Thursday, June 24, 2010

Thursdays Rummage Sale Finds

Penguin Shuffle Game (sell)
2 cookbooks (sell)
Build a Bear cleaning spray (keep)
22 regular hangers and 7 pants hangers (keep)
4 black photo boxes (keep)
Graduation Cap (sell)
Necklace (keep)
3 books (keep)
Pampered Chef bamboo tongs (sell)
Pampered Chef Cherry pitter (keep)
Bunch of scrapbooking supplies (keep)
vintage hot dog forks for the camp fire (keep)
whole box of used towels (keep for washing cars)  Best part the whole box was free!!!!!
Little Tikes Piggy Bank (sell)
Build a Bear kennel (sell)
2 Neopets (sell)
Build a Bear back pack (sell)
black ceramic ball (keep)
Build a Bear t-shirt (sell)
Pampered Chef cookbook (sell)
cookbook (sell)
black dog rope (keep)
green brick for removing pet hair from furniture.. works great!!  (keep)

Vintage hummingbird feeder (keep)
DVD binder (keep)
styro form (keep)
Bailey's cup (sell)
Candle (keep)
2 Charles Wysocki puzzles (put together and then sell)
4 cookbooks (sell)
black faux leather dog jacket.. (KEEP)
vintage table cloth (sell)
oval glass mirror (keep)
Side table (keep, might sell after I paint it)
Blow mold penguins (sell)
Blow Mold Dracula (sell)
Box of old magazines (sell)
Yup  Henry in his new jacket and his Harley hat!!!!  So adorable!!!  Next week he goes in for a hair cut.  We leave for Iola carshow on the 7th so he has to be cut for that.  There are ticks up there and I want to know if  ticks are on him...  with all that hair we would never find them.  So yeah, it's to hot for the jacket so we took it off him.  I don't think he was sad about that!!!

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