Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Look At What We Bought

It's a 1999 30 foot 5th wheel trailer.  They call this a toy hauler.  These are very hard to find around here.  Either you buy new and spend $30,000 + or you have to travel to get a used one.  We drove 4 hours one way to buy this one and it's nice.  There is some wear here and there and I've been cleaning and painting some things.  I really want to rip out the carpet and recover the beds and valances.  However I think both are huge jobs.  We'll see.  But now we have something nice to take to Iola car show next month and hubby can take this to Colorado, Elk hunting in the fall.  Plenty of sleeping areas and room for car parts, golf cart & 4 wheelers.

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