Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Friday's Rummage Sale Treasures

Brand new tackle bag (sell)
Mr Potato Head set (sell)
3 Charles Wysocki puzzles (sell)
2 Carebear glasses
Caresse body spray (keep)
needle point xmas kleenex box (sell)
Stuffed animal  (sell)
tie hanger (keep)
2 Baby Einstein DVDs (sell)
DS game (sell)
watch (keep)
suet cage (keep)
Littlest pet shop animal (keep)
smiley pillow (keep)
Box of Little Tikes Waffle blocks (sell) already on ebay
Contact type shelf paper (keep)
2 candles (1 keep and 1 sell)
DVD player (keep)
Star on a pedestal (keep)
Chicago Cutlery knife 9keep)
old kettle (keep, use for making fire starters)
big fluffy fleece (keep for ME)
3 brand new name brand pants (keep)
Lincoln Logs (sell)
Build A Bear (sell)
Ziploc of Little Tike and Fisher Price people (sell)
Scrapbook papers (keep)
Neo pets (sell)
Wilton Bear pan (sell)
Large Easter Eggs (sell)
Hollister skirts (sell)
Bird Cage (sell)
paint (keep)
2 Thanksgiving Blow molds: pilgrim and Indian (sell)
Chair in a bag (keep)

That's it!!!  So many great things.  It was a fun day, only wish I didn't have to stop on Friday I had to work.  So I stopped early even though there were many many more sales.  Friday was the first day of our city wide sale.  Sorry I didn't get this posted until now.  I've been so busy.

This is what I bought on Saturday...  It was a sad day
3 Pillar Home Interior Candles (keep)
4 stuffed animals (sell)
Tupperware pickle finder (selling on ebay)
PS2 (keep)
Lite Brite (sell)
blue sleep pants (keep)
2 more candles (keep)
2 soaps (keep) 
Fire King mug (sell)
xmas cookie cutters (sell)
2 bags of plastic ice cicles (keep)
glow in the dark shapes (keep)
Pampered Chef pan (sell)
2 Game Cube games (keep)
candle (keep)
stuffed snail (keep)
plastic plates (keep)
2 tops and a dress (keep)

As you probably guessed Nicci came with me today.  So some of her stuff made their way into my photo.  But gee there was so few things I bought I needed her stuff to fill up the photo.  It was so sad.  We shopped until 12:30 and everything was so picked over.  I know many opened on Friday so those sales are going to be sad, but there were some that were suppose to open first on Saturday.  But town was busy, there were many shoppers.  They must have been seriously shopping!!

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