Monday, September 6, 2010

Martha Stewart

This morning I had Good Morning America on as I normally do in the mornings.  Right after GMA is Martha Stewart show.  Well today for some reason I was actually listening to the commercials.  (ask anyone that I know, I never listen to commercials, ever) Come to find out Martha Stewart show is moving to The Hallmark channel when her new season resumes on Sept. 13.  What is up with that????????  I don't have cable or satellite!!!  It is very sad I will not be watching Martha any more after GMA.  I have been for nearly 20 years!!!!  Granted I'm not home that often or the TV is not on at the time. But when the TV is on I'm watching Martha!!!  Sniff sniff... no more!!

Did you know she's 69 years old??  She just had a birthday on August 3 (1941) WOW she's looking great and doesn't seem her age at all.  Good for her!!

It is very true as the sign says as you walk into my house... Martha doesn't live here, but she does inspire me!!!  I will truly miss her.

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