Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Wednesday Deals on Tuesday

After looking over the Sunday shopping ads I realized that I had so few things on my lists that I wouldn't "have" to shop on Wednesday.  There were no specials that I could double coupon so I could do my shopping any day of the week.. So I decided I would shop on Tuesday I needed a prescription filled so sooner the better.  So here we go...

First stop Walmart, price matched the Piggly Wiggly ad so I got another gallon of milk for $.99 and 3 pk of buns for $.69 each.  Watermelon is on sale for $1.98.   I needed Italian bread crumbs $.87.  Ruffles my favorite chip was still $1.98 each and bought a carton of juice $1.  They have a lot of clearance clothes so I bought a top for work $3!!!!  Hubby wanted cases of water for work $2.88 for a 28 pack, this is a great deal.  I wish  I had a couple.  I didn't use one coupon at Walmart.

Target has Spaghetto's on sale for $.50 each, I couldn't help it I wanted a can for myself.  I haven't had Spaghettos since the kids were in high chairs and always liked them.   Weed N Grass killer on sale for $4.48 and Ground Clear total vegetation killer $6.88.  Good price on both of them, I think the prices are 50% off.

Then over to Aldi's  They have Chrome High Quality Shelving.  5 shelves on each unit and each shelf holds up to 250 pounds each.  The price is $40 each!!  Great deal.  I bought 2 brought them home and called mom to come help me set them together!  Wow not a easy job, both I us swore and vowed that we hated them.  However I put them down in my basement to hold my store and ebay stock.  I love them. 

They hold so much stuff.  So much better then the plastic drawers I was using.

  Well...  sorry mom but I want at least one more.  So when I get to town I'm picking up another one. I will wait have one of the kids help me. 

My last stop was Goodwill.  OMG I love shopping there for clothes.  They have name brand clothes for cheap.  I 12 pieces of clothing and all were half price except for 3 pieces and look what else I bought
It was $24.99, it's more then what I usually pay for anything.  But I just love it.  However I'm not sure where it's going to go.  I will probably paint the legs black if I don't change the fabric.  If I change the fabric it will probably change to black or a dark color so I will keep the legs their present color.

Yesterday was a very fun day of shopping.  

Oops I forgot to give you the total at Goodwill.  After 12 pieces of clothes and the bench my total was $72!!!  Most of the clothes were name brand jeans and dress pants!!!  Lovin it!!!

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