Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Wednesdays Deals

Walgreen's Deal.  They have Crest Toothpaste $1.99 I used a $.75/1 coupon and received a $1 Register Reward.  Final $.24.

Pick N Save Deals: Dole canned fruit $.79 a can and then I used a $.55/2 coupon doubled.  Chicken in the Bisket $2 each, used $1/1 coupons, final free.  Jello and Pudding was $1.98/ used the last of my $1.25/3 coupons. GE lightbulbs $3/2 and used $1 doubled, made $.50 on each.  Saved $29.41, spent $14.15.

Copps Deals: More Jello and Pudding, same deal.  Milk $1.98 a gallon, Snuggle softener sheets 80ct $3/1 used $3/1 coupon from last Sunday's inserts, final free.  Kraft Deli Select cheese slices $1.99 and I had $1/1 coupon doubled, so free,  Spent $12.17 and saved $31.95.

Walmart Deals: I price matched many adds from Aldis (potatoes $.99 for 10# bag and baby carrots $.49) Festival Foods (Coke 12 packs $8.88/4, Jacks Pizza $10/5)  Piggly Wiggly (Maxwell House coffee $4.99 bought 2 and used the $1/2 coupon from last Sunday inserts)  Then I had a free coupon ($3.12) for Rimmel cosmetics from All You Magazine.  On there is a printable coupon for Nail Glue $2, Walmart has this line.  The glue wa $1.97, so that was free.  Our Walmart has Nestle cases of water for $2.88 and I used a $1/2 I printed from

Target Deals: Glade Sense and Spray $3.55 (in store price) used $3/1 coupon, Air Wick Ultra $5 used a coupon $1/1 and a $4/1 coupon from the Sunday Inserts... final free.  Target has a good size ball of twine in their $1 spot, even thought I don't need it right now I stocked up.  My out of pocket was $4.66 and I saved $27.87!!!  Over all a very good day!!!

Tuesday, March 30, 2010


I haven't been posting often on this blog because last week I found a cyst, well I didn't fine it my doctor did.  If you don't need to read about the journey of this cyst I will be putting a header Cyst, so you can skip it.  But this is going to be distracting me from all the things that I love to do... rummage sale, shop, garden and doing things around the house.  Luckily this is happening before the carshow season!!

Last week I was having my "monthly visitor", which is normally very predictable and never a problem.  Well I had a problem.  It was heavy and I had very large clots.  It scared me.  My husband took me to the ER.  They did some tests and said go home, call your OBGYN.  They couldn't or wouldn't tell me if going home was dangerous.  I was upset because the situation was very unusual for me and seemed dangerous.  I had no pain so they said nothing we can do... see your OBGYN.  So I called got an appointment for the same day.  They did an ultrasound and a biopsy of my uterus.  This is what they found a large 10cm cyst on my right ovary.  The biopsy and blood tests came back negative or normal.  However the ultrasound shows that there are dark areas on the cyst.  So my OBGYN said she didn't think it was cancer (enzyme test came back negative) but she didn't like the way it looks with the dark areas.  So I have an appointment with a GYNO Oncologist on Thursday.  She felt positive that this is going to lead to surgery.  Well talk about a way to bum me out.  I love Spring, it is my favorite season and it seems like this year we are going to have an early Spring.  This is the first early Spring in 10 years for this area.   It's very exciting, the thought of gardening early and take the convertible out soon makes my heart beat fast.  Well now this, but it needs to be done.  I just don't see this cyst going away on it's own.  I know sometimes they try to shrink it, however this thing can twist and rupture.  The Dr. said that I shouldn't do anything type of exercising.  Well I'm a waitress, there is a lot of movement with what I do.  Our work kitchen is extremely small so I run the risk of running into other workers.  Lots of stop starting and twisting to avoid other people in the kitchen.  I'm lifting heavy trays up to my shoulders or higher.  So while waiting for the appointment to find out what's happening I'm trying to be careful at work.  This makes for a stressful situation..  always thinking am I doing something that can cause it to rupture.  So the thought of trying to shrink this thing and the time that might take bothers me.  However do I want surgery... NO.  I will know more...  hopefully on Thursday.  Until then I'm trying to be careful, but not think about it all the time.  The funny thing is, I have no pain.  None.  The doctors were surprised that I have no cramping or pain.  Plus I had 2 exams and no one can feel this cyst.  I had one of those exams after they knew it was there and still they can't seem to feel it.  It didn't hurt nor could I feel it during the exam.  This cyst is a sneaky thing!!!

Your probably wondering why I'm posting this.  This is away to vent for me.  Plus the wait to find out anything is lengthy.  It's been a week today since finding out.  I still have 2 days to wait for my appointment.  I have high hopes that I will find out something then.  All I know is that I have a large cyst, it probably isn't cancer and I will probably have surgery to remove it.  I really want to have the answers now, last week would have been better.  But that is not how the health system works.  I'm a planner, so my life is really up in the air.  This is hard for me.   As you can see it took me a week to wrap mind around this and being able to write about it.   I'm hoping my entries about my journey will help someone after this is put behind me, that all will turn out well for them too.

Well I'm off to get a oil change for my van and maybe just maybe I will stop at a thrift shop or two!!  I will report my findings!!

Please keep me your prayers!!

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Wednesdays Deals

I had a great day for saving money and using coupons!!

Pick N Save: Spent $11.77 and saved $42.07.   Case of water $1.98 with store coupon.  Pasta Roni $.33 a box with $1 off 3 boxes doubled.  Ragu $.98 bottle with in store coupon.  No Yolks free, they were a $1 each with $1/2 coupon doubled.  Free bag of OreIda Potatoes, they were $1.98 and used a $1/1 coupon from last Sundays inserts.   Pail of ice cream $2.99 with store coupon.  2 boxes of Lunchables Subs were free with $1/1 coupon from last Sundays inserts. They were on sale for $1 each, I used a $1/1 coupon that were doubled so I made $1 on each one.  From last week I received coupons from purchasing Hamburger Helper that I could use on fresh Chicken, Beef or Tuna.  I used those on family size packages of Fresh Chicken legs.  One package was $2.94 and the other was 2.79 and the coupons were worth $2.50 and $1.50.  I now have 4 meals from those two packages.  Last week from buying GM cereal I got a coupon for free milk.  So I picked a gallon that was $3.09, because I purchased over $40 worth a groceries I got $2 off instantly plus I used the free milk coupon from last week, which was worth $3.25.  I received the overage off my bill.  Nice!!

Target was a bit weird.  I bought a bag of Pedigree 8 pound bag of dog food $7.49, had a coupon for $3 off.  Air Wick Ultra iMotion, used a $1 off coupon printed from and a manufacturers coupon $5.00 made that free because they are on sale for $6.00 each.  Goldfish were $1.75 and I had $.75/1 coupon, that coupon was printed off the internet several weeks ago.  They were about to expire wanted to use them up.  Bought one solar garden light that you push into the ground.  A few days ago Target had a Target coupon for $2 on their website.  I found they were on sale for $3, so I only paid a $1.  I could only print one of the coupons!!  Man I would have loved 10 of those.  Connect 4 game is on sale for $7, I used a Target coupon for $3/1 and a manufactures coupon called Game Night Games $4, so that game was free.  I know I had a Monopoly coupon for $5 off but ya think I could find it.  Nope couldn't find it until later after I had left the store.  I could have gotten a $1 overage if I could have only had that coupon.  Yeah I know I'm  so organized how did it get misplaced.  Easy somehow it got between 2 a like coupons and I missed it.  So if I get back to Target I will pick up the Monopoly game.  I will donate these games at Christmas time for Toys for Tots.  Ok this is the weird part, the cashier said my total was $.50!!  That's it, she made a comment that "I think I made a mistake".  And then she says "oh well".  I was talking to a lady behind me and the store was busy so I just paid it and walked away.  I then looked closer to my receipt and realized she never rang up the dog food, however she forced the dog food coupon through.  That's why the ending amount was so low.  I went to the service desk and explained the cashier didn't ring up the dog food.  So they let me pay for the dog food there.  So my actual total there was $8.34.

Walmart priced matched a lot of items there with the Festival Foods ad.  I got canned mushrooms for $.38 each, fresh asparagus for $1.48 a pound, Eggs $.78 a dozen, 8oz shredded cheese $.99, Sun Chips $1.98 each, and frozen peas $.48 each.  Good day at Walmart.  I ran out of time for more shopping...  had lots of fun.

Now Available at Different Things

Monday, March 22, 2010

New Items at Different Things

Yesterday's First Swap Meet ~ Flea Market of the Season

Yesterday was the first Swap Meet and Flea Market that we attend.  This Swap Meet we never sell at, which I don't know why.  As we should.  But anyway.  I especially love this event because the fair grounds where it's held has a book fair on Friday and Saturday, well on Sunday it's fill any size box with any books, puzzles, patterns, VHS or anything else that people had donated for $5!!!  Well I grabbed a medium size box, I couldn't go bigger then that because once it's filled I wouldn't be able to lift it.  Anyway this is the box of stuff I got.
I got 3 puzzles, one is a Charles Wysocki shaped puzzle!!  I have never done one of those before.  I also got few patterns, complete cross stitch kits, cookbooks, new iron on transfers, a dozen defunct Cottage Living magazine and another dozen or so of Cross Stitch magazines.  I can't wait to sit down and really look at all the stuff I picked.  This book sale is so well organized.  All the books are categorized.  First area I went to was the puzzles, then the cookbooks, biography's (however didn't get any of those because there wasn't any books I haven't already read or want), then to the patterns and magazines.  It was so much fun.

Then I went over to the Flea Market, didn't buy much there.  However I did get about 20 or so cookie cutters, a Pampered Chef cookbook, a Christmas dresser scarf and this...

I love this!!  It's metal and it's brand new.  And I'm not going to paint it black, I love it just the way it is.  However I haven't found the perfect place for it YET! 

I didn't go stop at the swap meet building.  Most of the vendor's there sell only Chevy parts and of course being a hard core Ford person there isn't much there for me.  Hubby did go to the swap meet, he didn't buy anything. 

So the season has begun!!

First Rummage Sale of the Season

On Thursday I needed to pick up the portrait.  My local JoAnn Fabrics is a good distance from my house, about a half hour away.  So I don't get over to that area often.  I thought I would make a day of it, stop at thrift stores and other stores in that area.  Boy did I have fun.  I found the first rummage sale of the season.  And this is what I bought...
Aren't these the greatest Pumpkins ever!!! $.50 each, what a deal!!  However do I really need another Halloween or fall decor... no!!  But I couldn't stop myself, I loved them so much.

I also bought these..

They were $1 for all 4!!  These are very large.  I often do my house in gold and in red, so they will be perfect at Christmas.

I really didn't find anything worth talking about at the thrift shops.  I did stop at a new shop that just opened a month ago.  It was nice, I will be stopping back there every chance I get.  This shop was completely made over before they moved in.  There is even a cafe with coffee and sweet rolls that can be purchased.  Complete with a counter area with stools.  Also in the cafe area they use the tables and chairs that are for sale for additional sitting area.  Very nice!!!  This place is not the typical thrift shop!!

Portrait Frame Finally Arrived

Back in November 2009 we had a family portrait taken.  The last portrait was taken in 1999, so it was time.  I liked the size and shape of the old one, which was oval.  Well when the new portrait arrived it was square and seemed very large to me.  I felt it was too big and I didn't want to hang it.  However my daughter hated the old portrait because she was only 3 years old and she was begging me to hang the new one.  So when the house make over was nearly done I saw a rare JoAnn Fabrics coupon for 60% off custom framing.  I took the portrait over to JoAnn's and picked out a frame.  I ordered a black frame, yes another black item!!!  Carol in framing, yes we are now on first name basis!!  Carol said that it would take about 9 days to complete, she would call me.  After 9 days Carol called me and said that the frame come in scratched and she had to reorder.  I was glad she didn't try to pass it on to me with the scratch.  Carol told me the new frame would be next week and she would call when it was done.  Well the next week Carol called and said that the new frame came in however it was the wrong frame.  At this point I"m getting a bit concerned, they had my portrait at the store for more then 2 weeks.  This worried me that something would happen to it.  But what do ya do??  Carol said that it would be in next week.  Well I waited last week until Wednesday and she didn't call so I called her.  Yes the correct frame and in mint condition was in and they were working on it as we speak!!!  Yes!!  So Thursday morning I went over to pick it up.  I stood there while she unwrapped it and boy was I nervous.  I even told Carol that I was nervous and she just looked at me like I was nuts.  But I really didn't care for the portrait because I felt it was too big. And then adding a wide frame and matting, it was only going to get bigger....  would I like it???  Well I love it!!!  I stood there looking it and the tears started to come.  Carol just laughed at me!!!  I bought it home and hubby hung it that same night!!  No more hiding it in the closet!!  Here it is... a rare look at my family!!
I do need to add something around it, however I'm going to leave it just as it is for awhile.  I want to look at it without distraction.  I can decorate around it when I feel it needs a fresh look.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Wednesday Deals

Happy St. Patrick's Day!!

Target has gift bags, wrap and cards at 75%, check end stands.  I bought 3 rolls of gift wrap for $.87 each!!  Plus they have Reese's Bites, Kit Kat Bites or York Bites for $2.66.  Recently the Sunday inserts have a $1/1 coupon and the Target Coupons website has a $1/1 coupon.  Use both and get a bag for $.66 each.

Walmart has Sea Pak shrimp poppers for $1.58 each.  I used the $1/1 coupon, from a recent Sunday inserts.  So I paid $.58 each.

For months I had be watching the price of raw hides and I couldn't find them on sale.  Have you ever checked the price of these things?  They are expensive, considering Henry eats one of these a day.  Shelby can't have them because she gets sick from them.  Anyway the end of February Menard's had 1.5 pound bags of raw hides for $4.88 each.   Well I stopped there and they didn't have any, so I got a rain check, well every time I was near Menard's I stopped to see if they had any in stock.  They didn't until today.  I bought 4 bags, so I'm, or Henry is set for a while!!

Pick n Save deals, Crest Sensitive on clearance to 1.89 each, I had 3 $1.00 coupons doubled.. so free.  Then they had Tony's pizza for $2 each, I used $1/2 coupons that they had in the store near the freezer case.  Ken's Ranch dressing were $1.66 each, I had $1 off coupons doubled.  Bought a few other sale items.  Spent $11.31 and saved $37.57.

Copps deals, buy 6 boxes of  GM cereal and get $10 off plus a coupon for a free gallon of milk.  I had 2 $,55 coupons that I printed from and I had a $1/2 coupon from the Sunday inserts.  Then I bought 6 boxes for Hamburger Helper and received a $3.50 on future meat purchase and I used $1/3 coupons.  I received those in the mail, can't remember why.  Plus I bought all those Box Top products I got 50 bonus Box Tops coupon.  Johnsonville precooked brats were on sale for  $3.99 each, I had $1/2 coupon, doubled.  Palermos Classic pizza's were $2 each and I had $1/1 from last Sundays inserts.  I spent $17.47 and saved $31.93.  Remember tho I have the $3.50 meat coupons and free gallon of milk to use next time.

Walgreen's have Colgate Total Sensitive for $3.99 and you will get a $4 Register Reward.  I had a $1/1 coupon from last Sundays inserts.  Free and then some!!! 

That's the good deals for today!!

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Today is the Day the Carpet Gets Installed

Today is finally here!!  I'm sitting here waiting for the installers to come.  I'm sitting in the dinning room, in the recliner and completely surrounded by furniture.  I'm so tired of moving furniture and not having everything where it belongs.   I'm so excited, I can't wait.

Well I never finished this post.  They came and are still here...  

Things are not good with the carpet.  It is the same as before.  It's the window reflection...  it's right on the seam.   This looks terrible... period!!  But there is nothing I can do about it other than start over.

I just want to cry....  .  I am not happy... who would have guessed that the carpet would be the biggest problem..

Monday, March 15, 2010

Recovering Dinning Room Chair Seat

I recovered my dinning room chairs over the weekend.  I think they look great!!  Please take a look.

Doesn't it look nice!!  This is the first time I tried any sort of re-upholstery.  I'm sure this type of project is the easiest thing to re-upholster.  

I bought 1.5 yards of upholstery fabric and then scotch guarded it.  Then I took the old cover off.  These chairs been had re-upholstered over the original at some point.  I only took off the last cover.  I used that for a pattern.  Cut them out and used a electric staple gun to staple the new seat covers over the top of the original seat.  I watched a few videos on You Tube to find out exactly how to do it without wrinkles.  It was all worth it.  I hated those old green covers!!

We didn't have a electric staple gun, so I had to buy one.  OK simple enough, right?  I stopped at Menard's to pick out a small one and some staples.  Well wouldn't ya know it, not all staples work for every gun, bought the wrong ones the first time and the second time.  After 2 stops at the hardware store I got the right ones.   A little side funny....  when I checked out at Menard's with the staple gun the cashier asked if I wanted to buy a warranty?  I laughed and said no, but do you sell health insurance for stapling yourself!!!  I never used a staple gun before and thought I might need it.  But I didn't staple myself!!!  LOL!!  Hubby showed me how to load the staples and I could see it on his face that he didn't think I could use one of these!  Now he better watch out, I'll be stapling everything!!!

Friday, March 12, 2010

Rummage Sale Season 101

Rummage Sale season is about a month away here.  The weather has been warm so maybe they will start earlier.  However you maybe thinking about having your own sale..  Do it, they can be fun if your prepared.  Start now gathering up items that you want to part with.  Clothes, decor items, kitchen items, and toys are just a few ideas.  Clean closets, shelves, garage, basement, kids rooms and office.  If it doesn't fit, wrong color, no one even knows the items is in the house... get rid of it.  This is a great rule, that I can't seem to follow...  When you bring something home you have to give up something that is in your home!!!  I know it sounds scary, but if you buy a new t-shirt get rid of an old one.  If it's in good condition sell it at your rummage, if it's stained use it as a rag. 

When you find something you want to get rid of decide if you want to sell, donate it or throw it away.  I have a bag in the basement just for donations.  When I find something I want to donate it goes right into the bag.  When the bag gets full I drop it off at Good Will.  (A great excuse to stop in and see what they have).  Anyway when I find something I would like to sell at my rummage sale I tag it right away, then drop it in a tote.  I keep a tote for just rummage sale items.  Right now I have 6 totes full of stuff that is tagged and ready to go.

I would like to talk about what I do for marking my items.  I use the string tags from Walmart. $1,77 for 100. For items that you can't string the tag on, I use safety pins through the little hole on the string tag, works great for clothes, pillows, linens and plastic bags. For books and decor that I can't string or pin the tag to, I use painters tape to tape the string tag on the item. Painters tape is easily removed without any damage... ever. Yes the tags do some times fall off or can be easily taken off and switched by some nasty buyers. So I write on the tag what the item is. Writing what the item is also works great if you are doing a sale with someone else. Then they also know where the tags belongs. Please do not use masking tape.  Masking tape only ruins items. I can't stand when I find a great cookbook, in near perfect condition, to only have the seller remove the masking tape and take a portion of the cover with it. Or when I buy a decor item and when the tape is removed it ruins the item. I know it's probably easier for the seller, but it can also ruin the item and the buyer rejects it... sadly.

Signage is so important, even though you have your address in your advertisement.  It goes beyond a rummage sale sign at your corner and on your lawn.  Signs are a must on busy intersections at the end of your street.  I have seen people putting signs up across town.  People can't read signs when they are traveling 25-35 mph.   So clear simple signs are important.  Rummage Sale at 544 S Ryan St with an arrow is perfect.  Use large cardboard or poster board.  Don't use 10x8 inch paper, everything won't fit with the large writing you will need.  Plus if it rains paper will only fall apart.  Also don't put up your signs until the day of the sale.  And please, please take the signs down when the sale is over.   Where to advertise? Everywhere...  newspaper, internet sites that are set up in your area, tell everyone you know your having one and Craigslist.  Check with neighbors to find out if they are having a neighborhood sale.  If they are, join them you might not have to advertise at all, however you might be asked to chip in for the ad!! 

When to have the sale?  Holiday weeks are not a good time to have it, unless you live on a heavily traveled highway.  You will get holiday travelers.  Event weekends are good, if your area has a picnic, sporting events or shows.  That would be a good time.  In my area Thursday and Fridays are "the rummage days".  But check your classified ads as when most rummage sales occur in your area.  Be prepared with a back up plan if you have to put items outside.  If it rains can you move everything in side?  If you have tents to shade shoppers from the sun or keep the shoppers dry use them

Most people will have big bills, like $20's, however chances are they are only going to purchase less then $4 worth of stuff.  So have lots of 1 dollar bills on hand.  And of course quarters.  If this is your first time hosting a rummage sale, ask for help.  Especially if young kids are present.  Their distraction can cause adding and change mistakes.  Plus it's sad to say it but there are shoppers out there that will switch tags or try to distract you to pocket something without paying.  So ask a friend or a family member to help you.  Someone that has experience in having a sale is a plus.  Also if they want to bring some of their things would be great, bigger the sale the more people buy.  What works great if time allows is one week you have it at your house and the next week move everything left over to the helpers house and have it again there.  This only works if you still have lots of stuff left over.

Any questions?? Let the rummage sale fun begin!!!

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Coupon Kutters

I receive my coupons from this coupons service Coupon Kutters today, which had more the John Frieda coupons.  So back to Walgreen's for 6 more bottles!!!  $.99 each, can't be beat!!

If your looking for a coupon service.. Coupon Kutters  are the best.  They are fast and get the order correct every time!!!   Check out their blog... link on the left side!!

Carpet 5 days to go!!

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Wednesday Deals

Today Target had Revlon Cuticle Nippers priced at $.98 and I had some $1 off any Revlon Tool.  The cashier adjusted the coupons to $.98...  so free.

Target had Loreal Mascara on clearance, $1.42 I had $1 off coupon.  It wasn't free but $.42 is a great deal for Loreal!!

I printed 2 of the Kotex $1/1 good on any product.  Walmart has the liners for $1 each.  Two free!!

My aunt stopped by the house yesterday to see the make over and she brought me coupons!!  Gotta love it!!  It's like getting a special gift every time she brings me coupons!!  There was another John Frieda $3 off coupon, so I stopped at Walgreen's and bought another Shampoo for $.99.

Pick N Save I spent $10.70 saved $25.51!!  They had 4 pack fly strips on clearance $.50 each.  I bought a bunch.  I never remember to buy fly strips ahead and then when I need them bad all the stores are sold out.  Well Now I'm stocked up... bring on the flies!!!! 

Festival, I spent $38.96 and saved $51.81.  Festival had a lot of great deals.  Many $1 items, like Sunny D (had coupon), 4 pk of fruit bowls, Louis Kemp Crab & Blue Bunny fudge bars.  They also had the 3 pound natural casing hot dogs for $3.88 and I had printed the $1 coupon from 
So $2.88 for 3# of natural case hot dogs.  Good price.  Now bring on the warm weather so we can have a camp fire, I'm ready with the hot dogs. 

Over all it was a good deal day.

Carpet 6 days to go!

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Welcome Refund Cents Readers

I would like to Welcome Refund Cent Readers.  Michelle the editor of Refund Cents featured yesterday on her site subscriber blogs.   All readers/members could post our blog address and invite Refund Cent readers to our sites. 

I would like to comment on Michelle and Refund Cents.  I love this site. Please check out her site if you have a minute.  Refund Cents Refferal Link  I have subscribed to Refund Cents for nearly 20 years.  Oh yeah, back then refunds and rebates were every where.  Back then rebates were easy to do.  Usually no cash receipts needed, just the proof of purchase.  Just about every new item had a rebate.  I remember back then most people didn't even want to deal with coupons.  It was all about the refunds and upc's, when it came to trading.  Refund Cents was only a magazine back then, no one ever heard of the internet.  So once a month I would wait for the magazine to come.  This magazine gave details on current and up coming coupons, refunds and premium deals.  There was a huge section that was just for ad's that subscribers would want to trade upcs, forms and coupons.  It was great.  Times have changed.  First sign of change was when people started cheating the refund system with bogus home addresses & PO boxes.  People would send in for more then one refund per household.  Then came people creating fake cash register receipts and selling fake complete deals (fake receipts, upcs and forms).  Then came the new world of the computer and the internet.  Trading upcs, forms and coupons became simpler and faster.  Oh yeah when the internet first arrived it was a blast.  Every site wanted to give something away...  Free stuff, free shipping and all the click and earn sites.  Which were if you read emails, click on sites you would earn gift cards and items fast!!  But many sites failed fast doing things like that. 

It's funny before Refund Cents I would see women on the morning shows shopping and only spending a few dollars and have bags and bags of groceries.  I would think to myself, I want to do that.  But I was working 2 jobs and didn't have time to figure out how to do it.  Then I had my first baby, boy I needed help with the price of diapers and formula.  So I ordered a coupon wallet, with hopes of collecting more coupons and being more organized.   When it came, it had a mini version of Refund Cents in it.  I ordered 6 months of the magazine and I have been on a high ride ever since.  You will also meet the nicest and the most helpful people ever on this site.  Everyone on this site knows what your trying to do and will help you out at every step of the way!!!

I don't get the printed magazine anymore.  Because I feel it's old news because I read Michelle's Updates, Chit Chat and Off Topic every single day.  But I know many do still receive it..  they wait by the mailbox and when it arrives they curl up for an afternoon of reading.  Because once you start you won't put it down!!!   You will learn more then you ever thought you would.  It's interesting and some times over whelming.  But believe me once you understand it, you will be hooked on all the good deals!!  There is a subscription price for the online version of the magazine.  But it's totally worth it!!  Really it is.  Michelle updates the site all day long... every day.  She tries the links to new deals herself to make sure they are trust worthy.  There is so much information on this site it will shock you!!!  It's a whole new world, if you haven't tried refunds, couponing and internet shopping with codes  you are missing out!!!  You ARE spending to much on your everyday shopping.

These are just a few items I received through premium offers, that I still have:
There are many more things that I don't have any longer.  The biggest and best thing I got through refunds was my sons Game Boy Color.  That one was from Kool Aid.  He had the best Christmas that year!!!  I liked it too because it didn't cost me anything but the price of the Kool Aid which was free after coupons.. and I had to do some trading to get that many proofs of purchase.  Too bad these types of premiums aren't available any more!!

Anyway check out Refund Cents... you will love it!!
Hi everyone that stopped by from Refund Cents!! 

Monday, March 8, 2010

The Carpet~ Countdown 8 More Days

The carpet store called.  The new carpet will be replaced on the 16th.  I can't wait for this make over to be over.  Everything looks great with the exception of the carpet being messed up by the window.  However I'm very tired of things being out of place.  I really want my coffee table back and everything back on my computer desk.  So the countdown is on... 8 more days!!

Oh yeah, then we get the new TV!!  Plus I will be posting the before and after shots!!  How exciting, after 2 months of reading about this, you will finally get to see it!!

What's in Your Sugar Bowl... Repurposing

Here's one of those things that I have re-purposed.  
 This was a candle in a jar.  After the candle was used up.  To easily remove old wax, I put it in the freezer for a few hours.  The wax gets hard and shrinks a little from sides.  Which makes it easier to scrape the old wax out.  Then I submerged it in the sink with very hot water and wiped out any residue.  Your asking what is the yellow stuff that I have stored in there.  It's my bath salts.  The jar has a tight seal, so the salts don't get hard as a rock.

Next is my sugar bowl...

I know it's killing you to find out what do I have stored in there...

Those are pony tail holders or hair bands.  
I love all objects that are black (excluding wild animals and things that once breathed!).  I had to have this sugar bowl because it's black and really cute.  However no one here uses sugar on their cereal or in their coffee..  So what to do with it..  put it in my black and white bathroom to hold hair bands!!

I have many other things I have repurposed but time is short for me right now..  As time permits I will show you more...  However I would like to know whats in your sugar bowl?  If you don't have a sugar bowl how about your cookie jar?

John Frieda Cheap at Walgreens

Today I bought John Frieda shampoo for $.99 each.  Here is how it's done.  Walgreen's have John Frieda shampoo, conditioner and styling products prices $5.99 each  Yesterday's Sunday Inserts had $3 off one coupon.  I combined that with Walgreen's in store $2 coupon that is in the booklets at the front of the store.  It comes to $.99 each.  Great deal for this shampoo.  I bought this brand for the first time about a month and half ago.  My daughter tried it and she absolutely loves it.  I like it too.  So I stocked up today, so I will have enough until the next sale and coupon comes around.

Oscar Winner

Great movie, if you haven't seen it... The DVD will be released March 23 2010.

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Purex 3n1 Free Sample

Here's the link to request a free sample of Purex 3n1 
It's really funny I came across this today, after I just reviewed it yesterday!!

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Come Clean CD by Puddle of Mudd & My Daughter

My daughter says to me the other day, "Hey Mom listen to this CD, I think you might like it".  OK, I've been busy and didn't get to it until now.  This morning I read emails, read blogs and read google reader, cleaned the house and did the wash. After all that I sat down at the computer thinking I really don't want to start much right now.  I have to work tonight and why start something I can't finish.  So why not blog about the Purex 3n1 and listen to that CD my daughter thought I would like. 

Well I really like the CD, which didn't surprise me as much as how my daughter knows me so well.  It's so thrilling to be so close to my daughter.  We like much of the same music, she loves rummage saling with me and she can appreciate second stuff.  She has realizes the concept that she have can a lot more clothes and stuff she likes if she has patience for second hand finds.  She knows that she can get 5 pairs of name brand jeans if they are second hand for the price of one new.  All it calls for is patience on finding them in the right size.  Last summer while we were rummaging, she found the most beautiful prom dress you have ever seen.  It was the right size and at the right price.  We both were drooling over this dress.  I was so temped to buy it, but I know that by the time she goes to prom it won't fit.  It was sad to leave it behind, but my daughter says to me... "I see so many beautiful prom dresses cheap at rummage sales, that's where I'm going to buy mine... when I go"  I was so proud of her I wanted to bust.  Now I don't have to talk her into buying her prom dresses second hand.  If she buys the dress second hand then I will be more willing to pay for things that won't come from a rummage sale... Such as shoes (not real big fan on second hand shoes, unless they are new) and the hair & make up. She is almost 14 and such a wonderful person!!!  I understand why she has so many friends and so pleased to know I'm one of them.

Purex 3n1 Review

Wednesday I bought some Purex 3n1 for HE.  Purex 3n1 are thick sheets that are covered with laundry soap and have a strip of fabric softener on it.  You take one sheet and throw it in your washer and then right in the dryer with the same load.  I really didn't need laundry soap or dryer sheets.  However I had these once in a life time coupons.. Purex B1G1F (buy one get one free)!!  Walgreens had the liquid on sale which is what I prefer, however they didn't have any of the HE which your suppose to use in front load washers.  Hey, gotta follow the rules because it's still under warranty.  Anyway I was at Pick N Save and they had the Purex 3n1 on clearance for $3.39 each.. Hmm... I had those 2 B1G1F coupons that were about to expire, that makes each box $1.69 each.  So why not try these things.  Well I like them!!  The clothes come out clean and smelling good, so that's all that matter.  Here they are
The top left is what they look like when they come out of the box.  The top right is what it looks like when it comes out of the washer.  The bottom left is what it looks like when it comes out of the dryer...  then it's time to toss it in the garage.  Don't like that part so much.  I probably won't continue to buy them, just for that reason.  (but hey I use dryer sheets everytime...  so the difference is?  Hm, good question!!!)

Thursday, March 4, 2010

More Cookbooks Available at Different Things


This isn't a cookbook.  It's a decorating craft book.


All are available at Different Things

For the Love of Def Leppard

Back in the 80's I was the biggest fan of Def Leppard.  The summer of 1988 was the biggest summer of my life.  Everything was going right, it was a good example of what my future was going to be like.  First in June I was married to the perfect man for me.  Who I'm still married too, there were a few bumps in the road, but the road has been good.  Anyway in July of that same year Def Leppard was all over the radio with Pour Some Sugar on Me. I loved that song...  well I loved the whole cassette (yes that is dating me...).  That cassete was with me all the time, in the car cassette player and in my walkman.  I didn't need the cassette for in the house because I had all their 45's on the turn table.  I still have that cassette, but I wouldn't dare play it because I think the songs would be unrecognizable- completely worn out.  I since upgraded to CD's.  Anyway in July Def Leppard came to Brown County Area in Green Bay WI, I was so excited.  This was great, I went with my sister in-law who also was a great fan also.  We had a blast and I will never forget them "in the round".  We were so close, when they play in the round just about everywhere is a good place to see them!!  Then no kidding the next week they were playing at Alpine Valley WI.  So I had to see them again, this time in an outside setting.  So my brother, his wife at the time, hubby and I went via limo!!  We could drink and have a good time without worrying how we would get back safely.  Well that didn't work out as we planned, but that's another story..  I ended up watching Def Leppard all by myself, but I loved every single minute of.  They are the most professional musicians and singers I have ever seen live.  And they still are, I have seen them 6 more times since then.  But I will NEVER for get The Summer or '88.  Best ever.  Now your probably wondering why am I blogging about this.  I just added a You  Tube video on the bottom of this blog.  This is a video of Def Leppard's photo shoot from their 2009 tour.  Please if you have 7 minutes watch it.  They are still "hot" and show they still have fun.  Hopefully I get to see them live again.
 These are not the ticket stubs I was looking for.  I really was on a search for the stubs from 1988, but I seem to not be able to find them.  I'm thinking they are in a scrapbook somewhere...  but where???

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Pillsbury Doughboy Sleeping Bag

Extremely cute.  This was my daughters.  I received this from a mail offer from Pillsbury's in the mid 90's. 
It is now available at Different Things!!

Vogue Pattern 2591 Now Available

Now Available at Different Things

Henry's Second Photo Shoot For The Day

Here is Henry's after the cut photo shoot!

Henry is begging me to stop taking pictures!!! 
I feel like I just came back from a parent teachers conference.  Do you have a dog, that gets groomed?  Have you ever been asked by your groomer if your dog has a attitude??  Normally the groomer just raves about Henry, that he is such a character and she just loves him.  Today was different.  I actually felt like I got a bad report from one of my kids teachers...  You want to defend your child even though you have this feeling your child actually misbehaved.  Yup, that's the feeling.  I asked her if he growled at her, she said yes.  Well Henry does a lot of growling, he growls at the shovel in the garage if it's not in the right place.  He growls at the shadows in the house from the moon, he growls at the cookie jar!!!    Yes he does growl if you pick him up and he wasn't expecting it, but he has never tried to bite anyone.  If this was a new groomer and she didn't know Henry, but Henry has never been groomed by anyone but her.  I was really surprised she asked me about his attitude.  I have told her in the past that he might growl at her but just tell him that's naughty and he will stop.  Why was today different then any other time??  Humm!

Havense Photo Shoot

Henry had a quick photo shoot this morning before he gets groomed.

He will have another photo shoot later to show off his new foofoo do!!

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Thrift Store Finds Today

I hit more thrift stores today after the dentist appointment today.  This is what I bought:
  • 2 Jello Football Jiggler Molds~ sell
  • Jello Jelly Bean Jiggler Mold~ sell
  • Unused Work Seek~ keep
  • Charles Wysocki  Uncle Jack's Topiary Tendencies Puzzle~ keep
  • Charles Wysocki Patriotic Stuffy Bunch Puzzle ~ keep~ this is the one I singled out, I have never seen this one before...  It's great, can't wait to put this one together
  • Paw Print Bandana~ Shelby will be sporting this when I get it washed
  • Black Taper Candle still wrapped~keep
This I also bought.  4 Black dinner plates and a gold jar with lid.  The jar is beautiful, it used to have a candle in it.  It now holds Henry's treats.  I realized with the dishwasher that I didn't have enough dinner plates.  I only had 6 dinner plates.  I found these and of course I had to have them...  they are black!!  I had bought a few more things but my mom came and without thinking I started to put the things away while I was talking.  Now of the life of me, I can't remember the other items. 

Monday, March 1, 2010

Van Recall and Thrift Store Shopping

This morning I had to bring my van in to get the latest recall done.  Thankfully it was completed within a half hour, so that gave me time to stop at two thrift stores. 

Not a lot of stuff but it was a fun shopping trip.
  • Fire King Coffee Mug ~to add collection I will sell some day
  • Starbucks Coffee Mug~starting a lot of these
  • Bellville Sassoon Vogue Pattern uncut~to sell
  • Vogue Sport Pattern uncut ~to sell
  • Paint By Numbers with Deer ~add to lot to sell
  • Charles Wysocki Puzzle, Monte Minding the Store~ put together and then sell
I love Charles Wysocki puzzles, I have had this puzzle before and put it together only to find out Henry chewed on one of the pieces.  I couldn't believe it.  Henry never chews on anything but his raw hides.  However he does get very jealous of the time I spend doing a puzzle.  Once I start a puzzle nothing else gets done and no play time for Henry, until I have the puzzle completed.  This particular puzzle is a difficult one, so it took more time then normal.  So I'm guessing I dropped a piece and he thought "I'll show her".  Man was I a unhappy dog owner that day.  But all is forgiven and I will try it again.  Gee I hope all the pieces are in the box or Henry might have to pack up and leave!!!LOL!

Then I looked at purses, I finally found a purse that matches my winter jacket and shoes, that I LIKE.
It's still empty.  Now I want to find a wallet that matches and that I like.  I have this feeling that it will be summer by then and I will be switching to a summer purse!!  

And this is the other thing I found...
I always look for photo frame holder.  It's black, just my style!!  You'll soon learn I love everything black!!

When I came home this is what Shelby was doing...
"I've got my ball and my bone, ALLL ISSS  GGOOOODDD"

And this was what the Henry was doing...

Snoozing in the chair with his ball!!!

The installer of the kitchen floor said I had to wait 5 days before scrubbing it.  So that's my next "must do" for today!!! 

UniBall is still giving away pens

Uniball is still giving away pens, so if you haven't signed up, do it here  Uniball  

I haven't received mine yet, but I know others that have.  Everyone that has received one has really liked it!!

Bahama Breeze Gift Card

Bahama Breeze Gift Card Free  Click this link, fill out the form and receive a $10 Gift Card for Bahama Breeze Restaurant.  I just filled it out.  I really don't know a lot of details, but I'm hoping Red Lobster or Olive Garden will accept these because I don't have a Bahama Breeze around here. Bahama Breeze and Red Lobster/Olive Garden are owned by the same company.  If not I will sell or trade it away for something I can use.  First I guess it has to come in the mail.  I will let you know when it arrives!!