Thursday, May 20, 2010

Wednesday Deals

Pick N Save: BC Fruit Snacks were on clearance for $1.34.  I found a Shrek display in the store, which I a booklet with BC coupons in it.  There was a $1/2 BC Fruit Snack coupon, I used that and it was doubled.  Coke 12 pk's were B4G1F, so it ended up being $10/5 a pk.  Jacks pizza's were $2 each and I used $1/3 coupon from the Sunday inserts a few weeks ago and those were doubled.  GE light bulbs $1.50 each and used $1/1 coupons from Sunday inserts a few weeks ago, those were doubled.  Got overage on those.  I spent $27.15 but saved on that trip $43.37!    Second trip in Pick N Save:  I got Pop Tarts $.98 from PnS coupon booklet that was in last Sunday's paper.  I used a $1.25/3 coupon from a few weeks ago Sunday insert.  California Flatbread on sale for $2 and there was a $1/1 blinkie coupon on display in the freezer case, which was doubled.. free.  (had that for lunch.. didn't really like it.  It was chicken and bacon, there was Dijon mustard on it.  I like dijon, but not on this.  Maybe too much mozzarella cheese too).  Johnsonville brats on sale for $3.99 and used a $.75/2 coupon from the Sunday inserts, doubled.  $.69 head of lettuce with coupon from their booklet.  International Delight pints $1 each I had $.55/1 from the Sunday inserts about 2 months ago.  Double so they were free and there was overage.  They had buy 4 12 pks of Mt Dew and get a bag of Doritos free with in store coupon.  So I paid $9.88 for 4- 12's and a bag of chips.  Spent $22.64 and saved $31.51.

Print 2 Bic Coupons here and use them at Walmart on the 10 pack of pens.  They will be free!!

That's it for now.  I had been busy trying to buy flowers for my pots and beds.  For some reason this area stores are not getting the plants in that they have in the past.  I bought my tomatoes and accent plants without trouble, but I'm having a terrible time with my bell pepper plants.  I can only buy bells in single pots and there want $2 each.  Well after I buy what I need 6 or so plants I have $12 tied up in plants, do you know how many bell peppers I can buy in the store for $12!!  A lot.  I won't pay that for plants the black birds might like for supper one day.  So I'm still looking.  Also this year I want to do my pots in red white and blue petunias.  I found my red and white, but I'm not finding the blue.  Even finding the other colors are next to impossible.  I don't get why the stores are not getting more plants in???  I have never had this hard of a time finding my plants.  Usually one stop and I'm done.  Now I have been to 6 different store and I don't have all my plants yet. 
I did find these on clearance at Lowes
$2 for a flat of Phlox!!  Good price and they look healthy.

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