Thursday, September 23, 2010

Wednesdays Deals

Walmart : I price matched with Festival Foods.  This is what I got.  Small cans of mushrooms $.39.  Hunt Spaghetti sauce $.68, Green Giant steamers peas $.68 and Walmart is clearancing their small mum's for $.50.

Pick N Save doubled up to 10 coupons yesterday!  Roundy's bread .88 with coupon, Nestle Chocolate Chips $1.98 used $.55/1 coupon doubled from All You Magazine,  Progresso soup $5/4 I used $1/4 printed from and $1/3 from a in store coupon booklet and $.50/2 from Sunday inserts.  All were doubled.  Combo's $2.19 and used $1/1 printed from  Baby Ruth full size candy bars were $1/4 with in ad coupon. Kraft cheese was $2 I used $5/5 coupon printed from Crest $1 used $.50/1 doubled from Sunday inserts.  Gum toothbrush $1.89 used $1/1 doubled from Sunday inserts.  Kemps sour cream $1 no coupon.  Coffee Mate $1.66 used $.55 doubled from All You Magazine.    Savings $42 and spent $19!! 

It was a fun shopping trip.  I didn't go rummaging today because it rained and now's it's windy like crazy, but it's still warm.  I'm actually getting ready for my rummage sale which will take place next week.  I really didn't have much to do because as I find things I want to sell I mark it and pack it in a tote.  However there were a few big things that don't fit in totes that I had to wipe off the dust and mark.  Yes I clean things before I sell them.  They are worth more if items are clean and look nice.   I live in the country and having a rummage sale here doesn't get much traffic.  So every year my aunt has a sale at her house in town.  My mom and I join her.  Our sale is huge, usually 25 or so tables and big items line the driveway and the front lawn has tarps with all the guy stuff  (Tools, fishing stuff, lawn care items etc)  It's a combination flea market -rummage sale because there are antiques, vintage, clothes, everyday items, kitchen, decor.. you name it we have it.  This sale gets me excited, because of the room it makes in my basement.  I love to have empty totes stacked.  I love it.. I tell ya!!  My basement is so packed with stuff it's craziness. 

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