Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Wednesdays Deals

I had a great day for saving money and using coupons!!

Pick N Save: Spent $11.77 and saved $42.07.   Case of water $1.98 with store coupon.  Pasta Roni $.33 a box with $1 off 3 boxes doubled.  Ragu $.98 bottle with in store coupon.  No Yolks free, they were a $1 each with $1/2 coupon doubled.  Free bag of OreIda Potatoes, they were $1.98 and used a $1/1 coupon from last Sundays inserts.   Pail of ice cream $2.99 with store coupon.  2 boxes of Lunchables Subs were free with $1/1 coupon from last Sundays inserts. They were on sale for $1 each, I used a $1/1 coupon that were doubled so I made $1 on each one.  From last week I received coupons from purchasing Hamburger Helper that I could use on fresh Chicken, Beef or Tuna.  I used those on family size packages of Fresh Chicken legs.  One package was $2.94 and the other was 2.79 and the coupons were worth $2.50 and $1.50.  I now have 4 meals from those two packages.  Last week from buying GM cereal I got a coupon for free milk.  So I picked a gallon that was $3.09, because I purchased over $40 worth a groceries I got $2 off instantly plus I used the free milk coupon from last week, which was worth $3.25.  I received the overage off my bill.  Nice!!

Target was a bit weird.  I bought a bag of Pedigree 8 pound bag of dog food $7.49, had a coupon for $3 off.  Air Wick Ultra iMotion, used a $1 off coupon printed from and a manufacturers coupon $5.00 made that free because they are on sale for $6.00 each.  Goldfish were $1.75 and I had $.75/1 coupon, that coupon was printed off the internet several weeks ago.  They were about to expire wanted to use them up.  Bought one solar garden light that you push into the ground.  A few days ago Target had a Target coupon for $2 on their website.  I found they were on sale for $3, so I only paid a $1.  I could only print one of the coupons!!  Man I would have loved 10 of those.  Connect 4 game is on sale for $7, I used a Target coupon for $3/1 and a manufactures coupon called Game Night Games $4, so that game was free.  I know I had a Monopoly coupon for $5 off but ya think I could find it.  Nope couldn't find it until later after I had left the store.  I could have gotten a $1 overage if I could have only had that coupon.  Yeah I know I'm  so organized how did it get misplaced.  Easy somehow it got between 2 a like coupons and I missed it.  So if I get back to Target I will pick up the Monopoly game.  I will donate these games at Christmas time for Toys for Tots.  Ok this is the weird part, the cashier said my total was $.50!!  That's it, she made a comment that "I think I made a mistake".  And then she says "oh well".  I was talking to a lady behind me and the store was busy so I just paid it and walked away.  I then looked closer to my receipt and realized she never rang up the dog food, however she forced the dog food coupon through.  That's why the ending amount was so low.  I went to the service desk and explained the cashier didn't ring up the dog food.  So they let me pay for the dog food there.  So my actual total there was $8.34.

Walmart priced matched a lot of items there with the Festival Foods ad.  I got canned mushrooms for $.38 each, fresh asparagus for $1.48 a pound, Eggs $.78 a dozen, 8oz shredded cheese $.99, Sun Chips $1.98 each, and frozen peas $.48 each.  Good day at Walmart.  I ran out of time for more shopping...  had lots of fun.

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