Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Wednesday Deals

Walmart baby carrots are $.65 each.  I price matched Walgreens ad for Hot Pockets $1.50 each and I used $1/3 coupon from last Sundays inserts.  I also price matched Festival Food where Sun Chips are $1.98 each. 

Walgreens I bought Nexxus B1G1 50% off and they had 2 full size products banded together.  So I got 4 full size products for the price of one and a half..  Haha!  Great deal!  Not all stores have the banded items.  I bought the new Colgate Sensitive is $4.99 and used $1/1 coupon from All You Magazine and then I got a $4 register reward... so free.  Walgreens almonds are $1.99 again.  And then I bought Hot Pockets great deal on these.  $2.99 regular price then use the ad coupon for the price of $1.50 and then use the in store booklet for another $.50 off each and use the $1/3 coupon from the Sunday inserts.  Yup...  can't find Hot Pockets at any of the stores any more.  So I price matched at least eh $1.50 price at Walmart and used the Sunday insert coupon.

Pick n Save Angel Soft $5.88 for 12 pk.  US Flag $2.50 summer stuff is 75 %.  Sara Lee Wheat used $.55 coupon from  the Sunday inserts doubled.  Dawn $1 and used $.50 from the Sunday inserts .  Gain dish soap $1 used $.50 form the Sunday inserts.  Skinimate on sale for $2 used $1/1 I printed from a few weeks ago.   This coupon was doubled so the item was free.   Degree Mens deodorant $1.68 with ad coupon and used $.75/1 coupon from the Sunday inserts doubled.  Cantaloupe $1.50.  I spent $18 and aved $31.  I can't remember any more and I don't know my savings totals. 

Menards has hand sanitizer free after rebate, Vaseline lotion free after rebate.  20 pks of Rayovac batteries $1.99 after rebate.  Soynuts $1 each.

Monday we went back to school shopping.  We bought a ton of clothes at Goodwill, Walmart, Gordmans and Target.  Yes we did stop at Target because my daughter had 2 gift cards she really really wanted to use from her birthday back in April.  So yeah we did stop there and she did spend it.  So we are done with Target.  I was shocked how their prices have gone up on clothes.  Swim suits were still regular price.  Wow!! 

Well thats all for now..

I can't find my Festival Foods receipt so I will try to get it right.  Coke 12pks are 4/$10.  Capri Sun $1.68.  Welches Jelly $.99 after store coupon, Sun Chips $1.98.  Banana's $.29 a pound.  Cauliflower $1.49 each, asparagus $2.49 a pound, (Walmart didn't have any), Kemps light yogurt 3/$99.

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