keep
Pampered Chef garlic press-sell
Disney books on tape-sell
embroidery floss-sell
vintage necklace-keep
2 dvd's-sell
  turquoise belt-keep
more kids books on tape-sell
3 build a bears-sell
red basket-keep
bunch of clothes-keep

Monday, August 15, 2011

My Hero

My Son
My Hero
On Saturday we were invited to a graduation party of a family friend.  My husband was upnorth and late getting back, so Philip went to the party ahead of us.  When hubby came home we left for the party.  As we were walking up the drive way to the party I could hear yelling and I saw Philip from behind and he was all wet and yelling about something.  By the time I got up there I realized that the family friends grandson who is 2 was also all wet. And it was becoming clearer that Philip had just pulled him from the pond.  Philip had found the little boy floating face down in their pond.  Philip had pulled him out of the water saving his life.  The little boy wondered away from the party and some how got into the pond.  The little boy is fine, he has some water in his lungs and a bit shaken by all the fussing over him.  Philip was shaking like you wouldn't believe.   This was the second time he saved someone's life.  Earlier in the year, Philip stopped a friend from suicide.  Philip is now a guardian angel to 2 people.  I always knew my son was special and I love him so much.  I'm the luckiest person to have him in my life every single day.  

Friday, August 12, 2011

Friday Rummage Sale finds

There weren't many sales today.
Pampered Chef apple peeler base-sell
marble racer-sell
bristle blocks-sell
jar candle-keep
2 Yankee Candles-sell
body mist-keep
Packer towel-sell
Pampered Chef 29 Minutes to Dinner volume 2 -sell
2 bracelets-keep
Thats it!

Menards Has Some Great Deals

Now through Sunday or while supplies last.  I bought 410 thread count sheets $19.99 after rebate.  Cricut cartridges $4.99 each after $20 rebate....limit 2.  Cans of regular coffee $4.99 after rebate.  And then they have rugs for $2.99 each. 

Piggly Wiggly Deals

The deals at Piggly Wiggly were great.  First they have these
These are called Hedgeballs.  You storage them where ever you have spiders or don't want spiders.  Because Hedgeballs repels spiders.
I also bought. Super sized marshmallows $1 a bag.  Dr Pepper 6 pack $1.88 limit 3.  Johnsville Brat patties in the box on sale for $4.99 and I had B1G1F coupons I had printed a few weeks ago.  I don't remember where I think maybe   Then they had 5 packs of Klemens brats $1.99 and I had $.50 coupons from the Sunday insert.  OreIda frozen potatoes B2G1F with in ad coupon.  Baby carrots were free with their facebook coupon of the week.  Grapes $.99 a pound and Welchs Jelly $.99 each with in ad coupon.  
Spent $32 and saved $30

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Thursdays Rummage Sale Finds

Lego -sell
Tupperware cups-sell
Original Gameboy-sell
fingerail polish remover-keep
vintage fan-sell
Reebok tennis shoes.. like new-keep
Gameboy DS binder-sell
harness for Shelby-keep
2 baskets-keep
Vintage cool white jacket-KEEP
3 fireking mugs-sell
fireking covered dish-sell
corning covered dish-keep
Wilton Halloween cupcake holders-keep
Arrested Development season 2 and 3-sell
2 white tips-keep
Build a Bear Cookie Monster-keep for a while
Blow mold Pumpkin-I have never seen one like this before-sell
2 Disney Masterpiece VHS-sell
Halloween, Easter, Christmas, football and rabbit Jello Jiggler molds-sell
2 candles-keep
2 pks of paper-keep
children books on tape-sell
Pampered Chef Apple peeler-keeping this one!!

Wednesday Deals

Walgreens has reams of paper for $1.99 with store coupon and 9 cent folders. 

Walmart I price matched store brand waffles $.98.  6 pk of applesauce $.98, these are great for when I bake.  I use applesauce instead of oil.  The cake or brownies are still moist without of the calories or fat.  And these individual cups are a great size instead of opening a bigger jar and ending up throwing it away because no one eats it.  Fresh mushrooms $.78 and half gallon of chocolate milk $.88 all price matched from Festival Food ad.  Cauliflower huge heads for $1.98.  Asparagus is $1.88 a pound.  White Cloud t-paper $2 a 4 pack and used the $1/1 coupon from last Sundays inserts.  40 ct foam plates $.97.  Baby carrots and head lettuce both are $.75 each.

Pick N Save store band pickle chips $3/2.  Nabisco bags of mini cookies $1.50 each and I used $.75/2 from last Sundays inserts doubled.  GE light bulbs $1 each.  Lean ground turkey $3.99..  this stuff is really hard to find now.  I was going to return the ground turkey I had in the freezer but instead I boiled it off for the dog.  They say that the bacteria is killed if it's fully cooked.  Well Shelby has a ear infection (this is a reoccurring thing... details later) and the meds she was on made her not eat.  So I had to feed her turkey or chicken with rice until she gets her appetite back.  So it worked out great.  Ban solid $2.31 used $1/1 coupon from last Sundays inserts doubled.  Raspberries $2 and I used a $/50/1 coupon I printed from an email Driscoll sent me.  Roundy's liquid eggs $3/2.  Pillsbury grands $2 and I used $.30/2 from the Sunday inserts.  Spent $19 saved $25.

Piggly Wiggly has a great sale this week. I will be shopping again tomorrow.

Last Weeks Rummage Sale Finds

8 stuffed animals-sell
6 rolls of packing tape-keep
3 Charles Wysocki puzzles-sell
new carafe-keep
Frosty the Snowman DVD-keep
Starbucks mug-sell
bag of Pampered Chef scrappers-sell
beautiful butterfly necklace-keep
vogue wedding dress pattern-sell
Halloween Jello Jiggler molds-sell
wilton cookie cutters new-sell
Bristle Blocks-sell
ceramic coffee cup-keep
Easter jello jiggler molds new-sell
knife block-keep
3 melted plastic popcorn christmas decorations-sell
Pampered Chef knife-sell
seek n find word search-keep
laces squares-keep
PS2 game-sell
4 American Girl Magazines-sell
Packer pendant -sell
new paper cutter-keep

Tuesday, August 2, 2011


I have been to Walgreens twice now this week.

Walgreens brand nuts are $1.99 each... love them smoked almonds!!  Walgreens brand freezer bags are $.99 each.  Crayola washable 8 count markers are free after register rewards.  Goody hair clips are also free after register rewards.  Kotex U are on sale for 2/$7 and then I used the $2 off in store coupon and I used the $1/1 coupon from the Sunday inserts 2 weeks ago.  So they ended up $1.50 each.  I was back again this morning for the Cottonelle 12 count large rolls are $4 with the in store coupon and I used $.75/1 coupon from the Sunday inserts.  So I ended up paying $3.25.  Some of the Tic Tacs are on clearance for $.89 and I used d$.75/1 from the Sunday inserts.  $.14 each.  I picked up more of the almonds and another Crayola marker!  Saved $39 in two days!!!

Fridays Finds

Foodsaver square container-sell
pink tweety-sell
bunch of wheat-keep
3 RED Starbucks Coffee Tumbler Mugs-sell
Mr Potato Head-sell
Caboodles case-sell
Turquoise bracelet (love)=KEEP
new electric candle-sell
jeans for the kids-keep
6 tops for me-keep
6 dvd's-sell
sleepwear for me-keep
jewelry for me-keep
video cords-keep
5 pc silicone bake wear set-keep the silpats and sell the rest
2 pair of shorts for me-keep