Tuesday, April 9, 2013

RIP Ford

Ford passed away this afternoon...
RIP sweet little guy!  We will miss you always.

Little Ford

Pray for this little guy.  He is having kidney problems and it's not looking good.

Its Been 3 Years Today!!

I stopped smoking 3 years ago today!!!  I'm doing so great.  I'm now on the path of convincing my hubby to quit too.  If he only knew or understood the smell.  Trying to explain it to him doesn't work.  But once he quits he will understand the smoke is bad.  I'm glad we don't smoke in the house, so I don't have to deal with that.  My father inlaw is very sick (not from smoking) he has heart disease.  They say it runs in the family and my hubby being a smoker doesn't help his chances.  So I'm taking advantage hoping he will quit with some nudging.  After 3 years I'm thinking I won't go back but then I learned my sister inlaw who quit 11 years ago went back to smoking..  I hope and pray that life will not lead me back to smoking!  But I know today I won't be smoking.  Celebrate!