Saturday, May 14, 2011

Saturday Rummage Sale Finds

6 stuffed animals-sell
ziploc bag of Build a Bear clothes-sell
woven box with cover-keep
2 candles-keep
Pampered Chef chopper-sell
2 sets Wilton Silly Feet silicone cupcake holders-sell
2 dvd's-keep
purple tank top-keep
6 Junie B Jones books-sell
2 watering spheres-keep
gameboy advanced -sell
ink for cricut cutter-keep
gameboy color-sell
stampin up stampers-sell
3 rolls of scrapbooking ribbon-keep
3 close to my heart stampers -sell
Martha Steward food magazine-sell
4 Pampered Chef cookbooks-sell
2 Build a Bear animals-sell
Pampered Chef pizza stone-sell
4 American Girl books-sell
Wilton Blue Clues cake pan-sell
Wilton Thomas the tank cake pan-sell
glitter hairspray-keep
Build a Bear backpack-sell
stuffed candy cane-sell
Scholastic Red Riding Hood DVD new-sell
Pampered Chef cookbook-sell
7 cookie cutters-sell
Pampered Chef small bar pan-sell
2 Build a Bear tabby cats-sell
5 stuffed animals-sell
Build a Bear clothes-sell
Leapad with books-sell
3 rolls of tape-keep
New Lia Sophia Blue Coast Necklace-sell
cast iron decor-keep

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