Friday, June 11, 2010

Thursdays Rummage Sale Finds

2 homemade half aprons and 2 store bought half aprons, all are vintage (sell)
Big gold plastic serving tray (for taco dip... keep)
Rubber skeleton (Keep) free
3 vintage round cake pans (keep)
2 rubber bats (keep) free
Jessica Simpson CD (keep)
Extremely heavy lined sweater in the very back hanging on the chair (keep)
lined round basket (keep)
jarred candle unused (keep)
2 halloween jello molds (sello)
3 kitchen towels (keep)
2 blue and white placemats (keep) see..
I put placemats under my wash baskets so the baskets don't scratch the washer and dryer.
Taz Blowmold (sell)
Build a Bear Hello Kitty (sell)
2 Christmas Jello molds (sell)
DVD (keep)
2 packages of vintage tree decorations, they are little lanterns (sell)
2 different sized lined baskets (keep)
Pampered Chef Bread tube new (sell)
toy horse stable (sell) free
Wilton Ghost pan (sell)
Knives (keep)
Food bug cover (keep)
Pampered Chef large bar stone (sell)
Pampered Chef cake tester (sell)
3 Pampered Chef bamboo spoons (sell)
4 scrapbooking punches (keep 2 sell 2)
big unicorn cookie cutter (keep)
bag of Mr Potato Head and other vegetables (sell)
Wilton Turkey Pan (sell)
6 cookbooks (sell)
vintage A&W small mug (add to my collection sell later)
big ghost cookie cutter (keep) our school mascot is Galloping Ghost)
9 Jello jiggler molds (sell)
Grey sweatshirt on the chair in the back (keep)
2 rolls of ribbon (orange and black school colors) (keep)
2 beautiful crocheted half aprons (sell)
oval frame (keep)
deer hand towel (keep)
2 new bbq brushes (keep)
full year of Paula Deen Magazine (sell already on ebay Paula Deen)
2 huge kitchen towels (keep)
The big bowl is a garden hose keeper (keep)
2 wood statues (keep)
Trellis tower (keep)
terracotta planter (keep)
24 kids books on tape (sell)

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