Saturday, September 11, 2010

Remembering 911

What were you doing at the time you heard?
I was in the bathroom listening to GMA getting ready to go shopping and I heard Charlie Gibson questioning the fire coming from a skyscraper in New York City.  At the time I knew that the World Trade existed, but I knew very little about it.  Most of my knowledge of the World Trade Center came from the bombing of the 90's.  I stood in the living room watching listening the TV when a second plane answered Charlies question.  Still the question was raised were we under attack.  I mourned the people in the buildings.  At this point I called my mom and they turned it on.  I finished getting ready and went over to my parents to see what they had to say.  In those few minutes that it takes me to travel from my house to my parents the news of the pentagon was attacked.  I was shocked couldn't believe in my life time we would be going to war.  I thought this would spur as in the Pearl Harbor attack a vow to enter a war.  President Bush he hawed around for months before he went after the man that lead many miss guided people to hate Americans.  To this day 9 years later this man is running from us.  Anyway back to remembering the innocent people that didn't ask for this nor realized what was happening or what could happen.  As I sat there and listened they started talking about the plane the terrorists were using.  At this point I FINALLY realized the terrorists weren't using empty planes.  I don't know why it took me so long to realize people were on those planes knowing exactly their fate.  I just couldn't believe that it was possible to hijack a plane after all the hijackings of the late 70's and the 80's.  Did we not learn a lesson from then?  I guess not.  Have we learned anything from this??  I hope so.  I know NO ONE ever thought a terrorist would use a loaded plane as a bomb, but they did.  I will never forget the planes hitting the build, the fires, the amazing set of buildings crumbing, the brave city, the brave people on a plane and their families saying good bye, the whole country coming together in faith and love.  

Now instead of remembering we are thinking about a pastor who wants to burn another faiths bible.  Would this pastor support any one burning his bible???  What is he thinking??  The Koran didn't tell the terrorists to attack us.   Now does the Mosque have to be build near the WTC?  I believe if they want to worship there they have every right.  However wouldn't it be safer or better at another location?  I'm not saying that the Muslims should run, but they should really look at a location that will welcome them.   If everyone would take a step back neither of these acts are because of one or the other.  The media linked these to acts.  The media won't let it alone and is making it bigger then what it is.

Back to remembering the victims, they are ones that a memorial should be about.   

With love and respect we miss you on this day and everyday.

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