Monday, March 1, 2010

Van Recall and Thrift Store Shopping

This morning I had to bring my van in to get the latest recall done.  Thankfully it was completed within a half hour, so that gave me time to stop at two thrift stores. 

Not a lot of stuff but it was a fun shopping trip.
  • Fire King Coffee Mug ~to add collection I will sell some day
  • Starbucks Coffee Mug~starting a lot of these
  • Bellville Sassoon Vogue Pattern uncut~to sell
  • Vogue Sport Pattern uncut ~to sell
  • Paint By Numbers with Deer ~add to lot to sell
  • Charles Wysocki Puzzle, Monte Minding the Store~ put together and then sell
I love Charles Wysocki puzzles, I have had this puzzle before and put it together only to find out Henry chewed on one of the pieces.  I couldn't believe it.  Henry never chews on anything but his raw hides.  However he does get very jealous of the time I spend doing a puzzle.  Once I start a puzzle nothing else gets done and no play time for Henry, until I have the puzzle completed.  This particular puzzle is a difficult one, so it took more time then normal.  So I'm guessing I dropped a piece and he thought "I'll show her".  Man was I a unhappy dog owner that day.  But all is forgiven and I will try it again.  Gee I hope all the pieces are in the box or Henry might have to pack up and leave!!!LOL!

Then I looked at purses, I finally found a purse that matches my winter jacket and shoes, that I LIKE.
It's still empty.  Now I want to find a wallet that matches and that I like.  I have this feeling that it will be summer by then and I will be switching to a summer purse!!  

And this is the other thing I found...
I always look for photo frame holder.  It's black, just my style!!  You'll soon learn I love everything black!!

When I came home this is what Shelby was doing...
"I've got my ball and my bone, ALLL ISSS  GGOOOODDD"

And this was what the Henry was doing...

Snoozing in the chair with his ball!!!

The installer of the kitchen floor said I had to wait 5 days before scrubbing it.  So that's my next "must do" for today!!! 

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