Saturday, July 17, 2010

Wednesday Deals

Stopped at 3 different Walgreens to score these: Oreos and Chips Ahoy in mini bags $.50 each used as fillers. Purina One dog food 4# $4. Ritz Bits in the mini bags $.50 used $1/2 coupon from Sunday inserts a few weeks ago.. those were free. Combos $.99 each used $1/2 coupon that I don't remember where this coupon is came from..  Gillette Fusion razor $9.89 used $4 off coupon from Sunday inserts and I received $5 register reward.  $.09 pencils also as fillers.

Walmart deals: 2 pack black Sharpies $1 each.  Cantaloupe $.99 each, these were huge!!!

Pick N Save: Store brand buns $.88, Glade Candles $1.69 used $1/1 printed from either  or  I also printed coupons for Glade Scented Candle Refills that were also on clearance $1.69.  Plus I used $1/1 from last Sundays inserts for Glade Odor Spray which was $1.94 all were doubled so all the Glade were free.  Red Baron Slice on sale for $3.33 each used $1/1 that I printed, those were doubled.  Also printed $2/1 for the Red Baron Pan Pizzas priced $3.33, these were not doubled.  Fresh Cherries were $1.69 a pound.  I bought bulk peanuts in the shell for hubby's fishing tournament, they weren't on sale $1.79.  Eggs were on sale for $.68.  Kraft Deli Select Cheese on sale for $2 and used $1/1 coupon that I had printed.  Spent $23 saved $42!!  I still had some coupons I wanted to double, so I thought I would stop at the new Copps Store on West Calumet St.

The new Copps store is beautiful.  Great big wide aisles!!  No kidding 3 carts can pass by each other!!  Loving it!!  The parking lot aisles are also wide.  No problems backing out.  Prices are the same as the old store and Pick N Save.  They have the first grocery store self checkouts around..  A side from Walmart of course.  I also noticed many Mexican type foods and many items labeled with only Spanish writing.  One only draw back of visiting this store was they had their Grand Opening ad going on.  Which I did NOT get in the mail or with the newspaper.  I didn't know the deals until I walked in the store.  First thing I noticed was their bulk peanuts were on sale for $.99 a pound!!  Man!!   Away these are the deals I got.  Ruffles chips $2 no coupon.  Cottonelle 12 pk $4.99 used $1/1 coupon doubled, I don't know where I got this coupon.  Scott Napkins on sale for $1.99 used $1/1 coupon that was doubled.. Free.  I got these coupons from the cat machine from other visits to Pick N Save and Copps.  Hot Pockets Family pack $9.99 used $3/1 coupon not doubled.  Red Baron Slice $1/1 that I had printed and it was doubled.  Jacks Pizzas $2 each.  Gum Toothbrushes $1.89 used $1/1 coupon from past Sunday inserts, they were doubled so free.  Pillsbury Biscuits $1 each and I used $.50/2 coupons from past Sunday inserts.  Spent $33 and saved $44.  Not as good as Pick N Save however I did buy the chips and Jacks pizza's without coupons.

Thats all the deals for this week.

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