Thursday, June 17, 2010

Thursdays Rummage Sale Finds

Starting in the back
3 melted plastic decorations (sell)
roll of wrapping paper (keep)
2 canisters (keep)
2 rolls of ribbon (keep)
vintage metal flash light (always buy these and keep)
2 books Sewing with Nancy (sell)
bundle of wheat (keep)
beaded fringe (keep)
black lace (keep)
bag of wood balls (keep)
2 books (keep & sell)
dresser scarf (keep)
vintage Canada dresser scarf (sell)

3 Build A Bears (sell)
storage case (keep)
metal flash light (keeP
non skid for under rugs (keep)
3 cookbooks (sell)
jello egg mold (sell)
cookie cutters (sell)
jello Nascar mold (sell)
3 new hooks (keep)
Large tote of legos (sell)
Cute cabinet, it has a few bumps for perfect for the basement. (keep)
wreath (keep)
shoe planter (keep)
3 tin stars (keep)
Vintage cooler (sell I think)
Pokemon sheet set (sell)
Starbucks travel mug (keep)
Green Bay Packers Coffee cup (keep)
Brown Blanket for trailer (keep)
2 cookbooks (sell)

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