Thursday, September 16, 2010

Thursdays Rummage Sale Finds

cross stitch xmas tissue box cover (sell)
shout color catchers new box (keep)
vintage puzzle (sell keep??)
caboodle case (sell) already on Ebay
Build a bear (sell)
Pokemon Monopoly (sell) already on Ebay
cookbook (sell)
m&m lights (sell)
jello egg mold (sell)
Yankee candle (keep)
pampered chef small steamer (sell)
calendar towel (sell) already on Ebay
cookbook (sell)
blue glass birds (sell)
2 black tops (keep)
Erector set Vintage (sell)
2 hoops (keep)

Vintage Legos (sell)
Stretched 2 UP bottle (sell) already on Ebay
3 vintage kids puzzles (sell)
Vintage basket (keep)
bare wood blocks (keep)
WELCOME letters (keep already painted black)
bare wood plaque (keep)
gourds and pumpkins (keep)

It was a good day.  Tomorrow is the first day of our towns city wide.  It's so big that it's 2 days!!  So I will hit the ones that open Friday and then I will go back on Saturday for those that are only open one day.  I'm so lucky our town does this in spring and again in fall.  It's great!  I'm crossing my fingers the weather will be nice!!  Today so many sales weren't open because it rained!

Keep checking my Ebay because I'm listing as many as I have time to.  My listing days are Sunday (only when I'm not working on Sunday) Monday Tuesday and Thursday.  I will be listing tons of stuff from now until Christmas.  If you see something here that I plan on selling keep checking I will be listing it.  Also keep checking Different Things  I will be listing there when I have time!

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