Monday, July 26, 2010

Flea Market

Man I forgot to take pictures!!  

The flea market yesterday was good.  There weren't as many vendors as I would have liked, there was about 20.  There were many shoppers though.  My aunt and uncle did way better then mom and I money wise, but we were happy with our first time.  I think we will do it again.  But when I'm not sure.  I sold lots of my extra health and beauty aids and things that have been in my store a long time.  We decided on a time for our rummage sale, which will be the middle of September.  I will have a lot of stuff again, I can't wait!!  

I learned a few things, first and most important there are more men at Flea Markets then rummage sales, so I have to bring more things that men would be interested in.  And another important thing I would do next time is have a table that corrals all the dollar items and make a large sign that says $1 dollar table.  My aunt and uncle did that and that just drew people to that table and they stayed around to browse.  However our $1 stuff they just passed over because they were mixed in with other goodies... 

I'm sure there are other things to learn but that will be for next time!!

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