Sunday, September 26, 2010


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Thursday, September 23, 2010

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Wednesdays Deals

Walmart : I price matched with Festival Foods.  This is what I got.  Small cans of mushrooms $.39.  Hunt Spaghetti sauce $.68, Green Giant steamers peas $.68 and Walmart is clearancing their small mum's for $.50.

Pick N Save doubled up to 10 coupons yesterday!  Roundy's bread .88 with coupon, Nestle Chocolate Chips $1.98 used $.55/1 coupon doubled from All You Magazine,  Progresso soup $5/4 I used $1/4 printed from and $1/3 from a in store coupon booklet and $.50/2 from Sunday inserts.  All were doubled.  Combo's $2.19 and used $1/1 printed from  Baby Ruth full size candy bars were $1/4 with in ad coupon. Kraft cheese was $2 I used $5/5 coupon printed from Crest $1 used $.50/1 doubled from Sunday inserts.  Gum toothbrush $1.89 used $1/1 doubled from Sunday inserts.  Kemps sour cream $1 no coupon.  Coffee Mate $1.66 used $.55 doubled from All You Magazine.    Savings $42 and spent $19!! 

It was a fun shopping trip.  I didn't go rummaging today because it rained and now's it's windy like crazy, but it's still warm.  I'm actually getting ready for my rummage sale which will take place next week.  I really didn't have much to do because as I find things I want to sell I mark it and pack it in a tote.  However there were a few big things that don't fit in totes that I had to wipe off the dust and mark.  Yes I clean things before I sell them.  They are worth more if items are clean and look nice.   I live in the country and having a rummage sale here doesn't get much traffic.  So every year my aunt has a sale at her house in town.  My mom and I join her.  Our sale is huge, usually 25 or so tables and big items line the driveway and the front lawn has tarps with all the guy stuff  (Tools, fishing stuff, lawn care items etc)  It's a combination flea market -rummage sale because there are antiques, vintage, clothes, everyday items, kitchen, decor.. you name it we have it.  This sale gets me excited, because of the room it makes in my basement.  I love to have empty totes stacked.  I love it.. I tell ya!!  My basement is so packed with stuff it's craziness. 

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

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Monday's Shopping Deals

Yesterday I had a bunch of stuff to ship out that it wouldn't fit in the mail box and I didn't have a scheduled pick up.  So I had to go to town to mail out my ebay stuff.  So I stopped at St V's.  This is what I bought, Pyrex Casserole Dish.  I love the design.  I have never seen this before.

Then I stopped at Piggly Wiggly.  On Sunday they had some really good coupons in the their ad.  I got Food Club ice cream for $.99 for a carton.  Ranch dressing free with a coupon I printed from Larry's Piggly Wiggly  small cans of mushrooms $.29 each. Palermo's pizzas $1.99 each, gallon of milk $1.69, bread $.49 and in the freezer case I found a frozen Piggly Wiggly deli pizza with a $2 coupon off.  Total for that pizza was $3.50 for a deli pizza!!  Nice.  I spent $13 saved $9.

I also stopped at Walgreens Thermacare was $.99 after Register Rewards and I used $1 coupon printed here  C&S decaf coffee on clearance $4.19, Brach candy corn  $.69 and Airwick Imotion $3.99 used a $4 coupon I printed here  So those were free.  There might be a coupon for the Imotion in the Sunday inserts too.  

Chicken Alfredo Pizza YUMMMMM

This is sooooo good!!
I always wanted to try making my own Chicken Alfredo Pizza, but didn't have a recipe.  Well I made my own.
2 tubes of Grands Biscuits (any style)
2 cooked cubed Chicken breasts
1/2 jar of Ragu lite Alfredo sauce (I used the light)
1 cup frozen broccoli
1 small can of mushrooms
1/2 cup shredded Swiss cheese
1/2 shredded Montery Jack cheese
Salt & Pepper to taste
Garlic powder
Parmesan cheese

Preheat oven to 350 degrees.  Saute cubed Chicken breast with a bit of butter, salt, pepper and garlic powder. 
Flat and spread out the biscuits on a large pizza pan (no need to grease).
Evenly spread out the Alfredo sauce.
Sprinkle the sauce with garlic powder and Parmesan cheese (to taste)
Add cooked chicken.  Broccoli, don't thaw so it doesn't cook to much in the oven and get mushy.  Add drained mushrooms.  Top with the combination of Swiss and Montery Jack cheeses.  Bake for about 15 or until edges are golden brown.

I did one half with broccoli and the other half mushrooms, because I have picky eaters here.  But everyone at the table just loved it.  I still have some left over for lunch today!!! 

Friday's Rummage Sale Treasures

Brand new tackle bag (sell)
Mr Potato Head set (sell)
3 Charles Wysocki puzzles (sell)
2 Carebear glasses
Caresse body spray (keep)
needle point xmas kleenex box (sell)
Stuffed animal  (sell)
tie hanger (keep)
2 Baby Einstein DVDs (sell)
DS game (sell)
watch (keep)
suet cage (keep)
Littlest pet shop animal (keep)
smiley pillow (keep)
Box of Little Tikes Waffle blocks (sell) already on ebay
Contact type shelf paper (keep)
2 candles (1 keep and 1 sell)
DVD player (keep)
Star on a pedestal (keep)
Chicago Cutlery knife 9keep)
old kettle (keep, use for making fire starters)
big fluffy fleece (keep for ME)
3 brand new name brand pants (keep)
Lincoln Logs (sell)
Build A Bear (sell)
Ziploc of Little Tike and Fisher Price people (sell)
Scrapbook papers (keep)
Neo pets (sell)
Wilton Bear pan (sell)
Large Easter Eggs (sell)
Hollister skirts (sell)
Bird Cage (sell)
paint (keep)
2 Thanksgiving Blow molds: pilgrim and Indian (sell)
Chair in a bag (keep)

That's it!!!  So many great things.  It was a fun day, only wish I didn't have to stop on Friday I had to work.  So I stopped early even though there were many many more sales.  Friday was the first day of our city wide sale.  Sorry I didn't get this posted until now.  I've been so busy.

This is what I bought on Saturday...  It was a sad day
3 Pillar Home Interior Candles (keep)
4 stuffed animals (sell)
Tupperware pickle finder (selling on ebay)
PS2 (keep)
Lite Brite (sell)
blue sleep pants (keep)
2 more candles (keep)
2 soaps (keep) 
Fire King mug (sell)
xmas cookie cutters (sell)
2 bags of plastic ice cicles (keep)
glow in the dark shapes (keep)
Pampered Chef pan (sell)
2 Game Cube games (keep)
candle (keep)
stuffed snail (keep)
plastic plates (keep)
2 tops and a dress (keep)

As you probably guessed Nicci came with me today.  So some of her stuff made their way into my photo.  But gee there was so few things I bought I needed her stuff to fill up the photo.  It was so sad.  We shopped until 12:30 and everything was so picked over.  I know many opened on Friday so those sales are going to be sad, but there were some that were suppose to open first on Saturday.  But town was busy, there were many shoppers.  They must have been seriously shopping!!

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Now Available at Different Things


 I might be able to work on listing more stuff at Different Things later.  Right now I'm venturing into the garage, it's a mess.  Then I will be working on ebay this afternoon, but I might be able squeeze in a bit more stuff at Different Things.  I'll post if I do.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Thursdays Rummage Sale Finds

cross stitch xmas tissue box cover (sell)
shout color catchers new box (keep)
vintage puzzle (sell keep??)
caboodle case (sell) already on Ebay
Build a bear (sell)
Pokemon Monopoly (sell) already on Ebay
cookbook (sell)
m&m lights (sell)
jello egg mold (sell)
Yankee candle (keep)
pampered chef small steamer (sell)
calendar towel (sell) already on Ebay
cookbook (sell)
blue glass birds (sell)
2 black tops (keep)
Erector set Vintage (sell)
2 hoops (keep)

Vintage Legos (sell)
Stretched 2 UP bottle (sell) already on Ebay
3 vintage kids puzzles (sell)
Vintage basket (keep)
bare wood blocks (keep)
WELCOME letters (keep already painted black)
bare wood plaque (keep)
gourds and pumpkins (keep)

It was a good day.  Tomorrow is the first day of our towns city wide.  It's so big that it's 2 days!!  So I will hit the ones that open Friday and then I will go back on Saturday for those that are only open one day.  I'm so lucky our town does this in spring and again in fall.  It's great!  I'm crossing my fingers the weather will be nice!!  Today so many sales weren't open because it rained!

Keep checking my Ebay because I'm listing as many as I have time to.  My listing days are Sunday (only when I'm not working on Sunday) Monday Tuesday and Thursday.  I will be listing tons of stuff from now until Christmas.  If you see something here that I plan on selling keep checking I will be listing it.  Also keep checking Different Things  I will be listing there when I have time!

Wednesday Deals

Target deals: ooh it was fun this week.  School supplies were 75% I got 3 cent note books!!  I bought 22 of them.  Nicci should be set through High School.  Bread $.64 after coupon I printed  They also had there summer patio stuff marked 75% off got weed stop for $1.48 and hose tote for $5.74.  Lots of trial size on clearance...  check it out.  I don't pair up trial size and coupons any more because my store is so very picky about coupons.  It's just not worth it to me.  For example Fur Fighter (one of my favorite products read  about it here ) on clearance for $1.48 and I had $2 coupons.  One of the coupons was from out of package I had and the other coupons from printed from or a few weeks ago.  They now won't take internet coupons if they don't scan.  They did force it through because I didn't know that but they won't take them in the future...  like I'm going to know before hand if the coupon is not going to scan.  Interesting.  If you have printed coupons online you know that you have to sign up, follow some really unfriendly rules, download printers and use expensive ink to print these online coupons.  I just want to have a melt down when cashiers tell me this.  I know they are just doing their jobs, however I might have jumped through hoops too!!!  Anyway I got the Fur Fighters for free!!

Walgreens Chex Mix on sale for $.99 and used $.50/2 coupon.  Colgate Total $.99 after register reward and used d$1/1 from last Sundays inserts.  Scunci bobby pins, Nicci needed them and I needed a filler.  Vick's Dayquil on sale for 2/$5 after register rewards and I used 2 $1.50 coupons.  Infusion shampoo $3.99 after register reward and I used a $2.00 coupon from All You Magazine. 

Pick N Save:  Old El Paso shells $1.39 used $.50 from and doubled.  Chunky soup is $1.99 and b1g1f.  I used $1/4 coupons from Sunday inserts doubled.  So they were $.50 each.  I bought 18 of them!!!  Ronzoni pasta is $1.59 and b1g1f1 and I had $.55/1 coupon that I think printed from which were doubled. Icelandic breaded haddock was b1g1f at 6.99, no coupon for those.  Stove Top with ad coupon $.77.  Johnsville Brats $3.99 and used $.55 printed from either or those were doubled.  On clearance they have Kraft Melt Down Taco and Nacho flavor cheese slices for  $1.49 I bought 5 and used the $5 Kraft coupon  remember to print 2 of these!!  I made 2 trips into the store and I spent $29 and saved $56!

That's it for Wednesday Deals. 

What Would I never Buy Used

This one is easy.  not much

  • food
  • shoes (unless they are they clearly new)
  • underwear & bras
  • socks

What Would I Pay Full Price For

What would I pay full price for:
  • Def Leppard Concert (OK any concert, I have never won free tickets to anything, that would be fun tho!)
  • Gas
  • Stamps
  • Doctor Visits
  • Prescriptions
  • Movie popcorn
  • Electricity & other utilities
Ok...  are you getting the idea I don't buy much without a coupon or discount!  It's true.  I'm FRUGAL people!

Monday, September 13, 2010

What Would I Never Pay Full Price For

This question was talked about with some of friends and I.  What would I never pay full price for
  • frozen pizza
  • jewelry
  • books, cd's movies
  • shoes
  • purses
  • health and beauty items
  • candy
  • cleaning supplies
  • electronics (tv, computer, camera's etc...)
Everything on my list are things I can wait until it's on sale.  I'm frugal and have a stock pile of food, clean products and health and beauty items.  So many of the items we own are second hand so it was way below full price.  Whats on your list never pay full price list??

Like This

Like this..  Found on The Lettered Cottage!

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Friday's Rummage Sale Treasures

Build a Bear (sell)
Stuffed alien (sell)
American Girl Book (sell)
Charles Wysocki puzzle (sell)
black and white candle (keep)
Off white candle (it's battery operated) keep
jarred candle (keep)
Slow Good cookbook (SELL)
2 stuffed animals (sell)
Julia Child  first edition cookbook (sell)
2 Rachael Ray cookbooks (sell)
new cutting board (keep)
Game Boy cords and game(sell)
neopets (sell)
small canvas bag (keep)
small basket (keep)
US cellar phone (keep)
wood eggs (keep) it came with a wire chicken, which I didn't want so I took the eggs and gave back the chicken to the lady who was having the sale.  It was a fundraiser sale, so she could try to sell it again.

Sorry the photo is so dark.
Pyrex rectangle basket (keep)
stuffed elephant (sell)
build a bear (sell)
Pampered Chef cookie shooter (sell)
Pampered Chef coffee carafe (sell)
Pyrex round basket (keep)
coffee mug (keep)
2 Pampered Chef cookbooks, the same cookbook at 2 different sale, same price...  that's just weird (sell)
Pampered Chef small steamer (sell)
Pampered Chef butterer (sell)
VC Andrews book (sell)
Build a Bear dress (sell)
Disney book on tape (sell)
jean shorts (keep)
camera case (keep)

 Bundled sticks-keep

2 chair cushions for my red wood chairs.  These were only $6 for both.  I can't believe how expensive patio cushions are.  The ones I needed for these chairs were $30.00 each at least new.  That's crazy.  So I have been watching rummage sales and finally now that the sitting outside season is almost over (not like we have a lot of time to sit outside any way) and yes it's raining today.  Now what color to paint the chairs... oh maybe black???  These chair were my grandparents.  I remember when they bought them new in the 70's.  Would you like to see the old cushion??
Ok... shhhh...  they are UGGGGLY!!

Yes it's the original cushion.  I was using these up until last fall.  Why do you ask that I don't use them any more??  Well it's not because they are ugly it's because I only have one.  Why do I only have one????  Well hubby took one for his hunting blind and didn't bring it home every time.  Well when he finally brought it home a mouse thought it made for a nice home.  So it was burned. There was no way of finding anything this ugly to match.  Well I really like my new cushions they match the house, but not the chairs.  I will fix that with a little paint.  Hubby can have this last very ugly cushion for his hunting blind this fall.  He better not touch my new ones or he will be sleeping in his hunting blind!  LOL

Remembering 911

What were you doing at the time you heard?
I was in the bathroom listening to GMA getting ready to go shopping and I heard Charlie Gibson questioning the fire coming from a skyscraper in New York City.  At the time I knew that the World Trade existed, but I knew very little about it.  Most of my knowledge of the World Trade Center came from the bombing of the 90's.  I stood in the living room watching listening the TV when a second plane answered Charlies question.  Still the question was raised were we under attack.  I mourned the people in the buildings.  At this point I called my mom and they turned it on.  I finished getting ready and went over to my parents to see what they had to say.  In those few minutes that it takes me to travel from my house to my parents the news of the pentagon was attacked.  I was shocked couldn't believe in my life time we would be going to war.  I thought this would spur as in the Pearl Harbor attack a vow to enter a war.  President Bush he hawed around for months before he went after the man that lead many miss guided people to hate Americans.  To this day 9 years later this man is running from us.  Anyway back to remembering the innocent people that didn't ask for this nor realized what was happening or what could happen.  As I sat there and listened they started talking about the plane the terrorists were using.  At this point I FINALLY realized the terrorists weren't using empty planes.  I don't know why it took me so long to realize people were on those planes knowing exactly their fate.  I just couldn't believe that it was possible to hijack a plane after all the hijackings of the late 70's and the 80's.  Did we not learn a lesson from then?  I guess not.  Have we learned anything from this??  I hope so.  I know NO ONE ever thought a terrorist would use a loaded plane as a bomb, but they did.  I will never forget the planes hitting the build, the fires, the amazing set of buildings crumbing, the brave city, the brave people on a plane and their families saying good bye, the whole country coming together in faith and love.  

Now instead of remembering we are thinking about a pastor who wants to burn another faiths bible.  Would this pastor support any one burning his bible???  What is he thinking??  The Koran didn't tell the terrorists to attack us.   Now does the Mosque have to be build near the WTC?  I believe if they want to worship there they have every right.  However wouldn't it be safer or better at another location?  I'm not saying that the Muslims should run, but they should really look at a location that will welcome them.   If everyone would take a step back neither of these acts are because of one or the other.  The media linked these to acts.  The media won't let it alone and is making it bigger then what it is.

Back to remembering the victims, they are ones that a memorial should be about.   

With love and respect we miss you on this day and everyday.

Chunky Click for Cans

Of course since I'm giving you the link for click for Cans vote for the Green Bay Packers... please!  They have won the last 7 years.  
I'm not a huge football fan but they are my "team"
OK..... vote for the team you want but please take time to vote.

Last year Campbell's Chunky soup donated 18,000 cans for food to our local food pantry's.  We can always use your help.   Thank You for voting.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Thursdays Rummage Sale Finds

Oprah 20th anniversary DVD(sell)
Kist bottle (sell)
Little Chute Bottle (sell)
White Ceramic Tree (keep)
Build a Bear white bear (sell)
2 Charles Wysocki puzzles (sell)
3 black tops for work (keep)
moss (keep)
Pampered Chef cheese grater (sell)
Build a Bear santa suit (sell)
bop it (sell)
3 Pampered Chef Cookbooks (sell)
2 white unusual candles (keep)
black bath towel (keep)
3 blue towels (keep)
blue bath rug (keep)
Pampered Chef gadget (sell)

Sales were lousy... not much good stuff.  The antique pickers were out big time today.  Saw lots of them.  They were racing each other to sales and it was getting dangerous.  They were speeding and parking people in.  I hate that.  2 weeks ago was the first I had seen of them all season.  Now they are back in a big bad way.  I don't care that they are out there, we don't pick the same things, but when they are driving and being careless that bothers me.  But who do I tell????

Now Available at Different Things


Photograph Santana Chris Daughtry

Here is the link to the CD version, oh so much better then the live version from last week....

Listen to the entire song from the CD Guitar Heaven.  I don't like Back in Black at all and I love the original by AC DC.  Go ahead click on the link and listen for yourself.  The release date is September 21!!

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Wednesday Deals on Tuesday

After looking over the Sunday shopping ads I realized that I had so few things on my lists that I wouldn't "have" to shop on Wednesday.  There were no specials that I could double coupon so I could do my shopping any day of the week.. So I decided I would shop on Tuesday I needed a prescription filled so sooner the better.  So here we go...

First stop Walmart, price matched the Piggly Wiggly ad so I got another gallon of milk for $.99 and 3 pk of buns for $.69 each.  Watermelon is on sale for $1.98.   I needed Italian bread crumbs $.87.  Ruffles my favorite chip was still $1.98 each and bought a carton of juice $1.  They have a lot of clearance clothes so I bought a top for work $3!!!!  Hubby wanted cases of water for work $2.88 for a 28 pack, this is a great deal.  I wish  I had a couple.  I didn't use one coupon at Walmart.

Target has Spaghetto's on sale for $.50 each, I couldn't help it I wanted a can for myself.  I haven't had Spaghettos since the kids were in high chairs and always liked them.   Weed N Grass killer on sale for $4.48 and Ground Clear total vegetation killer $6.88.  Good price on both of them, I think the prices are 50% off.

Then over to Aldi's  They have Chrome High Quality Shelving.  5 shelves on each unit and each shelf holds up to 250 pounds each.  The price is $40 each!!  Great deal.  I bought 2 brought them home and called mom to come help me set them together!  Wow not a easy job, both I us swore and vowed that we hated them.  However I put them down in my basement to hold my store and ebay stock.  I love them. 

They hold so much stuff.  So much better then the plastic drawers I was using.

  Well...  sorry mom but I want at least one more.  So when I get to town I'm picking up another one. I will wait have one of the kids help me. 

My last stop was Goodwill.  OMG I love shopping there for clothes.  They have name brand clothes for cheap.  I 12 pieces of clothing and all were half price except for 3 pieces and look what else I bought
It was $24.99, it's more then what I usually pay for anything.  But I just love it.  However I'm not sure where it's going to go.  I will probably paint the legs black if I don't change the fabric.  If I change the fabric it will probably change to black or a dark color so I will keep the legs their present color.

Yesterday was a very fun day of shopping.  

Oops I forgot to give you the total at Goodwill.  After 12 pieces of clothes and the bench my total was $72!!!  Most of the clothes were name brand jeans and dress pants!!!  Lovin it!!!

Monday, September 6, 2010

Thursdays Rummage Sale Finds

6 cans of sealer (keep, gave mom 2 cans)
shadow box frame with glass (keep)
Pictionary  (sell)
scattergories (sell)
3 stuffed animals (sell)
1 new Lia Sophia necklace (keep)
2 other necklaces (keep)
2 earrings (keep)
Isn't this the cutest picture??  KEEP
Look at it in a different frame.
Big improvement!!!  I so love it!!
Now I have to find a place for it!!

And look at this!!!
This is a back window from a 70's-80's Ford Pick Up Truck.  It's etched and reads Bad A** Boys Drive Bad A** Toys.  I love it.  Again I don't know where I'm going to put it.  My son said I better keep it under lock and key or it will be his!!!  No way kiddo!!!

Well that's it, seriously there weren't many sales.  Sadly fall means rummage sales will soon disappear!!  I will miss them.