Saturday, September 11, 2010

Friday's Rummage Sale Treasures

Build a Bear (sell)
Stuffed alien (sell)
American Girl Book (sell)
Charles Wysocki puzzle (sell)
black and white candle (keep)
Off white candle (it's battery operated) keep
jarred candle (keep)
Slow Good cookbook (SELL)
2 stuffed animals (sell)
Julia Child  first edition cookbook (sell)
2 Rachael Ray cookbooks (sell)
new cutting board (keep)
Game Boy cords and game(sell)
neopets (sell)
small canvas bag (keep)
small basket (keep)
US cellar phone (keep)
wood eggs (keep) it came with a wire chicken, which I didn't want so I took the eggs and gave back the chicken to the lady who was having the sale.  It was a fundraiser sale, so she could try to sell it again.

Sorry the photo is so dark.
Pyrex rectangle basket (keep)
stuffed elephant (sell)
build a bear (sell)
Pampered Chef cookie shooter (sell)
Pampered Chef coffee carafe (sell)
Pyrex round basket (keep)
coffee mug (keep)
2 Pampered Chef cookbooks, the same cookbook at 2 different sale, same price...  that's just weird (sell)
Pampered Chef small steamer (sell)
Pampered Chef butterer (sell)
VC Andrews book (sell)
Build a Bear dress (sell)
Disney book on tape (sell)
jean shorts (keep)
camera case (keep)

 Bundled sticks-keep

2 chair cushions for my red wood chairs.  These were only $6 for both.  I can't believe how expensive patio cushions are.  The ones I needed for these chairs were $30.00 each at least new.  That's crazy.  So I have been watching rummage sales and finally now that the sitting outside season is almost over (not like we have a lot of time to sit outside any way) and yes it's raining today.  Now what color to paint the chairs... oh maybe black???  These chair were my grandparents.  I remember when they bought them new in the 70's.  Would you like to see the old cushion??
Ok... shhhh...  they are UGGGGLY!!

Yes it's the original cushion.  I was using these up until last fall.  Why do you ask that I don't use them any more??  Well it's not because they are ugly it's because I only have one.  Why do I only have one????  Well hubby took one for his hunting blind and didn't bring it home every time.  Well when he finally brought it home a mouse thought it made for a nice home.  So it was burned. There was no way of finding anything this ugly to match.  Well I really like my new cushions they match the house, but not the chairs.  I will fix that with a little paint.  Hubby can have this last very ugly cushion for his hunting blind this fall.  He better not touch my new ones or he will be sleeping in his hunting blind!  LOL

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