Saturday, July 10, 2010

Iola 2010

We arrived on Wednesday morning about 10:30.  The morning started out very muggy and only got worse through the day.  The ground here was so soft from several days of rain, so the area that usually holds the trucks, trailers and campers that are waiting to get into the vendor areas was to soft.  So they started to hold everyone in the camping area until the threat of bad weather came about at noon.  So they started to let everyone in at noon.   This is a strict rule no one allowed on the grounds until 3:00.  Everyone was over joyed to be able to get in early and get an early start.  We were all set up when the rain started.  The rain was welcomed because of the humidity.  We did get some relief then.  Another shower came later but nothing to get excited about, however the grounds were hard on a lot of campers, trailers and motorhomes getting stuck in the mud.  We didn't have any troubles.  Thursday was hot and humid again.  Friday was just hot.  This morning we got up to hot and humid again.  2:00 a storm came through and chased many of the buyers back to their cars.  The storm had high winds but we came through it well.  Now I'm sitting in our trailer with the air on, however it did cool off and the humidity is lower.    We will be leaving tomorrow morning.  It's always so sad for Iola to end.  I've got pictures of the worlds longest semi (Red Giant) and the the 1950's GM Parade of Progress.  I will blog about the details and post the pictures when I get home.  We haven't bought anything to really get into details about... at least not yet!!  Well I better get back to enjoying the show.  I will be catching you up on everything..... take care.

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