Thursday, August 11, 2011

Thursdays Rummage Sale Finds

Lego -sell
Tupperware cups-sell
Original Gameboy-sell
fingerail polish remover-keep
vintage fan-sell
Reebok tennis shoes.. like new-keep
Gameboy DS binder-sell
harness for Shelby-keep
2 baskets-keep
Vintage cool white jacket-KEEP
3 fireking mugs-sell
fireking covered dish-sell
corning covered dish-keep
Wilton Halloween cupcake holders-keep
Arrested Development season 2 and 3-sell
2 white tips-keep
Build a Bear Cookie Monster-keep for a while
Blow mold Pumpkin-I have never seen one like this before-sell
2 Disney Masterpiece VHS-sell
Halloween, Easter, Christmas, football and rabbit Jello Jiggler molds-sell
2 candles-keep
2 pks of paper-keep
children books on tape-sell
Pampered Chef Apple peeler-keeping this one!!

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