Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Flea Market in Crivitz Wi

Tomorrow I'm suppose to go to a Flea Market in Crivitz WI, I have never been there before.  We are just going to go as shoppers.  Crivitz is a hour and half away.  The weatherman say we might have another big storm.  Storms lately have been a normal.  We usually have 3 inches of rain all of July well we have had 16 inches so far.  We have broken the record days ago.  Anyway since we are suppose to have a storm tomorrow we are postponing the trip until next week Thursday.  So I planned to go rummage saling as I normally do on Thursday.  So I sat down to make my plan and there a barely any sales.  My guess the daily storms and the heat are stopping people from having sales.  Oh yeah we have had lots of humidity along with high 80 degree days.  I love the heat but the humidity is trying.  The ground is so wet the cucumbers are rotting on the vine.  When I pull the beets the hole where the beets came out of fills with water.  I don't know if we will have any carrots if this keeps up because they will rot in the ground before they get eating size.  I'm wondering if this keeps up we will have pumpkins in fall....   This Sunday is the Flea Market in Appleton which Mom, my aunt, uncle and I will be vendors.  I have just about every thing packed.  Mom is still working on hers.  I'm getting more exciting by the day.  I sure hope that we don't get any storms that day.

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