Thursday, June 17, 2010

Wedding Anniversary Today

Today is our 22nd wedding anniversary.  It's so exciting to have remembered my anniversary.  2 years ago everyone including me had forgotten our anniversary, not just an hour or 2... 2 days!!!!!  It was the year dad was diagnosed with cancer.  My father had already had the surgery to remove the cancer in his arm and he wanted to go to a carshow called Back To the 50's in Minnesota.  So we packed everything up and went.  We had never been there, but my parents went annually for years.  They would meet up with Chuck and Luann, who are wonderful people by the way.  We had met them before  but never spent any time with them until that carshow.  It was a great time even though dad didn't feel good and the day after returning home he had scheduled surgery to remove his cancerous kidney.  Anyway we left for the show on June 17 which was a Tuesday, being so side tracked no one thought of the date.  Well 2 days later we were sitting in the shade of a hotel that was hosting a carshow, which was part of the show.   We were all talking about anniversaries and how many years.  Thats when it dawned on me that we had missed our anniversary.  I was very upset, it was our 20th and we completely missed it.  How sad is that??  I started crying everyone felt horrible as there was really nothing anyone could do.  Last year I almost forgot again, it was noon before it dawned on me that it was our anniversary.  Last year with dad's passing only 2 weeks before I was side tracked with other things.  Now this year, my mom reminded me 2 days ago of our anniversary.  So I didn't forget this morning, but I hadn't thought about it until mom said something... would I have forgotten again?????  Man!!!  My mom brought me these!! 
Purdy ain't it??????
So you ask what are we doing to celebrate?  I can't be sure we didn't talk about it this morning so I have to wait until hubby gets home.  I know one thing I have to do is go to a wake.. a friend of mine and coworker's stepfather committed suicide.  It was very very sad.  I didn't know him real well.  But my friend thought of this man as her father.  He was always so very nice to me.  I feel for her.  I know her loss.  I can't relate to how he passed...  I hope she has the strength to deal with this.  She and her family are in my prayers.  So I have to at least stop in tonight at the wake.  Hopefully hubby will come with me, we could take the convertible and stop for a burger some place.  I would be happy with that!!! 

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