Thursday, September 9, 2010

Thursdays Rummage Sale Finds

Oprah 20th anniversary DVD(sell)
Kist bottle (sell)
Little Chute Bottle (sell)
White Ceramic Tree (keep)
Build a Bear white bear (sell)
2 Charles Wysocki puzzles (sell)
3 black tops for work (keep)
moss (keep)
Pampered Chef cheese grater (sell)
Build a Bear santa suit (sell)
bop it (sell)
3 Pampered Chef Cookbooks (sell)
2 white unusual candles (keep)
black bath towel (keep)
3 blue towels (keep)
blue bath rug (keep)
Pampered Chef gadget (sell)

Sales were lousy... not much good stuff.  The antique pickers were out big time today.  Saw lots of them.  They were racing each other to sales and it was getting dangerous.  They were speeding and parking people in.  I hate that.  2 weeks ago was the first I had seen of them all season.  Now they are back in a big bad way.  I don't care that they are out there, we don't pick the same things, but when they are driving and being careless that bothers me.  But who do I tell????

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