Saturday, May 8, 2010

Saturday's Rummage Sale Loot

Today I had to run to the Post Office to drop off some items I sold on eBay and Pick N Save now has double coupons on Saturday too....  so of course I had to stop at some rummage sales!!  Boy I'm glad I did!! This is what I got in the above picture..
4 rolls of clear packing tape...  OMG!!!  $1 for all 4 (yeah... keep)
2 containers of Lincoln Logs (sell)
a fabulous wood fish..  oh can you see it black!!!  (yup... keeper)
2 roll of unopened stitch witchery (keep)
2 race car Jello Jiggler molds (sell)
2 football Jello Jiggler molds (sell)
2Christmas Jello Jiggler molds (sell)
4 Halloween Jello Jiggler molds (sell)
beautiful tile that I thought would fit in a table my son made but it's to big.  (still gonna keep)
Spongebob Christmas DVD unopned (sell)

Love my cactus????  Can you believe it.. it's fake!!!  It will go outside on the front porch.

Can you guess what is in this box???  Hint look at the top of the box there is a sticker..  do you know that little cricket head sticker??

Yup a brand new Cricut!!!!!!  I can't believe it... I have been thinking about one of these for a while now!!!  I was wondering how I could buy one of these really cheap!!!  Well I did it today.  It is brand new.... but it doesn't have any cartridges keypads or mat.  I know it works because the lady who sold it to me had a mat and cartridges of her own and showed me.  So now I have to find some cartridges at a rummage sale cheap.  I know there is a site online where you can download programs online for a one time price.  I bought the machine here for $40 I thought that was a very good price!!!  Now I just have to learn how to play with it!!  Happy Mothers Day to me!

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