Monday, September 6, 2010

Happy Labor Day

Yup it rained.  It looks like it might be clearing, we'll see.  Mom wanted to go to the county fair.  Hopefully the sun will come out.
I made salsa this morning.  I used a season packet.  There is room for improvement.
I thought I was luckiest person!!!!   When these came up on their own from the scraps I bury in my garden.  I bury all my fruit and vegetable waste in my garden, it's my way of composting.  I have/had 17 cantaloupe this year.  As much as my family love cantaloupe these are not good.  Sadly they are not sweet.  They are juicy though.  I did a search to find the reason they aren't sweet.  It's because of all the rain.  To much water will make them juicy but not sweet.  MAN!!  We are eating them as they ripen, however I have to add sugar to them.  I have a watermelon out there I hope isn't affected by too much rain.  It also came up by itself...  Which is very strange because all watermelons in the stores are seedless, so how it come up????

I wanted to talk about my frustration with the weather and seasons.  I love summer, it is by far the best season!  Next is spring because everything looks and smells new.  Fall is tolerable, but it gets cold and EVERYTHING dies.  It's so sad.  Every day I dread getting up and going out side or even looking out side.  I try to live with it, by decorating for fall and Halloween.  But I still dislike fall.  But then Winter, let me tell you how much I hate winter.  It's cold, it's snowy, it's slippery and causes plans to be canceled.  Stuck in the house for months on end.  And you ask why do you live in Wisconsin???  This is where I was born and raised.  If I could get all my friends and family to move I would move to southern Illinois.  As I understand their winters are short.  I could really live with that.  The length of Winter is the real reason I hate it so much.  Last year it started to snow shortly after Halloween and it snowed just about every day until February.  We had a early spring which is odd because we normally get snow until the second week of April and it still just doesn't warm up until after Memorial Day.  We will have summer until Labor Day weekend then it's fall.  We normally only get 3 months of warm weather if we are lucky.  Well this year isn't any different.  Wednesday we had a 40 degree drop in temperature.  The whole Labor Day weekend if we had the highs of  low 70 degrees we were lucky.  Now we are in full blown Autumn.  The trees are changing, the field corn is ready and is being harvested already.  The farmers were able to get in the fields early this year to plant so the crops are maturing early and are ready for harvesting.  And lastly I had to send my daughter to school on Wednesday, she started her Freshmen year of High School.  All of these things saddens me....  I must say good bye to summer.   This is the first year that I wasn't looking forward to school starting.  I truly miss having my daughter here with me.  I will miss someone to talk to, the help is she around here and someone to do projects with.   She is so grown up.

I keep saying to myself, don't fight this.  I must embrace the season change.  I do try, but I just miss summer so much.  I miss the heat, the freedom to walk outside without warm clothes and everything else about summer.  However whenever I say that, my daughter reminds me about the humidity and the mosquitoes.  She is right I don't like the humidity, however I can live with it.  Heat doesn't bother me, but humidity will cause me to get edgy.  As for mosquitoes... man they ARE the worst thing about summer.  This year was the absolute worst year for them.  The entire month of August you had to defend yourself the moment you stepped outside and it didn't matter what time of day.  We went through 8 cans of spray, the most we ever used in one summer.  And the mosquitoes are still out there ready to attack.  Like this morning picking my tomatoes and melons.  I had to have one free hand at all times just to swat them.  Spray doesn't seem to work any more.  But I still can except mosquitoes over a foot of snow!!  I wish I had some weather outside interests, but I don't.  The only thing I do in winter weather is ice fish.  I don't like being cold, but  I hate being wet and cold even worse.  It's just not for me!!  I know I will have to deal with it just like any other year. But it is clear I can't wait for next time summer already!!

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